Jon Ossoff: Runoff Is All About Turnout And Enthusiasm | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Jon Ossoff: Runoff Is All About Turnout And Enthusiasm | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff joins Morning Joe to discuss the timeline for the January runoff with David Perdue and what he says is at stake in the election. Aired on 11/18/2020.
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Jon Ossoff: Runoff Is All About Turnout And Enthusiasm | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Thank you! You are a hero to USA.
      You are protecting our freedom. We will go to history owning to Georgia for defeating the crazy and evil trump brought to us.

    1. @1 2 iPhone?? What good has that brought to people’s lives?? Has it reduced poverty or has it increased life expectancy?

    1. Might swing some of those independent and 3rd party voters over to him. We need all the help we can get to sideline Mitch McConnell. C’mon Georgia, Lady Liberty is counting on you.

    1. I’m surprised there are trolls is still trying to push their conspiracies about trump. The clown lost the election….. the time has come to focus on changing the political structure in the senate. The republicans and the clown have decimated this country with blatant disregard for the American people.

    2. @dragontat08 so everyone must bow down or else. Everyone must fall in line to your way of thinking or else ?
      That’s very authoritarian FACIST of you .

    3. @David Hale there is nothing fascist in my statement. What I see from you is sore loser syndrome. Red is dead!!!!

    1. @David Hale Go back to your hole and cry like your baby Mad King Tantrump. Shame on you and your stupidity!

    2. @ramms mutter69 Are you talking about the crying little baby in the White House basement refusing to go out unless its for playing with a little golf ball and drunk twitting all day long?

    1. Do you not find it ironic that ONE person is always responsible for how a nation will deal with it’s problems and affects it’s ability too move forward? Two people now can change the USA . Emily Murphy & Jon Ossoff. Only 1 can make a difference.

    2. No we need both seats in order to have a 50 – 50 split. The Senate rules are a tie will be broken by the VP Kamala! We need Reverend Warnock to also win!

    3. @Din Problem is, Warnock outpaced Loeffler by a lot only cause there was 2 republicans on the ballot that both got like 26/19 % of the votes, whilst Democrats had a 34/6 percent split. So if all the democrats vote democrat and all the republicans still vote republican you get more republicans than democrats total.

  1. Those two incumbents are a disgrace to not only Georgia but our country….sold their stocks after being briefed but chose to mislead people and rooted for a clown.

    1. @Sparky Jones if you noticed those trucks doors were open weren’t they ? So if they were filled they wouldn’t be open would they ?
      Out of 10 million infected and 240,000 died that’s what 1% . So you have a better chance of surviving then dying. And it’s amazing how flu counts aren’t even counted anymore. So covid cured the flu ?

    2. @David Hale There was one Democrat, but it was shown that she personally didn’t sell her stocks, it was her stock manager, and it was prior to the information becoming available. Sorry, but it was ONLY the Republican’s that sold AFTER attending the meeting. All of this is available if you would just google the information.

    3. @David Hale no.1% of 10,000,000 is 100,000, therefore 250,000 is 2.5%, 240,000 is 2.4% mathematics are hard…….

      CDC data is here for the flu, and for Covid from a link on that page if you have any interest in the truth at all.

      I will give you this, it seems to be starting slower, suggesting possibly a person can’t get both viruses at the same time easily.
      Flu peak is generally Dec. through Feb. so it’s early still, and for the most part people have changed the way they do things, masks, handwashing, less in person shopping ect. because of covid, the same measures taken also work on the flu, and would have a grater effect because flu is less transmissible than covid.

      But, that’s reality. I’m not sure reality applies to you or not. As far as specific trucks with doors opened or doors closed, they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t needed coming up here shortly…… but either way, someone like you would say they are empty because you can’t see what’s inside if the doors were closed anyways, so no sweat of my nuts. it’s empty open, it’s empty closed. whatever.

    4. @Sparky Jones 1% 2% it’s better then 10/20% isn’t it ?
      But hey use those deaths as a political weapon.
      I’ve known three people that caught it and they said it was no different then the flu. And they range from age 70 to 40 .
      And if anyone in my family got it and died I surely wouldn’t be selfish and want the whole country locked down.
      I know more people who have died in auto accidents gun violence or by drunk drivers then covid. But we don’t shut the country down because of those.

