1. The difference is that the fringe, right wing lunatics are a minority in the US. Hence, Trump’s approval rating is currently in the 30s. In the Philippines, regardless of what Duterte does, his minions will follow him. His approval rating is in the 70s-80s. So yes, as terrible as this is for democracy in the Philippines, that’s exactly what majority of the Filipinos want. As always, you elect a leader you deserve, and that man on top is definitely what the Philippines deserves..

    1. It’s crazy how fast filipinos forgot about Marcos and how terrible he was. Smh. It’s also unfortunate that leadership after his ousting was still corrupt.

    2. @RichHomieBodhi Duterte and his minions are already changing the narrative- depicting the Marcoses as the victims. So yeah, hopeless. .

    3. @Parker Wiles He has charisma and he keeps his promises. Its obvious why people support him. He is not your traditional politician.

    4. Filipinos support him because he is doing something good for the country. I am from Mindanao. Isis evaded mindanao. Duterte and the afp eradicated the terrorists in months. What did the the past administration do? They got the special forces killed instead of killing the terrorists. Of course, we want a leader like duterte. Sorry dilawans. We do not want incompetent leaders anymore. Boo!

  2. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly.
    Remember that freedom is for EVERYBODY and Freedom comes with RESPONSIBILITY.
    Trying to equate questions about Platform or Publisher is not the same with criminalizing Free Speech.
    Do Better.

    1. Free speech rights are an all or nothing deal in America. In the end all will be free or no one will be free. All or Nothing…

    2. @ike A rich white LIBERAL male’s only. You know, the one’s that control every American city. 100 percent Democrat’s and that hug and kiss you and tell you they love you so much. Then like Joe said, who else you going to vote for? Joe put millions of black men in prisons across America. Or your not black? Oh boy.

    1. CNN is not reporting the whole story. Its not the government who charge her its a private individual whom she malign and spread fake news.

    2. She accused an innocent businessman of illegal activities because she was paid to do so. Is that a “journalist” or “press freedom”. F#@$ing stupid!


    4. A private individual that in return his daughter was given a job appointed then by the President?

  3. fascism can only be eradicated when the western world allows conservatives go the way of the Dodo bird. AND that can be done by allowing everybody the right to vote, without exception !!

    1. GiarkReleos👈🏼😂 so says the fascist who’s intolerant of any viewpoint that doesn’t conform with liberalism …

    2. Because liberalism and socialism just leads to facist and communists dictatorships, such as Hitler, Muscleny (Italian named dictator in guess where), and stalin.

    1. And about 4 years of people covering their ears and going “la la la” and using the same strategy that you are by claiming they are fake news with no basis.

    2. Wow, OANN is already 40? I feel like I just saw them slide into my channel list just a few short years ago.

    1. @Obama’s Ugly White Momma ever notice how you’re not paying attention to what trump says or does? he’s literally a copycat.

    2. @Paul T Every major Democrat city is sick, shut down and burning… I’d say we already won Civil War II without even firing a shot!👮‍♂️👍🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

    3. @Preston Tucker I love how Trump makes Liberals super angry. I can’t wait to watch him debate Joe Biden. The Trump/Biden debates are going to be the highest rated program in television history. Trump is going to cheat up the senile old man like a twig in a wood-chipper! BZZZZZZZZZZZZ☠️⚰️💣🔫🔪🗡🧨

    4. Our media unleashes death of a thousand cuts upon it’s own people. CNN is just as guilty you moron

    1. Ironically, Philippines Constitution was patterned from US Constitution.

      SECTION 1. (1) No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.

    2. Actually bill of rights has been known in most, if not all, european countries since the middle ages. Having a bill of rights means nothing if it isn’t enforced or if the regime actively works against it. Magna Carta comes to mind. As to the US being anything special in having civic rights and duties – the US modelled its constitution on the french ideas of liberty, equality and personal freedoms for all. As well as the ideas of suvereignty. Montesquie, Rosseau and Voltaire basically shaped the ideas that ultimately led to the US independence war and the declaration of independence and ofc the US constitution. And btw, on another note – if it hadn’t been for french regular troops and a french navy led by De Grasse, beating the british navy under admiral Graves in the battle of the capes, then there wouldn’t be a United States of America at all.

    3. @Lars Kjaer rights are granted by the devine grace of God and cannot be taken away by man. A tyrannical government can limit your behaviour, but the right granted by God is still there. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights best codify our rights. Americans embrace them. It’s our culture from the beginning. We also have the right to defend ourselves. When you travel to a foreign country, don’t expect the American legal system to go with you.

  4. I see where MSM and CNN are siding with this one. Anyone remember the MAGA kids? Covington Catholic kids?

    1. Or when Rachel Maddow called OANN “literally Russian Propaganda”. The judge in that case ruled that Maddow doesn’t qualify as news. No joke. Lmao 🤣

    2. Yep, and in one of their other cases politicians are protected prosecution from lying. It’s ok though to cause a kid to endure death threats and bullying though by Elizabeth Liar Warren.

    3. The Philippine government also has a law that forbids overseas ownership of media companies like her company called “Rappler” which they lied to and spoke against the government for suppressing the press. It’s a joke, it’s not suppression but acting on the rule of law which she thinks they can take advantage of. When you lie, you will be accountable. Remember this one CNN!

  5. The First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Press are just so important though in a Constitutional Republic… That’s what the United States of America is!

    @MyselfOneIII On Twitter
    Current Location : Virginia Beach, Virginia – Earth

  6. What happened to your journalists who spread the Fake News about KJU’s health and who were trying to start WW3?


  7. How come that your press freedom is in jeopardize when we saw you after the conviction that you are attending interviews both with local and international correspondence. International news bureau must not be biased, take the other side of the coin.

  8. A private individual filed this case against her in 2012, 4 years before Duterte came into power. And how is this the Philippine government’s fault?

  9. Maria Ressa accused a businessman of murder and smuggling without providing concrete evidence. Ressa is a CRIMINAL!

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