Joy Reid On Police Killing Of Andrew Brown Jr.: ‘Show Us The Tape’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid On Police Killing Of Andrew Brown Jr.: ‘Show Us The Tape’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Nearly a week after Andrew Brown Jr. was shot and killed by police in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, with law enforcement officials providing virtually now details and no body cam footage yet, federal investigators are now joining the investigation.
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    1. Most people are still fooled by the doctored Zapruder film. Most people have been gullible enough to believe the single shooter fairytale.

  1. Right now the racists are looking for photos of a gangsta rapper they think looks like Andrew Brown, Jr. to pass off as him.

  2. How totally sad!! Saw his son talking about it today. When does this stuff by police…ever stop in America? It’s getting very strange. Back to back!!

    1. When Blatt people stop doing illegal stuff and fighting with the cops and start being cooperative. Thats BEVER GONNA HAPPEN SO ITS NEVER GONNA STOP. They will always break the law disobey and put cops in danger and fear for their lives so it aint stopping. Get used to it or make your people stop being criminals.

    2. @Olikia Hill it wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t selling drugs and then fleeing when they come to serve the warrant. Just don’t run from the police it’s not rocket science

  3. They don’t have the Authority to release the body cam. They release it wen it in their favor

  4. time needed to try to corrupt the video….? Hackers will expose it, and release it later, so I hope that they come clean now.

  5. 6-8 cops in full battle gear, in the back of a sherrifs battle wagon, to searve a warrent?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!?!?

  6. Gunshot to the back of the head was an execution. You shoot the leg to stop a suspect from running…. taser him…..

  7. Looking at the video when they approached him they look like they were going to execute him anyway I bet that was their mindset every last one of them they probably talked about it

  8. Well since they are guessing it was an “execution”, I’m gonna guess he did not comply, took off in his car, and tried to murder the cops by running them over. We will see, and I totally agree that an explanation and video must be released immediately.

    1. They would release the video if that was the case reject. They have something to hide. How is that not apparent to you? What’s 2+2?

  9. Don’t hide their faces. They’re public servants, everything they do is public. Why would they do something they don’t want people to know about?

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