Jon Ossoff Will Win Georgia Runoff, NBC News Projects, Dems To Control Senate | MSNBC 1

Jon Ossoff Will Win Georgia Runoff, NBC News Projects, Dems To Control Senate | MSNBC


NBC News projects that Democrat Jon Ossoff will win his runoff in the election against Sen. David Perdue. The result leads to the projection that Democrats will regain control of the U.S. Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tie-breaking vote. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Jon Ossoff Will Win Georgia Runoff, NBC News Projects, Dems To Control Senate | MSNBC


  1. Thank God. I am so grateful to the people of Georgia. Thank you for changing the dangerous course of this country.

    1. It wasn’t just Georgia. All states voted. This was the one state that had suspenseful runoff election.

    1. Thankyou from the bottom of out families heart. Grateful for tough Geogia voters!
      Family of 4 from wat too red Oklahoma!

    2. @Ryan Hanifan I think those idiots you’re referring to are the Trumpists, poor people who think they are supporting democracy by cracking down on one of its major pillars, the election. I can’t believe people still believe Trump’s BS even until now. All hail these beautiful words: “Moscow Minority Leader Old Fart Mitch McConnell

    1. All hail the end of an era, the era of Moscow Old Fart Mitch McConnell, and the rise of not an obstructive Senate, but a new Senate, who will pass laws to help Americans get back on the right track!

    1. @main AO Even before he lost. Just like the last election. It was rigged… until he won. Lol. Tapping his supporters for more than emotion. He’s raised 200 million off of this. Nice payday, which is the whole purpose.

    1. After what happened today! Trump and ALL of them ought to be ashamed of themselves! Twitter just suspended Trumps account for a least 12 hours.

    2. ummm hmmm let me see………….oh yeah i know…………NEVER They are not smart enough to figure it out they cant even figure out how to tie their shoes without instructions with pictures

  2. Congratulations Sen. Jon Ossoff. Georgia a million million million million million thank yous. God bless you all

    1. @Flemming Hedemann Your addiction to Newsmax and Hannity will land you in a rehab. Stop binge watching tucker as well

    1. Dude, we watched in horror in 2016 when imbecile Trump was elected POTUS. Seven billion people saw him as a cretin, why did the American electorate not see him for what he is??

    2. @Pedro Correct, let us not fail to remember the actual flesh and blood individuals that gave a tremendous effort to bring out the vote.
      Much respect to Abrams (very biblical name btw ) and all the rest, ya heard.
      Big up.
      Stay blue Georgia.
      You’re most definitely on my mind.

    3. @Pedro Stacey Abrams is Awesome! All Real American Patriotic people Know this. Only treasonous traitors of America Don’t, like stupid trump cultists.

  3. Georgians really came through for the US and the majority of Americans who voted down the party of terrorism. We all thank you.

    1. STRIKE 3. Thankfully the Dem’s now have the Presidency, House & Senate. Now LOCK HIM UP before Trump does even more crazy things & damage to America.

    2. The you Georgia and welcome to the big time it’ll never be the same southern state . Your state now is a political force you showed and proved what matters is what count …

  4. Thank you, Donald, for triggering a civil war within the GOP and handing democrats full control of the government

  5. When Hillary “lost” Dems got busy rebuilding their party and running a historic number of women and people of color. Who are the snowflakes now?
    Thank you Georgia, Rev. Warnock , Senator Ossoff , Stacey A!!!

    1. Dems won because Trump was horrible. They didn’t change anything, they didn’t go further to the left. Bernie would have been the real deal. Nevertheless, i’m glad that the republicans got humiliated

  6. Tks to Georgians & Stacey Adams the rest of her group that worked for this victory Thank you Thank you

  7. We should all pledge to go to Georgia (after Covid) and spend alot of money. Thank you Georgia, you’re everyone’s favorite state.

  8. It is time for all the traitors in the House and the Senate who enabled today’s insurrection to resign in shame and disgrace.

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