Jon Meacham Tackles What Makes Conspiracies Comforting In New Podcast | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Jon Meacham Tackles What Makes Conspiracies Comforting In New Podcast | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Historian Jon Meacham discusses what makes disinformation and anti-democratic narratives so appealing for some, which is a subject he also tackles in his new limited-run podcast series 'Fate of Fact.'

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Jon Meacham Tackles What Makes Conspiracies Comforting In New Podcast | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If you’re unhappy with your life and feel like it has passed you by, it’s easier to blame some unseen secret conspiracy than yourself.

    1. @Human Being Could you be more random? I’m getting the impression I am talking to an ai algorithm.

    2. @BadPanda15 I’m sorry those two simple concepts were over your head – but that’s OK, try waking up on the other side of the bed tomorrow.

  2. 0:33 America has been in a “flight from fact” for four hundred years. All the chickens are just coming home to roost now!!

    1. @Exodus 4:22
      I have my doubts as to most of the people of the book, all 3 of them, just so you know.
      As far as having european roots? Guilty as charged. And, since I don’t believe in salvation, sovereignty or worth due to bloodline, yours or mine, this helps me, a great deal.

    2. @Bill Casey
      That sanitized american history they teach you in those indoctrination centers, flies no where near the facts. And they have to lie to you so you can sleep at night with lies.

      And those people who you think are jews are actually your European cousins, and at some point in history they decided to add an “i” to the end of their name; Gen.10:3 And the sons of Gomer; *AshkeNazi*

      And your “messiah” is about as real as any of those other fairy tales from Europe, like satan clause, or the easter bunny, tooth fairy etc…

      Hosea 13
      4 Yet I Am YHWH thy Elohiym from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but Me: *for there is NO saviour beside Me.*

    3. @Bill Casey
      Actually I know my bloodlines and it does make a huge difference, I come from these people Deut.28, and you are completely incorrect on how your bloodline will effect you!! Psalm 83

      When that day comes, we will be looking for ignorant cavemen just like you!!

      Ezekiel 25
      14 And I will lay My Vengeance upon Edom by the hand of My people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to Mine Anger and according to My Fury; and they shall know My Vengeance, saith YHWH.

    4. @Exodus 4:22
      Daydreaming about hunting folks like me will give you scant comfort. A sense of purpose, perhaps, but that is thin soup for the soul.

    5. @Bill Casey
      I am quoting from a book called the Tanakh, it was used to establish the top three religions in the world, which was and is used as a reference point for all three,
      and yet each one of those “religions” has its own book to justify their pagan viewpoint.
      But its all “thin soup for the soul” according to you’re intellect. We’re not just talking about one soul here mr. casey!

      You dont know it yet, but you lack the knowledge to know what your talking about sir! But I support you’re right to be ignorant, it will make our “daydreaming” about hunting our enemies that much more rewarding when we see the look on your faces when you realize the day of reckoning has come.
      Isaiah 2:12

    1. So illustrated the last 5 years especially if you accuse your adversary of doing a misdeed you are planning to do yourself. Rigging the election is one case in point.

  3. People would sooner hear a comforting lie than an uncomfortable truth?…Well color me not shocked at all, not in the slightest.

    1. Pandering has helped build the right wing propaganda networks and the evangelical churches into nation destroying behemoths.

  4. Anger and fear can cloud your judgment, but at some point, you also make the choice to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole even when it defies logic and reality.

    1. Right wing propaganda have been riding this pony for decades now, problem is that rage is addictive but also builds up a tolerance requiring even larger doses. Now we have millions of violently juiced up right wingers with toxic levels of rage … and guns.

  5. If a conspiracy theory sounds too juicy and too elegant to be true, that should tell you something.

    Real conspiracies are usually so stupid, messy, and baroquely complex they fall apart under their own weight.

  6. Ignorance lies not in the things you don’t know, but in the things you know that ain’t so. When ignorance gets started it knows no bounds.
    Will Rogers

  7. Jon Meacham always tackles tough issues from a place of empathy. He has a rare ability to spark thought and understanding while tamping down initial “tribal” impulses to reject opinions that don’t match one’s own.

    1. As long as right wingers continue to use their baseless conspiracy theories to claim, with smug authority that the rest of us didn’t earn the election victory there can be no discussions about anything. You can’t negotiate with these people nor should you have to meet a lunatic halfway. There must be a common set of agreed upon facts in order for a civilized society to operate.
      The door to civilization is open, they can return at any point but I doubt many will.

  8. It is really disturbing to see how many people can convince themselves of things that their own brain must be telling them isn’t true.

  9. Watch Morning Joe every day
    & Always happy just 2 see Jon Mecham when he’s on glad 2 find out about his podcast

  10. “The Four Seasons Landscaping is a modern-day Yalta.” Thank you, Professor Meacham, for once more demonstrating the vital intersection between knowledge, perspective and humor in getting others to look and focus where we need them to.

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