1. There are many corporate motivational-speakers and efficiency-experts that demonize complexity.

  2. “Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”

    ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  3. Good term and analogy using music. I try to understand my right wing friend, whose politics I find offensive, but I think he focuses on very specific instances and not really seeing the whole picture outside of Fox News and several questionable social media feeds. We get along as friends otherwise.

  4. “The Robots” is from 1978, not 2017. Kraftwerk is one of the most influential acts honored here.

    1. David Bowie was a huge fan. And that’s says volumes. (I read about this after becoming a huge fan myself).

  5. You can’t have a rational, fact-based conversation with the maga cult if they can’t even accept simple facts or recognize why living in their alternate reality is a problem. They are the mental equivalent of every episode of Hoarders you’ve seen.

  6. Reaction videos are awesome! The world is changing because of them. Trump dumbed down the national dialogue.😘

  7. Happy to see Patton, Kraftwerk, Gil Scott-Heron in the Hall!!
    BTW, the complexity is and always has been present. We just choose to ignore it.

  8. life should be more colorfull but not a color mess and yes now a days things are to polarized and biased

  9. Gil Scott Heron’s dad was the first black football (soccer) player for Celtic football club, all be it a short stay. He was a winger who played in his bare feet. When both father and son sadly passed away, Celtic posted very kind words. The revolution will not be televised, is an all time claaic tune.

  10. Unfortunate that social media incentivizes simplifying and polarization, because I agree. So how do we fix this? No one has the attention span for nuance today.

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