Josh Hawley Defends Pre-Capitol Riot Raised Fist Moment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Josh Hawley Defends Pre-Capitol Riot Raised Fist Moment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Tim Miller of The Bulwark joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss Sen. Josh Hawley defending raising his fist to protesters assembled on the morning of January 6th hours ahead of the Trump-incited Capitol riot.
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  1. First, Wow they want us to literally believe we didn’t see the horrors that we actually saw, And it’s plenty of videos to prove it, You can’t undo that with privilege and lies !

    1. @iluvdissheet yes, that rolls more easily off the tongue and is a more accurate description!

    2. @iluvdissheet : I respect, “conservatives,” but not Republicans, GOP, or whatever name they pick for their Qult of Karens. I just hope that Romney, Cheney and the rest will set up an alternative to them now. Conservatives are no longer represented. Let’s be clear, here? These are Fascists, in all but name. They will take our democracy forever, if we let them.

    1. @CLUELESS JOE : Maybe, DON’T bring your mommies to your next insurrection, Karen? What’s with that anyway, mommy’s boys? Sad

    2. @CLUELESS JOE that is because there are over 450 people arrested for the insurrection, and people are waiting to hear the outcome of their hearing

    1. Hitler: “Not all Nazis were active participants in the Holocaust. I was preaching from the balcony to only those seeking peaceful reform, _I swear!”_

    2. @Seeking The truth yup, we are cool, think for our self, if your seeking the truth your shouldn’t be looking on MSNBC

    3. @13bustah So you want be here after tonight right, since you can think for yourself? Right?

    4. @13bustah Plus, shouldn’t you be studying because grown folks don’t use the word cool.

    5. It really would have been the perfect moment for him to get a kick in the nads. The before and after photos would have been a viral phenomenon . . . Ah well . . .

  2. His later comment about “Don’t censor me” made me laugh.

    Imagine getting a platform just for you to say whatever you want to a large audience and then complaining about “being silenced”. xD

    1. @David Matejka I invested in cryptocurrency. I’m set for life. I’m just protecting my money from peasants who beg me to take care of their lazy bums.

    2. @Luis Rosales Apparently you can’t read if think I’m talking about a voter ID card. We have provided ID for years now. Try again young fella. Read the bill first then try again. Right now you sound stupid

  3. He was just posing for the cameras like all spoiled children he didn’t realize his actions would have consequences

    1. @Mimzy Jinx hey, genius , BLM wasn’t storming the Halls of Congress in a pitiful attempt to overturn a righteous election at the behest of a irresponsible, lying, stupid, spoiled psychopath, who for once couldn’t buy, bluff, or bully a situation his way.

    2. @David Matejka – And, after watching MAGAs *beating Capitol cops* with ballbats, fire extinguishers *and* an American flag-still-attached flagpole on January 6th, we *don’t* want to hear their pseudo-pious ‘Blue Lives Matter’ spiels anymore.

  4. Hawley didn’t look like *that* last month, stammering and sweating his way through ‘questioning’ Director Wray… *especially* regarding January 6th.
    Josh was ‘bigly’ anxious to know *what ‘info’* the FBI has, in fact.

  5. Now we have a DOJ at work and those responsible for the death of capital policemenwill be held accountable

    1. @Alan aka FANG it is NOT a lie moron, do the research.
      North Carolina Medical Journal

      Health Hazards of Pepper Spray

      C. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH, and Woodhall Stopford, MD, MSPH

      Nasal application of capsaicin causes sneezing, irritation, and reflex mucus secretion.(9) Its inhalation can cause acute hypertension (similar to ammonia inhalation), which in turn can cause headaches and increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. Animal studies show various and sometimes profound reflex effects on respiratory and cardiovascular function. These include apnea, airway edema and constriction, systemic vasodilation, hypotension, bradycardia, and sometimes atrioventricular blockade and even asystole.(8-10)

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis buddy I couldn’t care for your reference, just keep crying ok .. it suits you and the stupidity of the name you are posting under.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis – In other words…
      “The credible medical evidence you provided has left me ‘Sad!’, like my hero, febrile #45.”
      “KKKissies, FANG”

    4. @CynAnne1
      BMC Public Health. 2017; 17: 831.
      Published online 2017 Oct 19. doi: 10.1186/s12889-017-4814-6
      PMCID: PMC5649076
      PMID: 29052530
      Health impacts of chemical irritants used for crowd control: a systematic review of the injuries and deaths caused by tear gas and pepper spray
      Rohini J. Haar,corresponding author1 Vincent Iacopino,2 Nikhil Ranadive,3 Sheri D. Weiser,4 and Madhavi Dandu4
      Author information Article notes Copyright and License information

      Permanent injuries and disabilities
      Fifty-eight people experienced permanent disability (Fig. 3). Eighteen of the disabilities were secondary to traumatic injuries from the projectile munitions. These included globe ruptures and blindness (four people), traumatic brain injury resulting in a persistent vegetative state (one person), limb amputations (three people), and functional loss of limbs (10 people). Persistent psychiatric symptoms were documented in 14 people and persistent symptoms of asthma and other respiratory complaints were reported in 23 people. Chronic dermatological conditions such as hypersensitivity reactions were documented by skin testing in three people. In one study of 297 individuals seeking care and/or evaluation of injuries following the 2013 Gezi Park protests in Turkey, 117 psychiatric evaluations were conducted. Of those, 50 (43%) met diagnostic criteria for acute stress disorder, 27 (23%) met diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and nine (8 %) met diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder.

