Joy Calls Tucker Carlson, Ron Johnson The Absolute Worst For Spreading COVID Disinformation | MSNBC

Joy Calls Tucker Carlson, Ron Johnson The Absolute Worst For Spreading COVID Disinformation | MSNBC 1


    1. @Upper 90 LOL. oh my. You don’t check your facts do you?
      Only 8 vaccines BEGAN development under “warp speed” 4 of those failed completely (2 withdrawn by the company, the other 2 aren’t even in clinical trial yet) Novamax JUST started clinical trials. The remaining three “successes” of warp speed are:
      Johnson & Johnson; which only used the funding as “supplemental”
      AstraZeneca; which is now under investigation and never received approval for funds. Yet somehow got funds anyway.
      Moderna: which had ALL READY been funded. Without trumps approval. The warp speed funding accounted for less than a third of Moderna’s investment in their vaccine.
      so, yeah, warp speed didn’t do jack.

    2. @James Smith well Biden certainly had nothing to do with the vaccine, it was created a long time before he took office. Actually Biden has nothing to do with anything, he’s just some old bloke who reads what his handlers put on the teleprompter.

    3. @Peluche Garcia yes it’s mindblowing that these fools still believe Trump told everyone to drink bleach. They’re on a different planet.

    1. @D S yes, but it is a very bad comparison. As a german (I was a lawyer once) I am not familiar with US law. But I would estimate the chances to sue Tucker or Trump and even Johnson a 1000x higher than Cuomo.
      Its much more easier to convince the court that Tucker or Trump acted intentionally and in bad faith against better knowledge than Cuomo.
      And especially Tucker, Trump do have crazy, lunatic followers who believe every nonsense they say. Johnson not so much.

    2. @christoph paessler I doubt negligence of Cuomo could be ignored in a court of law, especially when you consider how many died due to his blatant disregard for life.

  1. In an alternative earth,
    I’m tucker Carlson. Don’t tap me on the shoulder and punch me in the face.
    I can only imagine how many times that played out on other Earths.

  2. In tuckers defense.he did keep his face against the class of the microwave while heating up his tv dinners when he was little

    1. I like the way Tuckums rips the liberal media to shreds every day and then listen to them crying about it.

    1. Well you’re easily amused then. I remember when lefties had a great sense of humour but those days are long gone.

  3. Ms Ried’s dress looks like she is currently in the earliest stages of shrink wrapping for the season.

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