Jonathan Swan Speaks To How Events Of January 6th Echoed ‘Well Beyond American Shores’ | Deadline 1

Jonathan Swan Speaks To How Events Of January 6th Echoed ‘Well Beyond American Shores’ | Deadline


Axios national political reporter Jonathan Swan speaks to Nicolle Wallace about his interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where Zelensky shared his experience watching the Capitol riot and his concern about America’s stability. Aired on 01/29/2021.
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About Deadline White House: Before getting into cable news, Nicolle Wallace worked in politics, including as President George W. Bush’s communications director during his administration and for his 2004 re-election campaign. Those experiences helped contribute to the knowledge and unique point of view she brings to this program. Wallace leads dynamic discussions on the political stories driving the news cycle with Washington insiders and well-sourced journalists. She also provides in-depth reporting while delivering up-to-the-minute breaking news to viewers.

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Jonathan Swan Speaks To How Events Of January 6th Echoed ‘Well Beyond American Shores’ | Deadline


  1. The GOP is reaping the fruit of their sins..
    God laughs at Trump and the GOP, at their hypocrisy, arrogance and corrupt abuse of power…
    Psalm 37:13-15
    13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked,
    for he sees that his day is coming.
    14 The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows
    to bring down the poor and needy,
    to slay those whose way is upright;
    15 their sword shall enter their own heart,
    and their bows shall be broken.

    1. Well said.
      I’ve been thinking of the verse in Isaiah that says that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him, and put him to flight, driven on by the breath of God Himself.
      God’s seen all the corruption and hypocrisy that we couldn’t see, and He’s definitely at work.
      I’m energized to pray. All of my grief, all of my anger, all of my outrage, all of my empathy for the traumatizing effects of the tRump administration…. it’s all going toward God Who cares way more than I do, and loves justice way more than I do.
      I’m also reminded of the verses that talk about things that God hates, and “robbery and wrong with violence” is in the top 7.
      As someone with PTSD, this resonates with me, and is a theme of my recent prayers.

    2. MAGA in the kitchen
      MAGA in the hall
      MAGA in the springtime
      MAGA in the fall

      MAGA on the mountaintop
      MAGA on the beach
      MAGA tail a wagga
      Just like a Georgia peach

      MAGA in the Kremlin
      MAGA by yourself
      MAGA with a gremlin
      or with a tiny elf.

      MAGA ’til next Tuesday
      MAGA ’til next June
      MAGA all around the block
      Or maybe on the moon

      MAGA on Uranus
      or Jupiter or Mars
      MAGA in a aeroplane
      and MAGA in your cars.

      no matter what the cost.
      because we’re all too stupid
      To accept it that we lost.

    3. ​@Caroline R Thank you, my dear sister. I wish people would quit blaming Jesus for Christianity. They tend to throw out the baby with the bathwater when they do, I have found. I really don’t see what is so difficult about understanding the Golden Rule and “Be nice”. But that’s just me, I guess. I wish people would remember that the Bible has been messed with a whole lot over the years by politicians like Constantine and others with a less than noble agenda.  

      I find it miraculous that anything of worth survived at all. To worship it as something that has not been passed around is idolotry. One can say the Word of God is contained therein, but it is also in the wind and the midnight sky and on a windswept beach. Those who worship the Bible instead of the message are guilty of idolotry. They forget that going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than sitting in your garage makes you a car. Please forgive the pomposity of my verbosity, young lady. May all your prayers be given the attention they deserve on the other end. I trust that this is not a problem.

      P.S. _I have it on good authority that God does not believe in the existence of atheists, and that atheism is really just a non-prophet religion._

      _It’s Amazing_

      _The Water_

      _Top 40 from the Back 40 (playlist)_

  2. Well, flawed technology aside, The DOJ and the FBI are having a feeding frenzy over this.
    Go get ’em, boys!

    1. What, in specific, do you mean?
      It’s always good for my knowledge base when I get you to explain things

    2. If you are referring to the rounding up of those who participated in the insurrection then I agree but until the DOJ and the FBI start rounding up those who instigated it then sadly justice and accountability will never be achieved. Without justice and accountability the problem is going to fester and possibly result in much worse outcomes. There has to be zero tolerance for this sort of behaviour.

    1. @Victoria Williams Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

    2. A would be king promoting insurrection and destruction of Democracy in the US and the head republican in the senate sneaking off to have secret meetings with him less than a month later????Hello American voters.Yet you will reelect these venal corrupt gang again and again.The mind boggles in Australia,apart from of course the Murdoch propaganda press who are every bit as dishonest as the Trump boot lickers at Fox in the US.

    3. For “sane, intelligent citizens…..”, read *ATHEISTS!* For the *exact opposite,* read “evangelist christians!”

    4. @william bell Sky News Australia is ridiculous. Why do they feel the need to perpetuate Fox News propaganda? How do Australians feel about that network?

