1. Yevgenia Albats has nothing in common with journalism, she is just an enemy of Russia, self-named ‘oppositioner’ who was allowed to ‘bark’ by Russian government on Russian mass media for many years… Not anymore! Now she is squealing on western mass media… Good fu**ing luck!

    2. @liliboo COURAGE and stupidity, just imagine she was your mother, you would probably say “…I’m so proud of you, I hope I will see you soon and please don’t get caught by Russian forces because then I will never see you again…”

    3. Its sad American civilians need to go risk there life for Ukraine because Sleepy joe keeps sitting on his sleepy hands and not doing enough for the Ukrainian people😢
      👎😢SLEEPY JOE NEEDS TO GO!👎😢👎😢👎😷👎😢👎💉👎😢👎

    4. @Joe Biden is Your President!!!!! Get Over it!!!!! well we all know here it’s not russia that wants to put Missile on Canada but definitely the greatest country in the world wanted to put a missile on ukraine after they joined NATO. you americans always feels like you are always right and everyone is wrong.

  1. The position that this woman is in makes me very sad. She is a very brave woman. I am sure that her resistance when combined with so many others will not be in vain!

    1. @Nauty Seilor it doesn’t matter, cuz whatever her future may be, she is a hero. And even if the worst happens, she will be a martyr, like, I’m sure, many other people, who try to free Russia and make it a place, where people can talk freely, without fear of the system having a problem with them, and punish those, who threaten the freedom of others. Or that’s my dream. And not only for Russia, but many other places.
      Sorry about the rant.
      One love ❤️

  2. Ms.Albats, one only fails if they do not try. Your dedication and cause will never be underestimated or overlooked. Thank you for bravery and allegiance during this unforgiving war. Your determined presence and genuine words offer clarity, veracity and hope. Be safe 🙏🏼

    1. @Jelly Whit it was not you but someone els that made the comment on religion..if you scroll through the comments you will find it…thanks for your reply.

    2. Hope wish plenty of russians journalist will follow,like her also so that they have a strong voice….

    3. @Nina Osborne Since you asked, all religions are at fault. I know what you will likely say that that is man’s misusing religion or interpreting it and the is correct but religion is a man made invention. Putin has used religion to control his people and others. Here in the use it was religion that drove a wedge in US politics for wealth and power. History if filled with religion seeking wealth and power over the people. For example, the majority of evangelical christians in the US sees putin as a fighter for white christian while the US government is evil. Religion is an evil self perpetuating scam that preys upon the weaknesses, fears and gullibility of people. While not all scams are equal not all religions are equal. Of all the world’s religions the 3 Abrahamic faiths are the worst with christianity and islam being the worst of the worst.

    4. @Jelly Whit No excellent comment, you hit the nail on the head as we say here as to Putin’s real motivations. As to the “threat” he feels from NATO he’s honestly too smart to think that NATO would ever invade his territories. They have never invaded a sovereign European nation for the purpose of annexing it into one of their own member states. Both NATO and EU membership is based on a request from the country that seeks to join that membership. It’s NEVER forced, not even offered, without that request.

      No, Putin’s only concern about NATO is how it effectively thwarts his expansionist, imperialistic plans AND threatens to have brother Slavic countries demonstrating to his people that democratic freedoms are a good thing and lead to a successful nation.

    5. @Nina Osborne He was replying to meevi who was promoting some kind of Islamic stuff. Putin doesn’t have any kind of religion.

    1. @FEAR No More it’s always fun to read some really based takes on Russia. Enjoy your democratic community, comrade. I hope your leaders will weaken the censorship someday. I have an idea, maybe you should go and protest, that will definitely help lol

    2. @Viktor Khramtsov Who doesn’t 💖love👍 state run communist media run by the KGB? The one news source you can trust… LITTERALLY the ONE news source. 😉

    3. @Don’t bread on me literally the one news source? Do you understand, where this comment section is located? Do you think that It’s just a coincidence that I’m here? Do you think, I was watching Russian media propaganda channel and accidentally just came here because of a glitch? By the way, even if I wanted to watch our propaganda here (which I don’t bother watching mostly anyway), I can’t, it’s all banned off YouTube. I guess, the west is really scared of fair competition in that department, I wonder why.

  3. I got to admit she’s awfully Brave even though they have their rules over there wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up in jail after this🤔

    1. Imagine if all Russians wpuld do this, how quickly would this war end? Millions of Russians could overtakr their corrupt murderous governement.

    1. risk death, that is right. The Russians passed a law that if they spread misinformation they could be jailed.

    2. @Shaunoffrange She is a Russian speaking from Russia about what it’s like in Russia. The only other news from Russia is Putin Propaganda, is that what you like.

    1. @469!2782G 5690 *In case you think Zelensky is a hero.*
      *Watch this, proof Zelensky ordered the killing of his own people.* https://youtu.be/CxIARKyYEbE

  4. This what other journalism should do. Telling the truth and not afraid of any forces. This is journalism pride.

    1. @Chris Pliskin Thank you CNN, we are so fortunate to have you! Journalists are not appreciated enough, and things like what Putin is doing will only exist in the absence of excellent reporting like CNN – they educate people so that they can make better decisions. Thank you Yevgenia Albats, without people like you I know that Russia would be in a worse situation. Ironically, Ukraine is fighting Russia with Russian jets, finding shelter in subway systems built by Russia. Many people of Russia have done so much, and it is sad that Putin’s head is in a place of being deceitful about the situation. Russians are also leaving Russia if they have permission by neighboring countries. The younger people are bright and some know that Putin is harming Russia. Putin is causing young Russian soldiers into battle with Ukraine, and the Russian soldiers are not allowed to leave the battle – especially when the Russian soldiers learn that they are killing civilians who potentially could be their family members. Putin nor anyone who has ever been a member of KGB should be running Russia. We need to gather all those who are in control in Russia, making decisions to war against Ukraine to put them in a room and not let them out until they have memorized all the names of all the people who have died. Have them write on a chalk board 1 million times “I will not kill, and I will not cause anyone else to kill”. And until they come up with how to end war for all time, not let them out.

    2. @Test please help me understand what your source of information is that CNN has lied about anything? Please be specific!

  5. Anyone who hasn’t seen Her interview with Frontline PBS from 4 years ago should 1000% watch it. She’s so well spoken and tells of how Russia works so bluntly. It really helps to understand how we got here.

    1. @Trish Latham *In case you think Zelensky is a hero.*
      *Watch this, proof Zelensky ordered the killing of his own people.* https://youtu.be/CxIARKyYEbE

    2. Clinton, It is so good to hear someone mention PBS’s Frontline program. 👏
      If more people would watch their documentaries, the general public would be so much more enlightened with the truth! Just the facts, no rhetoric or lies! And yes, we should all pray that this special woman will be protected to speak the TRUTH for a long time! 🙏

    1. *In case you think Zelensky is a hero.*
      *Watch this, proof Zelensky ordered the killing of his own people.* https://youtu.be/CxIARKyYEbE

    2. @Jerry Beloin just because you are being radicalized by right wing bullshit artists doesn’t mean everyone is that deaf blind & dumb. Try it with other idiots. It will go over A LOT better hon.

    3. @Minute Meditations inflation and gas prices are gonna cripple dems come Nov no matter what left wing socialist commies say 👍👍🤣

  6. Here is a woman of conscience and awesome courage! May God bless her resistance in a country blocked from real information and invaded by lies!

    1. @John Lennon For sure on brighter one. Russia has become a Nazi, militaristic, antihuman country.

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