Joy Reid: Grand Jury Charges 'Entirely Delete' Killing Of Breonna Taylor | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid: Grand Jury Charges ‘Entirely Delete’ Killing Of Breonna Taylor | MSNBC


MSNBC's Joy Reid reacts to no officers being directly charged in the death of Breonna Taylor. Aired on 09/23/2020.
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Joy Reid: Grand Jury Charges 'Entirely Delete' Killing Of Breonna Taylor | MSNBC


  1. The wanton endangerment charges are for the neighboring homes. So these charges have nothing to do with the killing of Ms Taylor….

    1. The Drunk Geek except they did knock and announce themselves, as witnesses testified and walker himself admitted.

    1. How do you know the police identified themselves? Where you there? The neighbors stated they never heard anything. With the amount of cops and in an apartment complex you telling me her neighbors would not hear?

    2. Africa might have been more peaceful without the interference of whites. And why should blacks go anywhere? We never asked to come. But now that we are here, why don’t you and your kind leave?

    3. BLUE Lives_Matter! You are nothing but a dirty RACIST. We will soon kick you and everyone that thinks like you out of here

    4. you right on that because it was hush money for 12million dollars and i take that money to get outside just let the STREETS HANDLE THEM POINT BLANK

  2. This should scare everyone. We all know people who have associated themselves with us on social media and even our online public records that we would never reasonably be affiliated with otherwise. This effects everyone or someone they love.

    1. @IvyOracle ur spreading that copy n paste bs false info everywhere i see, u trolls are a disease like the orange shitstain impersonating a president at the moment

    2. This only affects people in Kentucky ( for the time being) is my understanding, but if we don’t pay attention to who is making the laws where we live, then this could become nationwide. We as a people have to become involved, we MUST VOTE on a state and federal level. We have got to get involved In the process ..our lives depend on it.

    3. With all do respect why should this scare us as Black People? We haven’t forgot the no knock murder of Fred Hampton way back in 1969!!! Listen to Gil Scott Herion’s “No Knock”!!! What’s scary is that White America believes we are to stupid to know our history…

    4. yolanda jerginson you probably on illegal prescription pills as we speak. The Opioid epidemic is killing whites faster than crack did blacks. But no one is “no knocking” the Doctors Office are they? I love you honesty though. Hopefully more Blacks will see the hearts of you types

    1. The drug dealer boyfriend literally started a shootout with the police. The police identified themselves and had a warrant.

    2. IvyOracle you’re a freaking liar, they didn’t announce themselves, and her boyfriend is not a drug dealer. I hope one day you will the recipient of the business end of a cop’s gun, and if you think that not possible you’re delusional. When cops are not held accountable, any and everybody is at risk ……. imbecile.

  3. Trump will talk about this in a few hours. He will have nothing to say about Brionna, and lots to say about cracking down on the antifa rioters and looters and anarchists who are gathering in protest.

    1. Why would you shoot BLINDLY? No one is saying that they were wrong for returning fire. I think that is human nature. But why go through the farce of training only to disregard it when it is needed the most? Oh I know. So that every killing and wrong action can be justified. And these same people with their jacked up decision making skills can continue to do as they please. Everyone is quick to point out how and why it could have been differently until it is your family member being on the receiving end of this so called justice. So think about that at night while you are resting peacefully in your slumber.

    2. @Louis Lee The Cops kicked in the door with a no knock warrant they lied to get if someone kicks in your door at 3 am you would probable shoot too.

    1. Like I said if I was hankinson I will start telling. Because they do that man on the bus he was their sacrifice

    1. @MADD City After using a battering ram to bust open the door after midnight. Her boyfriend legally owned a gun and fired. What would you do if someone bust through your door at night?

    2. @B S She was not named on the warrant. She was the owner of the house. All facts are public record look it up like I just did before commenting. You should do the same.

    1. @John Thomas TBH, the only ones wearing “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” are all Trumpers on the alt right. So your argument that right hates Dems so much, is itself self contradictory. If you’re gonna sleep with the dogs, don’t wake up expecting there’s not gonna be fleas on you. Who funds the NRA and the alt right in America? It’s already been proven time and again that Russia has been involved. And the hate from the alt right is meaningless. They’ve been hating ever since Obama came to power. If you’re a real Democrat, you shouldn’t care much about their hate.

  4. When is it ever okay to raid a house without identifying yourself before entering??? The whole narrative has holes in it and they pretty much did what they wanted again.

    1. Exactly and if your woken up out of sleep hearing noises or anything of that sort ..your natural instinct is to protect yoself..

  5. Wow. It’s crazy how the laws are different for state, when are supposed to be one nation. My heart goes out to Breonna’s family

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