Jordan's former crown prince says he's been placed in isolation 1

Jordan’s former crown prince says he’s been placed in isolation


Jordan's former crown prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the half-brother of the country's ruler King Abdullah II, claims he has been placed in isolation and his communication cut off, in a video statement obtained by the BBC. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh tells us the latest. #CNN #News


    1. @One Love then get off the planet! Ur using our resources, meant for humans who need them! So ur helping to cause our downfall, too!!

    1. And he’s good because he released a video and CNN hacks backed his story, you CNN fans are beyond naive

    2. @Green party of Wakanda all Corporate media are conspiring By Manufacturing Consent, their mission is to misinformed the Viewers

    1. @Bewnie Sandals They were Resumption of Dialogue agreements. These were superficial at best for the UAE, Sudan, Morocco and Israel. As for the agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, the Palestinians got a raw deal in that the agreement deviated from the 2 state solution advocated for decades. That’s why the Palestinian authority declined to sign it.

    1. @Jaime Vadilla Gracias pero *hermana. Soy mujer. Me llamo Edith pero todos me dicen Edie como la cantante estadounidense Edye Gorme.

    1. @Ed Lopow He hasn’t been Crown Prince for 17 years. And SHOCKING, speaking against the Monarchy in a Monarchy is a crime. Woahhhh

    1. He’s trying to stop MBS and the saudis from trying to destabilize jordan. That’s who George Nader and Jeffrey epstein was friends with. Israel and Saudi Arabia are trying to overturn all these governments since the panama papers

    2. @Syed Kader She is a relative to the Jordan family and ex wife to Al Moktoum she also took Millions from him and omg she probably in hiding she probably have a price tag on her head. Kids are very important to Emirates

  1. Hmm Jordan has held a low profile for a long time. This is curious and disturbing.
    I wonder how long he will survive.

    1. The coldest part is I been seen this coming
      Look up the greater Israel project.
      They want all that land. From lebanon to egypt…..

  2. Sad! I had a chance meeting with one of the Prince of Jordan, in Ankara, Turkey, in the 90″s, my how things have changed!

  3. the way powerful ppl know what is happening hurts even more. the curroption and everything is just sad.

    1. @Twiistz and she/he was just pointing out how they disapprove of the corruption going on in the government and everywhere.

  4. Anyone who speaks out and the truth now a days gets silenced or censored. Check the whole world currently!

  5. So sorry you’ve been locked up and away from the world don’t worry the same things happening in our country we are thinking like the Titanic but worse and we’re going down fast so I hope everything is OK and nobody is going after your family there’s got to be a reason why they’re cutting you off from all communication

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