Joy: Trump Basing His Campaign On ‘False Portrait Of Cities Under Siege’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Funny how when it comes to asking for help with COVID, Trump insists that it’s the responsibility of the localities, but he insists on federal intervention with this when the local governments don’t want troops there.

    Has he even given an explaination to what, specifically, these “Democrat” cities are doing so wrong compared to “Republican” cities? Of course not. This is all political BS, and if a Democrat president was doing this – just like with EVERYTHING else – Trump followers would be appalled, AND THEY KNOW IT.

    1. If the Black Lives Matter movement disrespect the police and destroys businesses, no matter how bad Donald J. Trump and his band of pro-Trump buffoons see it, did Mercedes Schlapp (a Cuban American who is registered a Republican and works for Trump’s inner circle) got away with instigating riots in the streets of Miami after the seizure of Elian Gonzalez?

    2. @SPZ Aruba China is a blend of Capitalism and Communism they are a mere shadow of their cold war communist country, Cuba is hardly a spreading communism it’s on the way out there. North Korea is probably the most real example of Communism that would frighten Americans and they are no threat considering Kim and Trump are buddies. so yea Communism died in 1989 keeping the goobers in fear of whatever current boogeyman is useful as a GOP tactic.

  2. HAHA those ads just trying to scare people and get an emotional response! My emotion however was laughter!

    1. Right, Trump and Trump supporters are nothing but a joke at this point in History. I pity them. They are the worst our society has to offer.

  3. Trump calls Biden sleepy joe. Didn’t trump fall asleep at a church service and in meetings lol. The hypocrisy is insane!

    1. Joe fell asleep while he was giving a speech at a campaign stop, woke up, forgot where he was, and wandered off the stage. That’s why Trump calls him sleepy Joe.

    2. @Gwendolyn Williams Emporer Xi the Great Pooh gave you a bigger cut and you want to share? Nice. But no thanks anyway, I have a job.

    3. @SPZ Aruba No it’s socialist joe now, or is it racist joe? corrupt joe? Haha, the unconscionable conman’s fear/smear scams keep flopping like a trump rally in Tulsa.

  4. The whole time the troops were in Portland, I was looking for this out of control stuff he keeps mentioning, like videos and what not, but all the videos that were shown, were during and after those “troops” arrived hmmm….

    1. US Marshals have had jurisdiction in and around Federal property for 240 years. And have been the security at that courthouse since it opened. After 55 days the thug rioters ran out of other stuff to do.

  5. The only thing on my lawn today in rural Missouri was a Trump Supporter upset that I wear a mask, no joke, apparently common sense is ” unChristian”, smh.

    1. Trumpists “evangelicals”– causing more people to leave Christianity and seek alternate spirituality than any other factor. (Paganism, Heathenism, etc. have grown greatly during Trump’s time in office.)

  6. Trump is just grasping at straws, because he has failed miserably, and will go to any length to salvage a few votes from his dwindling base. His entire career has been phony anyway. What else do you expect?

  7. Before Trump, I have never heard a president describing publically a city by the political color of its leader, either democrats or republican. To do so is creating divisions

    1. SMDK Chile – Or we can vote the POS out of the White House, where he never should have set hoof to begin with.

  8. I hope most people are educated and see right through these trump ad’s, I laugh everytime I see them!!

    1. Millions believe anything he says. Anything. He knows it and the closer the election approaches, his conduct will grow increasingly bizarre and psychotic.

  9. The cities under ‘seige’ are on his watch. This isn’t Biden’s America. This $h!t, pandemic and all belong to trump.

  10. George Bush did the same thing after 911. Every time he dipped in the poles a yellow or high risk alert was issued to scare Americans. It go him a second term.

  11. Why are we not calling Trump’s goons ” gestapo” as they storm American cities under the guise of law enforcement

    1. US Marshals have had jurisdiction around Federal property for over 240 years. Thugs have to go to them. The mayor’s know that and are just scapegoating their months of failures.

  12. Let me guess, Trump’s campaign purchased thousands of copies of Don Jr’s pointless book again. Don Jr is still bitter over failing to fulfill his life long dream of being a professional chin model. 😆

  13. He assumes his supporters will believe just about anything, and up until now, he’s been right. Let’s change that.

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