  3. Even the Ukrainian President said “It was shocking and a blow to Democracy” when Donald tRump supporters storm troopered Capital Hill” yet the RepubliKKKlans are fine with it! It is not ok!

    1. @myko freder He isn’t a witness & can’t testify! Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

    2. @Jonas P Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

    3. SO DO SOMETHING! Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

    4. And yet the democrats are fine with burn loot and murder who have tried to burn down a federal court house, attacked ice facilities and taken over public land like the chaz terrorist where 2 kids were shot and one was killed

  4. this made me more sad 🙁 why people are destroying their own country? ignorance laziness and hate that’s what they have.

    1. @Ty Briggs The truth of the matter is that the former Ukrainian president Biden spoke of in the CFR presentation did not have the power to fire Shokin. Shokin could only be ousted by a vote of the Ukrainian parliament, which is what eventually happened. Biden’s visit to Ukraine was in December, and Shokin was ousted the following March. The presentation at CFR was arranged for a writer who had a piece coming out in a foreign policy magazine. Part of the article dealt with Biden’s diplomatic credentials. Shokin’s ouster was based on his repeated solicitation of bribes from companies under investigation in Ukraine. The most damning evidence against Shokin was his refusal to turn documents over to foreign courts where assets of the corrupt Ukrainians were frozen. In any event, the issues concerning Burisma occurred prior to them asking Biden’s son to join the board, and Shokin was shaking down Burisma in exchange for not prosecuting them. If Biden had wanted to protect Burisma, he would not have advocated for the termination of Shokin.

    2. @Ty Briggs You already know.
      If you know enough to make that insinuation, then you know (by now, certainly) the entire context surrounding it.
      It’s all been widely reported, geez, months ago.

      If you’re asking that question now, it’s because you’re pretending to be ignorant. And it’s just another example of ‘concern trolling’, at its best (worst).

  5. You cannot start to recover your democracy with McCarthy, Cruz, Gaetz, Graham, Jordan, Hawley and the two new female gun-wielding lunatics!!!

    1. Democrats hold power now – why don’t they do something about these crazy people? Those who voted for Trump will never be brought back if there are no consequences for the criminal behaviour of the GOP politicians.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ No, Jordan said he will not run for the Senate (to fill Rob Portmans’ seat), but he’ll still run for re-election for his US House seat.

    1. Yep tRump puts a curse on everything he touches.tRump doesn’t have the intelligence to know this.stay safe.

    2. How does a president incite other Americans into committing such a vile act against his own country? It sickens me that he sat in the Oval Office for 4 years.

  6. The level of ignorance in America about the world and it’s own history is appalling. It’s not surprising that fascist and racist ideas are still strong.

  7. I felt the same as him. If everyone involved is Not brought to justice it sends a real bad message, to All.

    1. It’s too late. One day of Republicans arguing about responsibility told the world that it was systemic to the top.

    2. @Wayne Niles what I find frustrating is that we still have the Make America Grear Again people who totally do not get the damage Trump has done to America’s standing in the world. It’s like they want to destroy it in order to save it.

    1. @Capt. Mike l agree. Good luck with your neighbors. Fortunately, l live in an area that has not been Trumified!

    2. @sa72 They sure don’t act it. I wish they would quit using our American flag to camouflage their attacks on the United States.

    1. @Matthew Smith He did succeed in destroying the last bit of faith in America as a stable democracy. No country can ever rely on America again.

    2. @Pronto That verdict has yet to be written. I think he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Just as NAZI Germany used the American Bund in pre-war USA to act as a 5th Column, influencing American Lawmakers and Military Chiefs NOT to enter the War against Hitler (they actually helped him re-arm) and establishing sleeper cells in key industries and Military Units so too has Putin established a network of Billionaire Oligarchs and Cronies, buying influence in the GOP, getting sympathetic State Governors elected, paying for election campaigns and getting the “right people” into positions of power. Like the Mayor of Sequim, Washington or GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Despite losing the election the Groper Party is still immensely powerful in that rapidly declining Nation. The Right Wing Project is a long term effort, designed to allow THEM to survive the coming Extinction Event by wiping out most of the World’s population. Having the Nuclear Codes will make that task easier.

    3. @Jack Boot ya it’s especially funny when you hear that from Putin the poisoner lips. Here’s to 20 more credibility filled years in power!!! Nah, I remember that day and night pretty well, the senate reconvened homie. Swept up the glass and got right back to work. Nbd. I myself was moved by their sense of duty, returning just hours later after having to be evacuated from Congress earlier in the day. Mere hours. And Democracy was not delayed any further than that. The free world let out a huge sigh of relief and were quick to congratulate Joe Biden upon his election victory and his inauguration as President. So if you’re not proud of us and the world isn’t proud of us right now I don’t blame you this last four years has been terrible. But I guess all we gotta do now is go out there and make ourselves proud.

