Joy Reid Joins Tiffany Cross And The Cross Connection Decrying Atlanta Shootings | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid Joins Tiffany Cross And The Cross Connection Decrying Atlanta Shootings | MSNBC


Asian-American, Black and intersectional unity among all people of color is on the rise after the Atlanta shootings Joy Reid, host of The Reid Out on MSNBC, tells Tiffany Cross.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Joy Reid Joins Tiffany Cross And The Cross Connection Decrying Atlanta Shootings | MSNBC


  1. Thank you both for calling out the “horizontal hate” which only serves the interest of white supremacists and misogynists.

    1. Who’s carrying out the hate crimes? Trump supporters? White supremacist? Who is the new Boogeyman? In years past the Talking Heads in the media and government used Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden.. to justify killing innocent people.. the new Boogeyman are white people that voted for President Trump ‘ so- called, White extremists’.,.. are the new Target….

    2. @Richard Barry Not all white people are white supremacists. I reject your assertion. However, Trump is a white supremacist!

    1. That’s the idea. A minority commits an atrocity and they’re rightly dubbed a, “monster.” A white guy does it and, “he’s just having a bad day.” His victims and their families had a WORSE day! Exacerbated by institutional racism. Such attitudes are what make Voter Suppression possible in America. Instead of an obvious Felony Offence in a so called, “Democratic Republic.” . . . SMH

    2. Ash, that was a cop in an interview with the press who was asked what his motivation was. He was simply repeating the words of the killer, so less of the hyperbole, please.

      The guy was clearly a crackpot, his noggin was all wrong, so stop misrepresenting it. It doesn’t help anybody.

  2. What worries me, the people that need to hear about fair race relations and the problem of a possible recession, are either unwilling to listen or incapable of understanding the important issues to consider and be aware of

  3. Tell him that rope is being held for him and his kind that is from the good book that’s why they talk like a bunch of drunk peoples

  4. Please include Asian voices in these clips…we would be feeling a kinda way if no black voices were on view speaking to black hate.

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