Joy Reid: Senator John Kennedy Thought He Could Get The Best Of Stacey Abrams | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid: Senator John Kennedy Thought He Could Get The Best Of Stacey Abrams | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Republicans are continuing to spread the myth that there was widespread voter fraud. Joy says, “That was on full display during Tuesday’s Senate hearing on voting rights … But the absolute worst of them was Senator John Kennedy, who thought he could get the best of Stacey Abrams.” Aired on 04/22/2021.
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About The ReidOut with Joy Reid: Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.
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Joy Reid: Senator John Kennedy Thought He Could Get The Best Of Stacey Abrams | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Stacey should speak slower, it would help to overcome idiots. She’s clearly intelligent, articulate and thoughtful. Top advocate.

    1. I learned long ago, if you want to connect and communicate with Conservatives, speak slowly and use a 5th grade vocabulary.

    2. I don’t think she needs your advice… apparently, given her results, she’s doing just fine. She knew Kennedy was going to cut her off and she wanted to get as much in as possible.

  2. Poor Kennedy he’s never been more watched and it’s at the expense of his lack of intelligence. LOL

    1. Oh he’s “intelligent” alright, but incredibly arrogant in thinking he was smarter than Stacey Abrams.

  3. He specifically asked for a list…well that’s what she was giving him, he didn’t want to hear anymore after he realized she knew exactly what she was talking about.

    1. Honestly I think he was like the kid who didn’t do his homework trying to crib off the smart girl with pigtails who is always prepared before the big test. It’s the video that should be shown to explain the concept of failing upwards.

    2. Yes and 100% on brand for jackasses he played his only card being disrespectful trying to belittle her interrupting, pretending that she wasn’t speaking clearly.

  4. For a moment I thought I was watching “Green Acres”, with John Kennedy playing the part of Mr. Haney. She’s too smart for you Sir! You, and your Good Old Southern home town slow as molasses drawl. This is the 21st Century. Don’t YOU, tread on me!

    1. LOL! I couldn’t place who I was thinking of while listening to that disingenuous goober. Mr. Haney! Yes! Thank you!!

    2. He broke the cardinal rule of never asking a question to which you already know the answer. He didn’t. She devoured him in his self-righteousness.

  5. Have to imagine the audio he was receiving is the same audio we all heard. Not crisp, but I heard every word. Don’t think it was just those more mature ears that weren’t allowing a clear and direct response to penetrate that feable mind.

  6. Him: Speak slower. Our audio is bad.
    His thoughts: Try to talk more like me. You sound too educated and intimidating.

  7. Why did he ask the question if he didn’t want to hear the answer? I want to hear her finish since I had no idea just how horrible and suppressive this bill was and she did a great job of explaining it.

  8. That was clear case of _’I’m gonna ask a question, but I _*_really_*_ don’t want to know the answer!_

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