Jon Meacham: Adam Schiff & Nancy Pelosi Are Progressive ‘Guardians’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Presidential historian Jon Meacham tells Lawrence O'Donnell that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Lead Impeachment Manager Rep. Adam Schiff are the "guardians" of the progressive values that emerged from 1960s America. Aired on 2/5/20.
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Jon Meacham: Adam Schiff & Nancy Pelosi Are Progressive ‘Guardians’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Adam Schiff is the anti Trump. He is thoughtful, intelligent and a patriot in the truest sense of the word. What a wonderful orator. Trump has none of those qualities. Whatever qualities Trump does have are all negative.

    1. Nancy just pounded the final nail in the democrats coffin. All that remains is for the funeral internment to complete the process. Well done Nancy.

    1. @Troy Stocker The democrats are the ones standing up for Capitalism, it’s Donald Trump who has to give away 14 billion dollars to American farmers because they couldn’t sell their grain. And it’s Trump who gave 400 billion dollars a year to his billionaire friends, now that’s some serious welfare! 400 B government handout! You don’t know what you’re talking about, fool!

    1. cajuncoco… 👏
      💯 Mr. Schiff did his job and now it’s up to us to put him and colleagues in the WH….so they can put the ‘Orangutans’ where they belong, JAILHOUSE 😈😈😈

    2. @Tony Bell Trump pounded the final nail when he shredded the Constitution. “I can do anything I want! I’m above the law!”

    3. @cajuncoco , you mean elevated parasitic subversiveness. that’s what schiff, nadler, schumer, and their ilk that happen to be the bosses of the mainstream media corporations that have profited greatly from trump’s presidency and continue to promote all these fake crimes, fake controversies , fake investigations, fake impeachment hearings masquerading as 2020 presidential attacks against trump. and they dont even have to pay for it. they let the tax payer foot the bill.

    1. The WHISTLEBLOWER E.C. is dating Adam Schiff’s daughter Alexa.

      Now you know why SATANIC Schiff has gone to a great extent to protect the IDENTITY of the FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER, even though we all know it’s E C. his future son in law.

      This gives new meaning to “KEEPING IT ALL IN THE FAMILY.!”

  2. I love Jon Meacham. He is a wonderful historian with a gift of articulating the history being made today. I thank him for his sanity as well as Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi…and Nadler and all the rest who stand up for Decency, Truth, Justice and our Constitution.

    1. @Susan Runyan We could sure use a lot of better angels in America while the occupiers/racists destroy democracy.

    2. ​@Alan Grigo That is really funny. Your guy has over 2,000 lies now. You have no business calling anyone a liar and putting God in the same sentence. Would you not be considered a heretic in your religion?

    3. @Sonia Is it only about money. What about ethics and our Constitution and Rule of Law. Capitalism has swung way too far when one party does’n’t give a _____ about the country and democracy.

  3. I’m not a progressive and I think they are protecting all of us. They are clawing, fighting tooth and nail, to keep democracy in the US. I didn’t have anything good to say about either into 2019 but I have changed my tune.

    1. @Gym Jordan’s Hairline
      Yes your upcoming loss. You know when your leader Trump AND the Republicans buy that dust bin we call history.🤣
      As far as my spelling? Boo hoo you got the point of what was stated so no matter. Go call a spelling cop!!

    2. @Arthur Anderson – “MY” upcoming loss… Wow, you make me feel so important… even if you’re just the garden variety partisan moron who thinks(?) that I’m a Trumpist just because I criticize his partisanship Cool Aid for the sham that is. Be careful with that brain, son, you can get hurt.

    3. Loss is only temporary, maybe a blessing in disguise. Trump will b punished accordingly for all the wrong done to this country.He can fool 1 or 2 at the same time but he can’t fool everybody all at the same time. He maybe a university graduate that think, act & behave like an animal. Better my dog compare to him. He maybe an animal but act, behave like a decent human with love.

  4. The Nazis thought they were in the right and history remembers them for what they were and so to will history remember these cowardice republicans. They think they’re in the right and our children will team in history books 30 years from now and say “what the f*** was wrong with these people?”

    1. Republicans stand against a flawed and weak articles of impeachment and democrats scream, because their not use to strong opposition.

  5. Thank you John for your historical knowledge that always gives such calm reassurance that we are not crazy for believing that what we are “hearing,reading and seeing” IS what is really happening !

  6. THANK YOU, Mitt! U Roc! Otherwise, the GOP (Goons of Putin) are “GUILTY!” right along with Donny Fat Lips, Putin’s water boy. Thank goodness we have a blue wave coming on shore!

    1. @christian janssen i really dont understand what is so bad about Trump. its an obsession with you guys. whatever Republicans may have said about Obama, you guys have gone 1000x beyond. you will never be able to claim the high road again. and all for what? i really dont get it.

    2. @Kevin NYC like…. working for putin?thats not enough? lying constantly? beiing a fraudster and conman his entire carriere? deniing climatechange!!!!! do i have to go on?

  7. When the story of this impeachment is told, it will be Adam Schiff and his team who will emerge as true patriots. They deserve our thanks and congratulations. So too does Mitt Romney. The so called ‘victors’ will be remembered as venal individuals, prepared to ditch any morality they might have had and prepared to break any oath they may have taken to retain power.

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