      We found that chemical irritants cause severe injury, permanent disabilities, and in rare cases, death. Despite chemical irritants being recognized as safe weapons to disperse or control crowds, the number and types of injuries documented in this review highlight the serious risks associated with the frequent use of these weapons. Specific risks include the use of chemical irritants in enclosed spaces, excessive quantity of chemicals used, specific environmental factors such as heat and humidity and direct targeting of individuals, both with the projectile canister as well as spray to the face. Protocols to limit indiscriminate use of chemical irritants are urgently needed in order to safeguard human rights and prevent unnecessary morbidity and mortality among protestors and bystanders worldwide.

    1. @Viva La Raza! Luis from an alternate universe and an alternate reality. Maybe Bizzaro world!!!

    2. @Jim Brown I don’t believe Trump is a communist… more like a faschist Nazi dictator.


    2. @Wilhelm Geisler I assume you’re now medicated and have been returned to your padded cell.

    3. By ‘2024’, #45 will be bedridden, bellicose…and babbling into his ‘little tikes’ playphone.

  6. Josh Hawley isn’t going to get away with his complicity in the riots on January 6th. Everything is on . It’s amazing how they can lie.

    1. It is America. He and all the rioters will get off. The ‘system’ relies on people like him never being held accountable for a thing!

  7. At least Hawley called it a “criminal riot”, not a pick-nick or social gathering… he’s still a creep

    1. @Richard Moore why can’t people from blm follow directions they told them on loud speakers to disperse but they stayed and got gased. Alot of this blm stuff could be avoided if parents taught there kids to follow orders from police officers

    2. @Joel Rivard oh please. He didn’t. Just one more ridiculous stunt in the whole Trump show. The bunker stunt happened the day BEFORE the stormtroopers/gassings/bible stunt in any case.

    3. Joel – Trump was taken to the bunker as per presidential security protocol. Doesn’t really have anything to do with the severity of the threat.

    1. @Joel Rivard : You happily took your tax cuts though, right? Accepted your Relief money without complaint, right? Took your jab with a sense of relief, right? Just not racist and totalitarian enough for you? Whatever, Karen

    2. @Joel Rivard is afraid of a direction
      Why does anyone care about its crazy rantings?
      It literally supports human traffickers who live in an actual swamp

  8. When Josh Hawley says he can’t tell if any of them participated in the criminal riot, can’t someone reply to him saying, “Are you really that clueless?”

    1. He does not listen to his constituents that put him in office. But, unfortunately Missouri is so RED and full of hateful people. I am a blue speck in this red state……….

    2. @Retired _RN I am from missouri as well , we can change that red if we work hard enough

  9. The Republican’s motive to move forward is so that they will brush over what they did and didn’t do leading to Jan 6. They know they f@@ked up and say , “Why can’t we just overlook this?” We have to hold these people to account in 2022.

    1. @Joel Rivard Wow, I got to give it to your successful whataboutism.
      Now, back to the topic.

    2. @Joel Rivard I happen to think that the riots were bad as well, and would be happy to discuss them at a comment section that deals with them. I would probably agree with you in some areas of that topic.
      Whataboutism is childish, and makes me think less of the person doing it. Even if the topic was about making comparisons. But the topic is not about making comparisons.
      This is like a five year old’s reaction to being caught doing something wrong. Whataboutism is getting old and is grossly over used by Trump supporters. It makes you look less mature, less intelligent, and less honest.

    3. @Joel Rivard trump wasn’t in the bunker during the insurrection. He was joyfully watching it on TV in the safety of the white house.

    4. @Walter Lichtenberg and the fact that u took that much time out of your day to write me that note tells me your a loser with nothing important in your life

  10. He is so proud about how his lips never waivered from being securely attached to orange butt.

    1. @FACTS ONLY not one bit of real truth there … Lots of anecdotal self promotion. Peace in the middle east lol what a clown you are.

    2. @The Dani Do’s yes Donald Trump negotiated five new Middle East peace Deals that your Democrat fake news gave no coverage to his final year. Had Obummer done that they would still be talking about that 24 hours a day giving him another peace prize.Which the first when he got he only receive because he’s black. He did absolutely nothing. Except cause division hate and kept us in wars overseas.

    3. @FACTS ONLY ,,, Jarred did the Middle East peace deals,, not babytrump, and Jarred did get credit for doing that. Check your facts. You probably didn’t see it, because every time babytrump opens his mouth, a lie came out. That’s what they reported on mostly, Keeping up with his lies.

    4. @FACTS ONLY Obama would never have done anything as fraudulent and foolish as that. What do you think you gain by being so willfully ignorant? What problems did any of those ridiculous peace treaties solve? I don’t think it’s very hard to get countries to agree to peace when they weren’t at war in the first place. Can you think of any countries in the area that were not included in these negotiations and would be much more difficult to negotiate a treaty with?

    5. @Paw Claw – And our corresponding, corroborating post must’ve hurt FACTy’s feefees…

  11. Josh Hawley, in a debut appearance, appears as the ‘Dark Underbelly’ in a reality show that points directly to a dystopian future.

  12. I would like to hear Josh Hawley say this as a witness in his own trial for participating in the January 6 insurrection.

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