  8. I’ve lived here for over half a century. I’ve never been more disgusted, embarrassed and angry. We’re better off without the GOP if they support these traitors.

    1. Were you disgusted at the democratic traitors that destroyed peoples businesses over the past couple months too? The thing is that the capitol has insurance, those windows will be fixed in no time. How about these small business’s property?

    2. @Jesse Lowry
      Not equivalent. Is this the only thing that you guys will keep regurgitating. The people who claim blue lives matter. Please

  9. I’m not surprised Zelensky feels deep concern and disappointed. He’s like any peace loving human feels since 1/6/21. We let ourselves and the world down, all over con man lies.

    1. Its a good thing for the world to see what some Americans citizens have been dealing with for generations a country of idiots and bigots that only complain get mad and have 0 solutions but are quick to talk about people taking advantage of America when they are the main leaches globally.

    2. The United States as a nation is not responsible. “They” are not responsible, neither are “we” . If you’re looking to lay blame I suggest you consider blaming the fact that it’s engrained in our DNA to identify groups, pick and choose sides , then generalize based on an “us vs. them” mentality. This stuff has been happening for as long as humans have been around. Its upsetting to see in modern times i know , but it’s basic human psychology . If fighting is what you feel to be necessary in your life right now you need to point your gaze elsewhere. I promise you there is a lot of beauty once you tap out of this turmoil. If you feel that you’re morally obligated to be involved based on something that’s happened to you personally, I respect that. But imo out of all possible levels of productivity for these subjects, commenting your political stance is probably somewhere very low on the chart. Yes. You may be aiming for a morally good cause because you believe that you need to speak up and criticize others based on their mistakes, but trust me; it is an overwhelmingly inefficient if not counterproductive task. If you have something to say that could potentially make people with opposing viewpoints more angry and bigoted, then don’t say it. We need everyone to keep an open mind.

    1. @Silke Schümann You make a lot of very good points, but do not gloss over the fact that this is Zelensky, the man * tried to shake down in a phone call that got him impeached the first time.

    2. @Silke Schümann Yeah, blame everybody else. The “rich class”, the Russians etc. America at core is a White racist country and in the past 4 years that TRUTH became undeniable. That exposure is the “damage” to what was a false brand all along.

    3. @Sam McCormack ANYTHING that isn’t couched in the language of the 3rd Reich is deemed to be lies by the Fascist Right. ANYTHING that doesn’t invoke Race Hatred, Attacks on Minorities, Abuse of Children, Benefits for the Uber Rich and Destruction of the Environment is Fake News to those who breathe in daily doses of Breitfarts. Only FucksSpews or QAnon Conspiracy Theories are acceptable to the Zombie Nation. That’s WHY they’ll never have anything nice…….they are too stupid to realise it when someone offers them Prime Rib because they are stuffed with bone-scrapings hamburgers.

    4. No trump has let biden take control of the bankrupt corporation the USA….and is bringing back the republic governed by the people….you probably don’t understand this as MSNBC won’t have told you what to think about it…

    5. @Constituent A I didn’t forget. Trump withheld money desperately needed to fend off Russia. An impeachment of Trump was self interest.
      Ukraine like every European country looks at socialism very different than the US. The willingness to place limitations on the rich is much higher.
      And it is hardly blame when fact checker can trace back lies in Murdoch publications for decades undermining the European Union and a Murdoch quote leaked in which he admitted that he wanted more power over the British. Fox is a Murdoch outlet and currently doubling down on right wing and Qanon propaganda feeding the division. Mercer became infamous in the the analytica / facebook election misinformation and election manipulation campaign 2016
      If you read the spin by Freuds cousin Edward Bernays you learn that manipulating the masses became a science perfected in the US. How to sell a brand is one thing I absolutely see excellency when it comes to the US.

  10. It’s not the insurrection itself that has damaged American democracy: it’s the aftermath. No one is being punished and the people who instigated it all are retaining their power. That’s even more disgusting than the act itself. All the outrage in the world won’t make a difference if nothing is done.

    1. You know why no one is punished for the riot at the capitol? Because they were antifa hired by the democrats. If they were really Trump supporters, they would be in jail. Get real.

    2. @Sam McCormack The case against the insurrectionists and Trump is being built by DC prosecutors as we speak. It will be comprehensive and complete and it will bring Trump and his enablers to justice.

    1. The other scary thing is they’d get reelected in an instant.

      Bad Politicking has finally broken the electorate.

    2. @I.M. Greg if we can recover from the aftermath of the Civil War, we can recover from this. This will be the work of generations to come

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