Josh Richards: From TikTok to venture capital

Josh Richards is a TikTok influencer. Now he's launching a $15 million venture capital firm. He tells CNN Business' Matt Egan about his quest to be the world's first influencer billionaire. #CNN #News #Business


    1. @Pedro The Mexican Because they’re not allowed to criticize the so called “chosen ones”.

  1. “on top of everything else, josh and i are starting our second or third small to medium to large size business in the last six months.” good luck with that, whatever it is.

  2. Stop putting these image based social media tik tok Instacrappers and focus on real news.

    1. Tik Tok is a playground for perverts. Ofcourse CNN is promoting this… Oh and they never report “news”.

  3. When he said, “They’re making the culture!”, I was like what type of culture would that be? Oh yeah, a bunch of douchebags smh

    1. I also want to clarify I’m glad the Tik Toker is investing and making a small business but also I took a look at what he did to get in this position. He’s a white, rich, attractive male who appeals to this generation of girls appeal to the opposite sex. All I’m saying is they are not benefiting society by doing a little dance on the internet.

  4. and just so you know…I’m not a tiktok follower… I don’t know who this young man is… but I am very proud to say I support him … I hope he’s very successful…24 million subscribers or follower’s… he’s got something to offer!!!

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