Jonathan Lemire: Although Trump Hinted At A Biden Win, It Was Nowhere Near A Concession | Deadline

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire reacts to the president’s first remarks after losing the 2020 election, where Trump discussed the new Pfizer vaccine and the state of the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 11/13/2020.
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Jonathan Lemire: Although Trump Hinted At A Biden Win, It Was Nowhere Near A Concession | Deadline


    1. His buddies said thats what he was put there to do that he hates this country because he was never excepted in the mlillionaires club

    1. Yeah, except they’re NOT going away. Tens of millions of them are still hanging around like maggots in the meat.

    2. Covid-45 believes if we deny the existence of Covid-19, it will disappear. I wonder if that would work on him. If we deny his existence, will he disappear and just go away?

    1. I mean I have this vision of Trump being dragged out of the WH the way Julian Assange was pulled out of that embassy.

    2. I want to see Trump be dragged out of the White House by secret service personnel on January 20.
      If so, the TV ratings of it will hit the ceiling!

    1. Hush! trump might overhear you!

      Wait, then again… who has Trump’s personal phone number, anybody?😂😂😂

  1. He will milk this as long as he can. Trump knows he lost, he can’t change it. He is just grifting more money from his gullible followers on his way out.

    1. He’s exacting revenge, undermining confidence in our elections and our world reputation…dragging us into his abyss. Exact MO of a pathological narcissist.

    2. I actually feel sorry for them. If they are brainwashed to this degree, then at some stage it’s beyond their control and they are just being used. What a vile man he is.

    3. Trump’s broke. Begging for money in the streets like a common panhandler. He has no sympathy for others, give him nothing.

  2. Did anyone really expect anything less from President Karen. In 68 days (as of this posting) the Knee of this “man” and the Knee of his Trumpwellian administration, will no longer be upon the neck of Lady Liberty. Her dream for this Nation as the great melting pot will not Die. Her dream of “Liberty and Justice for All” will continue to give hope for those seeking Liberty and Justice. And this mans knee and the knee of his administration will no longer press upon the necks of her children. Keep in prayer the families and loved ones of the 249,925 souls who have lost their lives (as of this posting) to the Corona Virus Pandemic in the U.S. and for those who minister to the 32,076 in Severe and Critical (as of this posting) who are in the hospitals and ICUs with this virus. “When people fear their Government, there is tyranny, when the Government fears the people, there is Liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

  3. The news keeps talking about the concession. But Trump knows that if he gives you that concession you will stop talking about him. That would strike his ego harder than losing the election.

  4. Covid-45 needs to be sent “Binkies” from around the world, to make him feel better or perhaps a “Safe Space” wearing diapers for a timeout…. #BinkiesnDiapers

    1. Everything is recorded. The rats won’t be able to proclaim that they haven’t done the things that they have.

  5. He knows Biden won. He’ll say and do anything to keep his base excited and propping him up emotionally and financially.

  6. It doesn’t matter what he thinks,nobody cares anymore, his own niece even said he lost,she also said he’s facing several lawsuits

    1. She also that his talk wbout running in 2024 is hooey. She said he will not face the posibility of losing again.

    1. Kayleigh is a joke.
      For all we know, she may launch a new cable TV network – The Barbie Watchers Network – once she leaves the White House.

    1. Nixon had the good sense of resigning from office.
      😂 I don’t know which one is more akward. Resigning or not resigning and still not accepting defeat when you’re defeated.

  7. Trumps off again with his “ in the history of America “ rubbish.
    He’s only come out now because Biden has set up a task force already

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