Jon Favreau: Democrats Have To Call Republicans' Bluff On Infrastructure 1

Jon Favreau: Democrats Have To Call Republicans’ Bluff On Infrastructure


Jon Favreau of Pod Save America, Yamiche Alcindor and Mark Leibovich join Morning Joe to discuss the continued negotiations in the Senate over infrastructure.

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Jon Favreau: Democrats Have To Call Republicans' Bluff On Infrastructure


    1. @GET Data haha yeah Republicans just do it. At the first opportunity they give billionaires tax cuts. And slash regulations that protect the environment and consumers. Republicans are only there for the money and power for themselves and the rich. They don’t care about the people or the country

    2. @Rent Free Why don’t you donate all of your money and possessions to the one you love? Then bury your head in the sand like all the other lil-man-hand fans out there? Or are you just a bot – after all, joined 5 days after the insurrection on Jan 11th, correct??? Go away

    3. The sixty-vote rule will sink anything the Democrats want to do. The Republicans hold all the cards here, alas.

  1. I still don’t understand what Dems are waiting for. Moscow Mitch has already declared that his party will not support anything for the people of this country (only for republican causes).

    1. Wait Chief your confused. 8 out of the top 10 worst managed States in the country will get the biggest part of this bill. They just happen to all be Democratic run states. (No surprise there). So now you know what Mitch has a problem with rewarding bad managers.

    2. @Starlight Voyager I don’t understand. This is about voting rights. How does that only benefit “blue” states?

  2. Call their bluff means, if they can get behind voting rights, nix the filibuster completely. End minority rule.

    1. I agree. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has just told the media she won’t change her mind on weakening or illuminating the filibuster because when the Republicans become the majority again she wants the filibuster there to stop the GOP agenda. My thought on that theory is simple. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is both naïve and stupid for believing that. Was she sleeping through the last four years of the Trump administration? The Republicans removed the filibuster on judges and appointees in order for them to pass them through. What makes her think for a second that Mitch McConnell and his cronies won’t do it again, if they want to pass a bill and the Democrats want to block it?

    2. @Anita Bruton Excellent point! But what I don’t understand is how they were able to remove the filibuster for judges? I mean if they can simply remove it when they feel like it why don’t the democrats do the same thing for bills they want to pass right now like the voting rights bill? What am I missing?

  3. Why is it that the only time we hear the word bipartisan is when the democrats are in power?

    1. Moscow Mitch declared an end to bipartisan….Democrats try but the Republicans are stuck in the mud over their own power…that’s why

    2. If you are cheating, then you don’t need bipartisan support. Our founding fathers didn’t write the filibuster into the Constitution. That was supposed to be the reason for the electoral college which is so severely outdated along with granting Supreme Court justices a lifetime appointment because when our founding fathers were alive, very few people even reached the age of 60.

  4. That is the crux, Republicans who do not liike the elected candidate can intervene, strip the newly elected from his post and then place their partisan choice in his place!

  5. Get it done! If Republicans have nothing constructive to to offer, then move forward. The country needs this bill and not a watered down one either.

  6. The trick they’re using here, “Call them Progressives so that it doesn’t sound like the MAJORITY gives af what Manchin wants.” Get rid of the filibuster!!!!

  7. Be honest about the restrictions on ID, the early voting hours (pretty much so banking hours), as well as the “power grab” to overturn elections.

  8. Call their bluff and go ahead on reconciliation. The more we spend on actual infrastructure the better.

  9. There are parts of the bill that I believe will need to wait until the Dems have a stronger majority. Hopefully that day will come in 2022

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