Joy Reid Says GOP Efforts To Subvert The Election Is ‘Not About Fraud’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Joy Reid Says GOP Efforts To Subvert The Election Is ‘Not About Fraud’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1


  1. Throw out all other issues. At the moment, one side still believes in our (admittedly flawed) democracy, and the other side wants to destroy it for con-artist.

    1. Those who believe in the narcissistic, bigoted, Conman are way put there. They all have a problem with reality!

    1. @Jeremy Backup Over 15 thousand BLM and ANTIFA punks have been arrested and none are Trump supporters. You have a low IQ.

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777- Republican gun totting loons and Proud boys goons looted and burned areas in over 160 cities and are still looting, and probably starting a civil war.

    3. @Jason Wildey – What’s the difference between a true patriot and a parrot? One’s a Democrat and normal decent human and the other – not a parrot its a nice bird – maybe -a scum of the human race that nature needs scrub off, the retrumplicans. hope that’s better.

    1. This weirdos(paxton-cruz), do not resemble the people of Texas, they were elected in a period that people here did not value their vote. Now, general consensus is that both creeps should keep their mouth shut for the rest of their term. They are a disgrace for Texas.

    2. I can’t WAIT for 2022 to vote Abbot and a lot corruption OUT, we Texans are tired of Abbot and his kind

    1. Say to the Democrats party who received billions of donations though thru the special interests groups, soros, bloomberg, etc. Trump was self funded

    2. Ummmm actually in reality Democrats support BLM LGBTQ and defunding the police *FACT 👀

  2. They won’t get this election, but this sets a dangerous precedent. Maybe the next attempt won’t come from such a laughable disorganized clown like Trump, but someone with the means to do it.

    1. I had a ’68 Charger. This is happening but you only listen to platforms supported by George Soros so it’s candy-coated. It”ll be done before Nancy pants get her grubby old hands on the White House keys you can bet. Mine was Foxfire red.

  3. Trump is doing it to scam his supporters and I milk them dry the corrupt GOP is doing it to stay in the good graces of trump supporters

    1. @Chuckie Puppet shouldn’t we all be concerned that the president of the United States is nothing more than a con man who’s inciting violence with his supporters do you really think this man’s going to go peacefully

  4. Makes you wonder if the elections in the Republican controlled states were rigged to the hilt. Hence why their AGs are projecting on other states to avoid scrutiny of their own

  5. Going forth hopefully America will never interfere with other countries elections if this shenanigans happens in the USA!!!

    1. 🤣 funniest joke I’ve ever heard! Of course americans aren’t going to reflect on themselves, that’s how they created trump and his ilk in the first place.

  6. Quite so, this is about a country veering towards fascism…
    …and choosing to do so at the worst possible moment in history.

    1. Red Alert, I don’t think there is Ever a Good time in history for Fascism.
      Certainly not for T-Rumpism.
      Be safe

    2. @Chuckie Puppet joe biden is a traitor. He has been running a money laundering business from deals he makes with other crooks in other countries. He laundered billions of US aid money through 3 corrupt countries when he was vp.

    1. i dont think so. Biden only won these swing states by small margins and only after they changed election law to relax signature verification rules

    1. @Steezy Mac
      Where is this “Biden owned by China” thing coming from? Because his son did some business with China at some point or something? Do you have any idea how many American corporations do business with China? I don’t recall the Bidens getting Chinese trademarks for voting machines, do you?!

    2. They are not Republcan’s they are Trump’s Party. Republcan’s puts Country First! Those are impostures.

    3. @keir farnum you realize conservative news is being censored like no other, it is hard to find conservative and I have to do lots of research just to get a bit of conservative news so I can see both sides. If you think I am being brainwashed by news that I have to intentionally seek out, you are a fool.

    4. @Wonder Wonderful in case you are ill informed, the republicans endorsed Trump into their party. So the republicans are republicans.


    1. Mr Trump are should we call you the next Hitler. With your Nazi party. One can only hope that you ALL spend time in jail

    1. They accepted the case. Filed by Texas and nine other states against GA, MI, Wi, and PA for unlawfully changing election law through the courts, to extend the voting deadline and permit mail- in balloting. The US constitution is very explicit that only the legislature can make law, and it cannot be made or altered by a court. The courts can only adhere to and judge by the law. Texas says it is violating the constitution by allowing some states to go outside the law and not hold them to it. But the law is the law, I’m not sure how the Supreme court can allow these states to cast their electoral votes when they shun the law just because they feel like it, and not change the law with the legislature. I’m afraid MSNBC has been hiding this news from everyone. The scotus has asked for a reply from these states by Thursday evening. This really isn’t about overturning an election that hasn’t actually cast electoral votes, it’s not overturning anything.

    2. @Nolan Wunderlich The SC – packed with 3 of Trump’s own guys – rejected his attempt to invalidate the Pennsylvania election. Texas won’t even get that far. Frivolous lawsuits in Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia and Minnesota were all rejected by the courts. Trump’s own pick at HLS, Chris Krebs, said it was ‘the most secure election in history.’ Trump fired him. Bill Barr, Trump’s personal fixer, says there is no fraud. Trump is just grifting his brain dead base.

  8. It’s about the Vote Fraud but to cover the Senators and the President Fraud and the conflict of interest they’re all in.

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