Joy Reid On Georgia Voting Restrictions: It Doesn’t Get Much Clearer Who This Law Benefits And Hurts 1

Joy Reid On Georgia Voting Restrictions: It Doesn’t Get Much Clearer Who This Law Benefits And Hurts


Here’s what Joy Reid had to say about new voting restrictions passed in Georgia: "It's just almost poetic how much the history this week rhymes. It doesn't get much clearer who this law is designed to benefit and who it's designed to hurt." Aired on 03/27/2021.
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Joy Reid On Georgia Voting Restrictions: It Doesn’t Get Much Clearer Who This Law Benefits And Hurts


  1. Could anyone prevent the media from using the term “this is un American” when, in fact, this is how America has always been? The term should be “This has got to stop in America”.

    1. @Alex Hamilton If repression and abuse through racism has occurred since the origins of the United States, then it is Jive to say that it is un-American. That America does not exist yet.

    2. Face it ././ The GOP has been The GRAND OLD PREJUDICE for decades ,,, They just don’t hide anymore

    3. @Peter Schancel … Do you know Abraham Lincoln was a republican, right? And you know it was the Democrats that they had to fight when it came to segregation? You might need a history book lesson before you make your Internet comments LOL. You’re just going to get made fun of Gab and Parler

    4. @Ape Kaspank I am sure you can Read ./ I suggest you re-read my comment ./ You seem like an opinionated as opposed to wiling to be informed /. I said in the LAST SEVERAL DECADES./ Since the Democratic Flip and the Civil Rights Era

    5. @Daniel Arcadia What are you talking about. Aggressively campaigning while handing out water?
      Your justification of your unconscious racism has no bounds.

  2. Enough with talking, it’s time to stand up and do something.. Let them Republican burn in the fire they started

    1. @cervellone go to the street and protest peacefully without any act of violence. Let the whole world witness your fight for democracy

    2. Az ONE
      only fair, Republicans had to burn in the fires the Democrats started in the riots last year 😀

    3. @Alex Hamilton Nahhh.. in case you have forgotten, it started when a black man was knee to death by a white cop and it was not a riot but a peaceful protest compared to the violent insurrection at the Capitol by Republican MAGA

  3. Mexican President AMLO: “Expectations were created that with the Government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants. And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so”

  4. Knocking on the door of lawmakers is a serious crime, rioting the capitol is an act of law abiding americans??? How crazy is Georgia and US???

    1. People like yourself love to play semantics.Anyone who can ignore the riots and say what about BLM and ANTIFA is a Racist .End of discussion

    2. @Ape Kaspank unlike yourself I can keep it real and say that if there was any unlawful rioting at the BLM protests it was wrong.I can also say Jan 6 rioting was wrong.But you won’t say that

    3. @Ape Kaspank He’s a Republican that said on the news he wasn’t afraid of the people at the Capitol because he knew they loved their country. I’m paraphrasing and I’m trying to remember his name. There’s a video on youtube too. Good luck with your paper.

  5. Democrats should stop whining and declare election day as a national holiday so that everyone can vote. They should also appoint two more judges to supreme court to bring balance back to the highest court.

  6. Make no mistake, the traitorous Georgia “Stop Democracy” bill will initially target Black and Brown people. However, the letter of the law gives these autocratic lawmakers the power to disenfranchise every single Georgian, establish a complete Georgia dictatorship and remove every single freedom the federal courts will allow them to take.

  7. Why is not illegal to suppress ANY VOTE in a, “Democratic Republic”??? It will be America’s shame if we don’t stop this stuff.

  8. I would say those monsters like kemp should be ashamed of themselves but something tells me that they have regularly consider killing themselves throughout life. Those with so much contempt for others tend to hate themselves more.

  9. They’re not hiding their intentions, now what’s the solution? So many are asleep and not paying attention to what’s taking place.

    1. @Alex Hamilton we all will. You come back too so we can see democracy at its finest…seems you approve of the ” stop the vote ” campaign. Why???

    2. @Alex Hamilton why??? Are we afraid of a society where the government actually works for all ppl??? Or just the better half. Check your priorities Government officials work for us. The majority of ppl in this country are not wealthy. The fight your fighting is unwinnable against the masses. Through fear, intimidation you express your position. We’re gonna simply vote

    3. @Alex Hamilton your fighting for the rich guys, and they make the law. I can’t have anybody bring me a bottle of water, while I’m standing in line to vote for 5hrs. Sandwich either…what part of politics is that?. 2021 Ga. Repub policy. What ever happen to southern hospitality?? Hope it doesn’t spreads

    4. @Alan Black
      For REAL…. I couldn’t have said it the way you did but thank you for breaking it down in such a nice way for the slow, deaf, blind and dumb ones on THIS INTERNET..

  10. Arrested a public Official, in public! In violation of state and federal Law, without cause!?! This legislature are violating their oaths of Office WOW

    1. Is her office there in the same building? Man do those cops need to be sued and fired. And those six elitists to…..

    1. If the Child that was stabbed in the neck in Pittsberg had been attacked by a White man the Media would be sure to let us know he was white ,but not one media news outlet is reporting that the Attacker is a black man. The Media won’t report the race unless the Killer is White. That is called Racism.

    2. @Alex Hamilton You really need someone to tell you why it is unjust to make it illegal to give someone water who is thirsty? Please explain your notion. You really should go back in time to when people were property.

    3. @Alex Phoenix …..The law only prohibits Political Parities from supplying water in order to influence their vote, not family or voting workers.
      “No person shall solicit votes [or] distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to [a voter] … This Code section shall not be construed to prohibit a poll officer…from making available self-service water from an unattended receptacle to [a voter] waiting in line to vote.”

  11. Woman: **knocks on the Governor’s door**
    Also Woman: **Arrested**
    Yep, that’s “freedom” in the US. Sad

    1. Being an elected official doesn’t make you above the law. In fact you should be following all laws if you are an elected official. If one of us did that we’d be arrested too. She is supposed to be a grown up and what message will that send if she got away with it. Anytime someone doesn’t like something they can be disruptive? You should be embarrassed.

  12. These are the same whiners who are like “you wouldn’t let us watch them count the votes” the grand qanon party

  13. The GOP is not a good-faith actor in our democracy and must be destroyed to save our republic. Period.

  14. We are not going to let them take our votes away. We are going to vote in numbers you can’t imagine, this is our country. This is a federal issue, states can’t take our right to vote away!

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