Joy Reid: True Justice Requires Going Further Than The Chauvin Verdict | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid: True Justice Requires Going Further Than The Chauvin Verdict | The ReidOut | MSNBC


On what’s next after the guilty verdict, Joy says “True justice requires more than that, right? It requires that going forward, Black and other nonwhite people be treated as human beings. As Vice President Harris made clear in her statement.” Aired on 04/21/2021.
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About The ReidOut with Joy Reid: Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.
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Joy Reid: True Justice Requires Going Further Than The Chauvin Verdict | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. The people you support hate you for being white. Justice for them is revenge and your one night stand for one of your fellow protesters is not worth it.

  1. Sadly, the Republicans and the conspiracy based news are staining this with lies. Just ridiculous

    1. Is it a lie when people do bad things, bad things happen, no, that’s called common sense, go find some.

    2. Resisting arrest has consequences! Look at the homicide rates in these democratic run cities like Chicago and New York!

  2. Baby steps are better than no steps at all. A more perfect union will eventually become reality when justice is preserved, like yesterday in the Chauvin trial.

    1. A more perfect union is not passively intimidating and influencing a jury.

      Funny how the country is only racist when the verdict doesn’tbgonin your favor

    1. @N 827 “t’rump is a loser in the polls” = You say “The polls are rigged?!?”
      “fox news has the best ratings! = You say “See! The ratings are the truth!!”

    1. @3D Gremlin those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and you have some SERIOUS window licking vibes coming off ya troll boy!

    2. @Hank THE Patriot wait, wait, wait, am I licking the window while I’m throwing stones at the same window? Or am I throwing stones at windows, other than the window I am licking? Because if I threw stones at a window I was licking, I would cut myself. That would mean I have a low IQ, but I don’t have a low IQ, I did the test and passed.

    3. @Fender 89 which historical fact did I distort? Were black people slaves before the Civil War? Were they slaves after the Civil War? You do realize that you come across as a spoiled child, who thinks throwing a temper tantrum is going to get you what you want, right? Do you know who Ghandi was? Why not take Ghandis approach to achieving change?

  3. Quotas, 50 year mortgages, Belle Curve and any other “opened door” undoubtedly wasn’t enough.

  4. It’s never enough for privileged people who get everything handed to them on a silver platter.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith I don’t receive any government benefits, I don’t live in government subsidized housing, and I’ve never benefited from affirmative action (quite the opposite, actually). So no, I don’t mean me.

  5. Our biggest social flaw is that we still have media companies that think putting no talent race baiting bias racist token women of color in the chair and think anyone takes them seriously once they’ve been provern wrong multiple times .

  6. We as a people must march downtown in protest against crimes within our own communities. Show the world we care.


  7. Idk what your talking about. I feel less safe now knowing that police can’t even do their job when they need to. Crime rate is about To go up in this country.

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