    1. @tRUMP is STUPID and FAT And UGLY it’s better than a Obama era war machine.
      And that’s excatly what Biden is setting up.
      Back to business as usual. Thought he was the president to look ahead. Yet every policy he wants to implement is a policy from the eight years of Obama.

    2. @David Hale I give credit to Trump for following through on his promise to get out of wars. The civil discourse is very harmful for us Americans and we need to heal. Half of my family are hardcore Trumpers and it is their right, we don’t talk politics to prevent anger on both sides. We can’t sustain this course we’re on. Btw, here in Iowa farmers voted overwhelmingly for Republicans because they get paid to not work. Farmers call it their “Trump checks” Socialism at it’s worst.

    3. @tRUMP is STUPID and FAT And UGLY so it’s Trumps fault the left can’t control their emotions and have to go out riot ? It’s his fault they can’t be adult enough to control themselves ?
      So they have to attack anyone that disagrees with them. And I know you’ll probably deny it happening. But there’s thousands of video evidence to prove otherwise

  2. Georgia stands a good chance of becoming RELIABLY BLUE.
    This frightens the criminally corrupt party of crooked Republicans.
    They will perform ANY illegality necessary to stop it.

    1. I am hopeful the people of Georgia continue to work through the obstacles and assert their fundamental right to vote and remove anyone that attempts to hinder their fundamental right to vote in any way.

      Biden won’t be able to do Anything as president with Mitch McConnel standing in his way, there will be no covid relief or anything else with Mitch in charge of the senate.
      It’s really all up to Georgia if Biden gets a real chance to do anything, or Mitch McConnell stands in his way for another 4 years and does nothing for actual Americans.

    2. Seems simple enough to me. But, I’m not a hate-monger. If those folks can bring in both of those seats Flip the Senate? OH GOD YES… PLEASE

  3. If Georgia doesn’t get Jon and Rev. Raphael in, the senate will remain the problem it has been under McConnell for far too long. Please Georgia- wake up and smell the corruption.

    1. Pro covid19 Trump GOP and republicans and Senate- “ America does not need PPP it needs Amy barret! The Senate decided to nominate a corrupt supreme court judge instead of giving America PPP and then they decided to go on vacation until next year leaving America out in the cold to fight covid19 by ourselves, Georgia you’re the only hope to save America please vote for the Democrats so America can survive the trump virus

    2. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! Wow, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how a person can be so obtuse. The COVID-19 virus began in China and they failed to warn the world about the ease in which can be transmitted. If we are going to turn this into a political rather than a pandemic issue then we should blame every world leader beginning with the communist Chinese leader, Xi Jinping.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Georgia folk please save America and vote for only the Democrats, stop the evil evil GOP and Republicans in the Senate

    4. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! We have some friends in an Ohio Community and during the last election they were delighted that their city Council was totally Democrat. Not one Republican was on the city Council, it was all Democrat. Various issues came up within the city and decisions had to be made. The easy decision was to increase fees and raise taxes. Suddenly my friends were very distressed. All of the fees and taxes were going to be difficult to pay.
      This points out the dangers of one party rule. We must have a calming influence, A devils advocate or an alternative viewpoint. A Republican or two on the council might have offered different solutions, provided a different perspective or be able to assist in making rational decisions. As one of our senior Democrat members of the Senate once described their role as cooling the hot temperatures of the members of the House of Representatives.
      As a democrat advisor to many of my clients and a member of our DNC I know many Republicans and I do not share your view that they are in any way evil. They have a different perspective in a different point of view and we get along very well. They will even buy drinks.
      We also have to remember that their head man Trump, if we look seriously at what he did he had acted many Democrat platform issues such as prison reform, lower drug prices and he even acted our iconic JFK tax plan that’s super charge the economy. So you might wish to modify painting all Repubs with such a broad brush.

  4. GA please vote Ossoff and Warnock for Senators. We can’t take anymore gridlock from McConnell. American people are struggling and need help. The. GOP don’t care about the people, only their money and power.

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