1. Lol…The problem for Democrats is: They will still use it as they wipe salty tears from their shameful eyes!

  1. He can let his feelings run it into the ground for all I care. I closed my account. I am sick of playground bullies thinking they are capable of leading anything just because they have money.

    1. The way Twitter was before is where networks like CNN, and MSN received their information. That’s why their panties are all twisted in a knot. Keep doing what your doing Elon! He’s exposing the FBI, Hunter, biden, and tons of democults. 👍

    2. Right now 25 cretins have thumbed up this post. I know there’s more than 25 out there. Let’s GO Team Cretin.

  2. This is the first time I have heard of a social media platform so insecure that it wouldn’t allow any links to other social media sites.

    1. @Lea Garner they were sharing location information. Which of course could endanger the security of such people of high importance, and Elon is known spend much time with his children. Now you rainbow surfers want to justify the threat by twisting it in a different way, just like your genitalia.

    2. @Walter Shumate Then you’re just a troll, which is fine too. It means I won’t need to take you seriously, which streamlines this thread.

    3. @Walter Shumate – this video shows 2 people literally laughing at Elon Musk. _No tears at all!_

      _You_ need a stronger dose of *copium* to make peace with _reality!_ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. @CaliTXman BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION SYSTEMS are what social media platforms are now.
      Privately owned,for profit, alogrithmic controlled platforms for conflict engagement.
      What’d you think would happen?

    5. @Walter Shumate he’s bleeding money , he’s not coping so good and with all your comments you’re not coping either.

    1. @Douglas Reagan Awww…. what did FOX tell you? Was it about Hunter’s laptop? Some steamy nudie pics you wanted to see? Thank you for being a patriot!

    2. @Justin Gilmore
      You don’t need Fox to tell you about Hunters laptop. It’s common knowledge now. The problem is that the story was actively suppressed by the FBI during the 2020 election in a bid to ensure Joe Bidens installment as president.

      That’s election meddling.

  3. I thought I wasn’t concerned by all this because I never linked from my Twitter account to any of the social media sites in the rather short “Enemy” list that Twitter put up. Wrong! Over the next days I have seen my links to art and photography on ArtStation gradually disappear, even though ArtStation is not on the “Enemy” list.

  4. He is pouting and whining due to the billions of dollars he has lost which K fine hilarious.I told you to pay your taxes, Elon 🤣🙄😅

  5. The owner, so far, has been the most INSECURE of all the owners of other social media platforms. Prior to this, promoting others has been the norm and has made Twitter more popular than it is today. I’m surprised by the amount of home-made porn created by owners of Twitter accounts to protest against even the violation of the freedom of choice.

    1. Well why don’t you just get all your friends together with all your money and buy it back. That’s what’s great about America get what you work for.

    2. @Walter Shumate Can you cope with twitter going bankrupt so the master South African can use it as a tax right off?

  6. So this is what Elon Musk’s free speech looks like. Got to say, it seems even more restrictive than what we’re normally used to.

  7. Buying Twitter was just an ego trip for Musk and to be in control of his favorite app. He has tweeted more than 750 times in one month and focusing all his energy in that company while Tesla stock has tanked. New EV’s are coming out all the time that are cheaper than a Tesla and all he seems to care about now is milking his ego.

  8. I guess when you pay stupid prices for stuff you want, you are entitled to break it all you want. Dumped twitter months ago. Lost all interest when Elons offer was accepted.

  9. He’s forgetting something very essential. You don’t need Twitter to survive. For instance I never had a Twitter account and I don’t miss it. I don’t need to know everyones everyday private thoughts and visa versa.

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