Jonathan Swan: Liz Cheney is a woman without a party 1

Jonathan Swan: Liz Cheney is a woman without a party

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming dodged a question about linking Donald Trump's election lies and GOP voting rights laws, telling Axios on HBO in an interview that voter fraud "certainly exists. I will never understand the resistance for example to voter ID, I think you ought to have to show ID to go vote."
Watch Swan's interview with Cheney on Axios

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    1. @Bingo77 everything Trump did was right out the nazi playbook. Everything in your political campaigns have a Nazi flavor to it.

      Sometimes you even get ppl hailing Trump.

      You don’t hail a President. You hail a Fuhrer.

    2. @SWA_ RADIO I remember school children singing a song about Obama. Talk about Nazi like images. The media controls your mind. Everything Trump did was made to look Nazi like because that’s what they wanted you to think. Do you think a Nazi would let his favorite daughter marry a Jew? As Aretha said, Think!

    3. @Bingo77 What do kids know about politics except what adults teach them?

      That’s a Nazi tactic you know…..Trying to distort facts.and getting kids involved in that distortion.

    4. @Bingo77 you’re children are involved in politics si deeply because you follow the Nazi playbook… you are breeding a Trump youth… like the Hitler youth.

      Anyway Joe Biden is doing a great job compared the last four years.

  1. “Jonathan Swan: Liz Cheney is a woman without a party” – a good governing system has more of those, but with reasonable policies that can be worked out between them. BTW, the appropriate reference to Liz Cheney in politics would be “representative”

    1. Liz Cheney is very unpopular among her constituents,she will lose her re-election!She has shamed her Dads name.

    2. @Eddie Shelton Her dad shamed his own name long before she got involved. Cheney’s have always been garbage.

    3. @Eddie Shelton That’s not true, her constituents has publicly said that they still support her. Especially her opponent is a sexual predator. Last but not least she’s voted in favor of Trump’s policies 93%. So stop spreading your lies & DELUSIONS

    4. Agreed. There shouldn’t be “parties”. There should be individuals who have agendas and work with others to achieve progress for America.

      Party politics is what is destroying America.

  2. In other words Cheney is as slimy as all the others who have turned on her except she has different talking points.

    1. She’s not slimy. She stood her ground against the mob of bullying Trump thugs that the GOP has become. And she stood her ground as woman against the boys club. She didn’t say she believed Trump. She only said she agrees with voter ID.

  3. They only feel embattled because they insist on dehumanizing everyone else. Stop treating everyone like the enemy, stop treating everything like a zero sum game, and suddenly you aren’t embattled.

  4. She has more of a party than the millions of progressives in this country who are at the mercy of Joe Manchin. Cheney can cry me a river.

  5. Another week and *no Republican women* will be allowed in the party. GOP has gone full frontal fascist. Only the big strong bullymales are worthy to hold power. Cheney, Greene, Boebert…the women are expendable

    1. @lantrick understandable just a support comment her squad left her for sticking up for something that needed to be addressed how Simon dodged a hate crime #ynwmelly way

  6. That’s a VERY good question! Even Chris Rock pointed that out during one of his stand-ups; you know most of those people would say hell no!

  7. Lizzy Cheney took an axe
    And gave her career 40 wacks
    When she saw what she had done
    She gave her honor 41

  8. She created this party. She has pushed the voter fraud lie for years and still supports all the voter suppression legislation. This is all a political calculation.

  9. Cheney is still in denial about her own culpability with the rise of Trumpism. This is the GOP leadership’s fault for stoking lies to retain power and Cheney was part of that for years.

  10. It’s depressing that we have sufficient “scum of the earth” voters that Republicans stay in office.

    1. @Chris Albert And how do you think that mass of gerrymandering was accomplished? Cause & effect. Rs were elected & they dedicated themselves to scuttling the nation. Old story.

    2. @JHK 23 What’s to like about RWNJs? Of course I hate them. I am sane. What’s your excuse?

  11. The fact that Liz Cheney still can’t admit that her own party fed on these lies that led to her ousting is exactly why I don’t feel sorry for her. The Republican Party is a cancer and it needs to be cut out.

    1. Governor in Georgia just opened the pandora box on the election. Says a ton of mail in ballots didn’t even have a crease in them. How’s that you say. Well we will know soon. Plus there’s more to come on the military votes. It’s getting good kiddos. I’m not saying it will change anything but time is a criminals worse nightmare sometimes. Get your popcorn and cool aid ready.

    2. @Marc Lewis – I can’t wait for all republikkkans to get arrested especially dodo donny!

    3. No true christian is concerned about which party will be put in office and the fool who said evangelicals are afraid of loosing power is bs…we get our power from God himself…

    4. @WARRIOR.OF.GOD you get your power from lies and cons lol. The fact that you people are such hypocrites that you’d follow a man who cheated on his wife with a por star, was friends with a man who ran a child prostitution ring, admitted to never paying taxes, a man who’s racist, sexist and a homophobe says everything you need to know about your so called values.

  12. When Majorie Taylor-Greene has a HIGHER approval rate than BOTH Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney COMBINED, this should be a WARNING!!!

  13. The Swan guy is like my favorite journalist now lol

    I loved his interview with Trump

    1. His Dad is a Dr and lives in Australia.He has been a great help in advising the public about covide.

    2. @Pauline Stephens is it a scam to fill the doctor’s and pharmaceutical companies no disrespect to #ynwmelly he caught it and life got wild

  14. Liz Cheney is the only Republican with balls. I respect her even though I disagree with her on nearly everything. Standing up for your principles when your allies have given up on them is hard.

  15. Cheney would still be “kissing the ring”, but now that she is affected she wants to pretend to have morals all of a sudden.

    1. Those morals only exist because she thinks being an anti-Trump republican will eventually get her to the White House. She is still all about the republican agenda. Just look at her congressional voting history, how she voted against both Trump impeachments, what she’s said about the current nationwide GOP efforts to restrict voting access, her history of kissing Trump’s ring when it benefited her politically, or her history of choosing to protect corporations and the rich over common citizens. Liz Cheney is a political pariah playing politics and not a moral compass whose example you should encourage your children to follow.

  16. Swan always wears a look of incredulity when interviewing Republicans; like he can’t believe they really just said what they did. He’s a great journo. And, like a good Aussie, he appears to wear R M Williams boots.

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