Joyce Vance Breaks Down The 'Evil Genius’ Behind The Texas Abortion Ban 1

Joyce Vance Breaks Down The ‘Evil Genius’ Behind The Texas Abortion Ban


Former US attorney Joyce Vance explains the legal nuance the supreme court argued justified the legality of the Texas post 6-week ban on abortion.

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    1. Ha. Add a $10,000 surcharge to successful claimants, automatically donating their reward $$ to child welfare charities.

  1. Incentivising people to accuse/dob-in others to authorities without needing any probable cause. When has that ever gone wrong in human history???

    1. wasnt this just going on with covid rules as well! Disgusting! I didnt think anyone would actually call those lines but I understand from my friend who had a gym in L.A. that if neighbors so much as saw someone doing sit ups ,they were on the phone to turn them in. Dsigusting.

    2. GETS MUCH WORSE… expect women, who are immune from lawsuits under this law, to seek abortions, then SUE everyone who helped .. why?.. for PROFIT!!! .. then get pregnant again, and repeat. A woman could do this 3-4 times a year, using an Abortion Pill between 6-10 weeks… Million$ in potential profits. Offering people money for finding abortions, will lead to finding abortions, imagine that!! MORE ABORTIONS, not fewer, great job Texas!!!

  2. The Supreme Court wasn’t outsmarted by the Texas legislature, they let thay law stand because they wanted it to go into effect!

    1. @Heidi Hogshire , Your statement was that all abortions were stopped, but as the law reads not if the pregnancy is less than 6 weeks. Also, I would doubt that medically required abortions due to risk of death to the mother would be included in the new law. Those sorts of things don’t get overturned by new law. So some amount of abortions are going to continue. You are factually incorrect.

    2. @Mike Morgan *All abortion clinics in Texas closed before the law went into effect.* That’s the reality however much you squirm.

    3. @Mike Morgan Nope, I said all abortion clinics closed in anticipation of the law going into effect. That’s exactly what happened and, for some reason, that drives you nuts!

    4. “September 3rd, 2021 | ABC News Radio
      (NEW YORK) — Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas were granted a temporary restraining order against an anti-abortion group Friday, in the latest stage of the fight for abortion rights.

      The order stops Texas Right to Life and associates from suing Planned Parenthood abortion providers and health care workers under Senate Bill 8, the abortion ban that went into effect in Texas this week that is the most restrictive abortion law in effect in the nation.”

  3. I learned in school that we were a nation of laws but what I see today it’s like that old saying the law is made for me not the

    1. You just noticed that today….so when all these Governors and politicians were running around breaking their own pandemic laws and you all made excuses what fallout did you think would become of that?

  4. Judge Amy….needs to recuse herself on any vote regarding abortion….considering her strongly voiced preconceived notions and bias.

    1. @Small ErDude “she is actually one of the purest academicians ”

      She looked the other way and allowed an unconstitutional law to slide. Please explain the “academic purity” supporting her abandonment of duty.

    2. @Con.Troller418 if u followed her at the confirmation hearings ,you would have heard a recitation of her academic work. I dont think there is or has ever been an academic wonk like her on the Court. Most come from legal practice whereas she nails it in theory.

      The sun hasnt set yet on Wade and it is early to see this as a reversal. A sign yes but not conclusive.

      U say the law is unconstitutional but I dont follow ur logic. If ,hypothetically, the Court reverses an earlier precedent , how do they ever do so without as u say ‘acting unconsitutionally?

      I do NOT support Barrett’s stance on Constitutional Law and am pro abortion —but that is irrelevant.

    3. @Con.Troller418 and my phrase purest of .. was misphrased . Bad choice of words. Shouldve said haviest academic background in theoretical jurisprudence.

    4. @George B. Wolffsohn Just curious though – why did Trump’s SCOTUS (specifically Kavanaugh and Barrett) refuse to hear all those election challenges, hmm? That seemed an historic opportune moment?

  5. New Bill: where so ever a male person negligently, recklessly or intentionally impregnates a female person so as to cause consideration of an abortion is guilty of an offence punishable by fine or imprisonment.

  6. What are the men in these states going to do when there is an exodus of women from these states? They can all give eachother a hand!!! Get it?

