Jonathan Swan: Cheney Put The Problem Of Trump And Jan. 6 ‘Into A Silo’ 1

Jonathan Swan: Cheney Put The Problem Of Trump And Jan. 6 ‘Into A Silo’


After interviewing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), Axios national political reporter Jonathan Swan discusses how he thinks she wants to look at the problem of the Big Lie without acknowledging what came before and what has come after it.

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  1. The GOP are continuing the decades of dismantling our Democracy. The GOP needs to be defunded/re-imagined. And we need term-limits.

    1. @Time Stamp its a Constitutional Federal Republic, genius. There’s nothing “democracy” about it. I dont care for your mythology paraded as fact.

    2. @Bat Boy let me rephrase that for you: “Im completely misguided, and I can’t disprove the USA is a Constitutional Federal Republic, so Im going to run away. I can’t be bothered to learn anything about political science and will instead be guided by mythology, the comfortable lie I grew up believing. Cognitive Dissonance is very uncomfortable and I really don’t like thinking or challening my ideas. Have a good day.”

    3. @Refund Replay – Shhhh…I’m helping other conservatives understand how they are wrong. Maybe I can help you tomorrow. Bye!

    4. @Refund Replay – Let me ask you, are you so intellectually incurious why just about everyone, including Fox News and Trump, references the USA as a democracy, You know more than all the politicians, everyone in other countries to say “we are a republic, not a democracy”.

      Dude…this is your big red flag. What is happening that just about everyone is referencing the USA as a democracy. Could they ALL be wrong?

      What do you think it is.

      SPOILER: There is more than one way to describe the USA. See simple

      Now as home work, go find all the valid ways. This will be a great learning experience for you.

    5. @Refund Replay There’s more than one way to describe it, no definition is enshrined by law. But it definitely isn’t a simple republic and you will still never get Rome back. It’s a shame that conservatives trashed their credibility on a cult of con artists, I used to enjoy arguing with a holes like you back in the day when their lack of integrity could be more easily confused for wit.

  2. Also immigration is United Nations Refugee program ISSUE, to set up camps along Mexico and Guatemala coasts for All applicants for Canada, USA, Australia, European nations, etc.

    Also, hello, it’s NOT MEXICANS coming over the border!

    1. Cheney- she’s a scocipathic ranting witch- now crying wolf. You get what you vote for. ………….

  3. Here’s Cheney’s blind spot – Rep. Liz Cheney holds close ties to the Heritage Foundation, whose sister organization has openly bragged about sponsoring – even writing – these new state ‘voter’ laws. It’s the reason all these ‘laws’ are so similar. While she is calling out trumpTURD’s ‘big lie,’ Cheney is ‘all in’ with these new voting laws.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson LIES AND WHATABOUTISM…..

    2. @Brett S. Which is oxymoronic.
      We no longer need to elect and send someone to DC like they did 250 years ago.
      We have cell phones and can vote DIRECTLY representing ourselves.
      WE cannot be bribed like reps can
      It’s time for a change like so many times before.
      To prove that, voter initiatives in several states (with rethulican majorities in their legislatures)had ballot initiatives (as all issues should be) on things such as allowing felons to vote, legalizing weed and expanding medicare for all were OVERRULED by these legislatures saying that had voters known what THEY knew they’d have defeated them.

      I don’t know what YOU think of your OWN judgement, but I do NOT need someone speaking for ME.

    3. these people are behind the dark money that senator Whitehouse has been tirelessly exposing…blessings to all

  4. It’s kind of odd that Cheney has chosen this particular Hill to die on considering that she is apparently completely drunk the purple Kool-Aid other than on the Insurrection and on the election result. Every other Republican talking point is still intact within her brain.

    1. @britt01 .Over the last 5 years we’ve had Hillary Clinton and the DNC pay for a fake Russian dossier which led to a fake Russian collusion investigation using rogue agents from one of our security agencies then a fake of an impeachment where the president got falsely accused of what the newly-elected president is actually guilty of. Basically it was a soft coup attempt. In other words corrupt career political elitist were telling the American people their vote didn’t count and that they run Washington DC and they feel justified in doing whatever they want to to get rid of the president that was legally elected. We have physical evidence and eyewitness testimony to the FBI that Joe Biden was selling the influence of his office making money off the backs of the taxpayers in what amounts to him pimping his son out to corrupt companies in corrupt countries, in other words, we just elected a traitor to our country. We just elected someone whose family is under an FBI investigation for money laundering. So where do you think Biden voters have any room to talk?

  5. Who really cares about Liz? At the end of the day she still only wants the rich to get richer.

    1. Being told they are right even when they are wrong keeps them in a happy place. It’s not good to shatter their illusion or they will make you pay one way or the other. Carefully mocking them so they don’t quite get they are being mocked is about all you can do. But it’s best to just avoid them if you can.

  6. The key statement here: “Self interest for them”. They’re suppossed to be Public Servants – working for the American Public. Everything reported is about this football-game mentality of: I win and you lose. Almost nothing worthwile to believe in here anymore. What ever happened to the concept of honesty and truth? This country is beyond pathetic. What a screwed up mess.

    1. It died when, from Reagan on, the Republican party of corporations became increasingly fascist until it bloomed under 45. The truth has become their enemy as they promote living in an alternative reality. Very dangerous.

  7. cant someone sue the republican party for their behavior. accountability is there Any way?

  8. A silo is a tube that can suffocate you within thirty seconds.Yep, sounds like the a republican party.

    1. That’s about how long it took before Raggedy Ann got bitter beer face when she had to give some psanswers on gain of function research, who approved the funding, and who sent it.

    1. @Bill Rodriguez This is Mr. Rodriguez folks. He stumbles by here on occasion to drop off a parrot-squawk or two. Attaboy!

    2. a broken clock, in and of itself is non moving. therefore, the only relevance it has is as an ornament that will, at some point coincide with real passing time. One must know the time in order to make the broken clock relevant. What im sayin is..the GQP is broken, it only LOOKS like a political party, when it is really no longer relevant. I do understand your point. just want to be accurate.

    1. His father Dr Norman Swan is just the same.He has been advising about Covide in Australia where there has been very few cases compared to the US and UK.

    2. @Red Dwarf Mate, that was the moment I ‘remembered his name’!! Loved it. Got to say though…, I am a MASSIVE Red Dwarf fan, so, you kinda made my day.

  9. A bit of a stretch Jonathan? Yes, it’s a bit like fitting a whale into spanx. Thanks Johnny-boy.

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