    1. @Big Guy 100% of unwanted pregnancies are caused by irresponsible ejaculations. How about banning unwanted pregnancies? Normalizing reversible vasectomies would solve the problem in a few months.

    2. @Steven Stanley Y’all realize men taking responsibility for birth control with a reversible vasectomy would entirely eliminate that problem?

    3. @NoName No need to glue your peepee shut, NoName! A vasectomy is affordable and reversible when done by an MD who specializes in them!

    1. They seem to be assuming all Republicans are against abortion . I am a woman and I think not.
      Texas has talked about separating from the US to be ‘New Texas’.
      They probably think only Democrats would move because of this, and they say they want that soo..

    2. @Thats not funny you are not a republican in the first should move to the other side..I think you had voted for Biden

  7. We need to expand the supreme Court to add three more seats and then we’ll get three more liberal judges at all actually stand up for the rule of law instead of an ideology

    1. Exactly. Or get rid of ALL of the corrupt Republicans, they’re all just stupid and evil now. We need a fresh start.

    2. @hangman361 .? It’s not going to end well for any of you guys, time is so limited on the creepy republicans. You’re digging your own graves with such stupidity and evil, every single day. It’s just not going to end well for repubs.

    3. @Free Your Splendor

      Yall got rekt at your own riot by ONE 17 year old white kid.

      I think we will be fine, tinkerbell

    4. @hangman361 .? “Not liberal we need more Republics yes”

      And this is an example of how underfunded educations systems have failed America. When did the USA stop teaching punctuation?

  8. If abortion is murder, than I easily name a bunch of babymurders among Republicans and the list would include Donald Trump…

    1. @Spencer PhilippineDream thats an idiotic statement. So only people who vote democratic use birth control? Lol really? That’s why every woman living in the inner city has 5 and 6 kids rights? Guess what?? Most inner city civilians vote Democrat lmao just stop

    2. @Caribbean Bound really?! You’re that stupid???! What I meant is Trump PAID for the abortion of one of his alleged mistresses baby. He admitted himself BTW

    1. sure and watch all the homeless, battered women, poor, starving people who need help lose all of it since you shut down the churches. And if you think churches arent helping tremendously, you purposefully dont pay attention.

    2. @Caribbean Bound churches helping? Please, those pastors are too busy flying across the country in their private jets and staying in high roller suites in Las Vegas.

  9. Now creepy men can stalk women saying that they were checking if the woman was getting an abortion.
    N it’s legal in Texas! Stalking was just made legal in Texas!

    1. @Praaz now democrats don’t know how to topple the Taliban government. No planned Parenthood in Afghanistan and I love it

    2. @Ryan lex Toppling Texabans is priority. Need to do this before they start growing long beards. Otherwise, between the gun slinging n checking on where women are going n doing, can’t tell them apart.

  10. Here’s an idea, A lot of people should start going out and having conversations saying they went and got an abortion. Of course most of them are going to be liars. That’s kind of the point. Once these random citizens start suing all the liars, they are going to have to take them to court. In court you say you never said such a thing. They can’t prove you got an abortion because you didn’t. Then turn around and countersue for a frivolous lawsuit.

    1. @Levi Shackelton even the Taliban doesn’t want to make a deal with the democrats. That how bad is it unlike trump which they managed to get a deal

    2. @Levi Shackelton the Taliban currently have all the USA weapons, tanks, helicopter etc.. in Afghanistan after Joe Biden pulled all the USA troops

    3. @Ryan lex correct, all the weapons we left for the Afghan troops to fight against the Taliban. Unfortunately the Afghan troops gave up and went home. I’m sure the fact that the Taliban all the sudden had 5000 more troops and one of their top leaders back had nothing to do with it.

    4. @Levi Shackelton how the F y’all gonna fight the Taliban when they themselves have the same weapon as the American army??

    5. @Ryan lex The Taliban didn’t start with those weapons, those weapons were given to the Afghan army. But when the afghans don’t fight to keep those weapons what you think is gonna happen?

    1. Wily – the court’s decision not to take the case was based not on the merits but on standing. The Court could still take up the case but the plaintiffs have to sue the right defendants.

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