Joyce Vance: “Everything Can Backfire In A Trial Setting. But This Worked” | Katy Tur | MSNBC


    1. Mark Cicero ok well maybe you’ll encounter a dirty cop like chauvin or a situation where you get the SH*T end of the stick and guess we all won’t care too………As for Mr. George Floyd may God bring him peace and knowledge that there WILL be justice for his cruel murder. He will live on and will be remembered. Not only remembered but that humanity will be better because of him. His suffering will NOT be in vain! God rest his soul and my God watch over his family……..

    2. A medic had to actually ask this guy to Stop using deadly force. A MEDIC. It’s like when mom catches you and your older brother fighting. Then, she walks out the room, and your older brother gives ya another wack. That’s Chauvin, he’s that older brother, that’s gonna give ya another wack.

    3. @Thislittlethingcalledlifeand ASMR just like if I say ” The sky is blue “. And you look up, the sky is blue. So, if I say Chauvin killed GF, and you read and see all the evidence….thats not activism. Chauvin killed GF

    4. @Alan Black Rest in peace Secoriea Turner and Cannon Hinnant. I guess people are moved by whatever they are moved by, but I wasn’t moved by George Floyd.

    5. @Thislittlethingcalledlifeand ASMR I’ve already run into cops like that. I’m not a cop, or supporter of the cops. George Floyd had already done this once before. He ate the evidence during a previous arrest, and it nearly killed him then. George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose. Why anyone would want to bestow sainthood on George Floyd is beyond me. I think you have him confused with Jesus Christ. George Floyd got a golden coffin, and a televised state funeral, and Secoriea Turner got ignored. A hundred children a year shot by criminals in one city, and these people raise up the guilty for beatification, and ignore the innocent. You shall know them by their fruit. Two billion dollars worth of damage, cities all over the country looted, and pillaged. And dozens of people murdered. All in the name of George Floyd.

  1. Can we go back to the last 3months of youtube comments and strike out all the bad faith arguments re fentanyl. Racists will find another excuse, they always do, and then deny being racists, bigliest losers.

    1. @SPUG Rich The only racists are the ones that deny racism exists and is disproportionately directed at people of color.

    2. @Grateful Fredly I wonder why all these bad cops tend to target people of color? It can be both and in this case it is, because a racist cop is by definition a bad cop.

    3. @Grateful Fredly I personally don’t believe in the concept of races because it is artificial, inaccurate and useless. I believe there is a HUMAN race. But racists believe in the concept of races where some are more human than others, and they act on their beliefs. Pretending that racists don’t exist doesn’t make them go away. It gives them room to act with impunity.

    4. @Vincentia Van Gogh A shout out to public education. BLM has mattered in the US since 1864. Thousands of children died from 1860-64 for black lives. This place is great. The media keeps trying to divide us. We have come so far so fast.


    1. @Vogel Vogeltje i think the fact he was struggling, instead of falling asleep proves beyond a doubt that he didn’t od.

    2. there were no pills in the cruiser when they first searched it, then a couple of weeks later they searched the car again and “found” pills that were amphetamine, even though he was addicted to opiates and he was buying opiates 🧐

  3. The cruelty inflicted on that poor man is horrible to piece together, Rest In Peace George Floyd and may that horrible man who killed him pay for what he did!

    1. @Walt Likker
      ” his own volition” = strangled illegally by a vengeful cop.
      Glad we agree there.

    2. @Walt Likker
      “You make no sense as usual”… from walt likker=” please stop pummeling me with eloquent logic! I cant cope”.

  4. You have to wonder, if George Floyd had killed Derek chauvin in the same manner, would there even be such analysis 😔😔😔😔😔

  5. He died from asphyxiation, which means he couldn’t breathe freely. A cop choking you will do that…

    1. @Mockingbird Redacted anyone that tried to take action against those officers would have been dead in seconds. The first time I saw the video the look on Chauvin’s face made me wonder if he had been a concentration camp guard in a past life. We are all pieces of meat to people like that.

    2. @April Calhoun my point is that Mr. E E thinks only cops should have guns. I trust more civilians with guns than cops.

    3. Exactly! When you have no oxygen floating to your brain your brain cells will die and then your brain dead

  6. When you watch Mr Floyds snuff video there is a time when the cop is kneeling & just looks down at George with ZERO emotion as he chokes!! He couldn’t care LESS for the guy!! He should reap ALL the consequences for his actions!!

    1. I agree,even struck me so hard when he just put his hand in his pocket to relax into the kneel

  7. Time for a guilty plea. This guy and the toxicologist just put a nail in Chauvin coffin. The worse part here is Floyd’s effort to breathe was interpreted by Chauvin as resisting.

    1. @Ric. I appreciate your comment. But no way in HE// did Chauvin think Floyd was a danger. Look at the smirk on Chauvin’s face as Floyd was begging for his life. He is not a rookie, he knows when a man is dying, he knows how he should have fixed it. Chauvin was trying to settle an old score like the playground bully with a badge and gun.
      But I have become an angry White woman over this case, so ignore me!

    2. He did plead guilty and Bill Barr told him to revoke it. Now he’s not getting a pardon anytime soon. Oh well I hope he rots in prison. FTP

  8. Gosh this is heartbreaking to hear how this poor man try to breath with every bit of his disappearing life😭

    1. @SSS🌙 imagine calling somebody a psychopath because they don’t feel bad for a career criminal and because they don’t agree with you

    2. @Tommy Chong every human being deserves to be treated with humanity. Dehumanizing others is a psychopathic trait. Imagine being in that lot.

    1. @Ryan Drayton From what I heard this week it ended up not being a counterfeit $20 bill it was just a normal $20 bill

    2. @Willy Bones George Floyd did not give a counterfeit $20 bill that’s the logic there Willie George Floyd should not have been murdered over a $20 bill

    3. @Brian Fergus Definitely seem guilty to me and you’re right they both have had a past as working as bouncers and they had a major falling-out and I think that is why this murdering cop wanted Revenge

  9. There is no way the knee on his neck was necessary. There is no way this wasn’t murder.

    They better not let him walk.

    1. @Mountain Man I don’t disagree with you on that. Just stating what is realistically going to happen.

    2. @Helene Flamand Had Botham Jean walked into Amber Guyger’s home, shot her dead in the chest while she was watching TV and sipping on a mimosa, he would have been sentenced to life in prison *WITHOUT* the possibility of parole.
      Ferrell Scott received a sentence to life in prison for possession and conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Appealed to Barack Obama for a pardon, was denied, only to be granted clemency by Donald fkn Trump.
      In 1991, Korean born Soon Ja Du shot and MURDERED a 15 year old girl, was charged with manslaughter, and was sentenced to community service and made to pay a $500 fine. No prison time. The American justice system DOES NOT WORK in the favor of people of African descent. I know you mean well, but I really don’t care to hear “She did not walk free though,” when she murdered a man in cold blood and was sentenced to less than a fkn decade and black people are doing life for weed.

    3. @Infinite Universe no doubt about that. You won’t get a push back from me. There are two types of justice, unfortunately.

  10. This is outrageous, and I get more ill with each expert. I know this has all been speculated, but hearing the experts is just profound.

    1. Yes. I thought the videos were horrible, but this testimony was even worse….😓😓😓😓😓

    2. ECBH 1100 we don’t need any expert to tell us that Floyd died from a lack of oxygen due to the knee on his neck for 9:29. The video speaks for itself. You can clearly see an unconcerned Chauvin shifting his weight on Floyd’s neck. You can see when Floyd dies and even after he’s dead Chauvin still has his knee on his neck. The paramedic shows up and Chauvin didn’t even budge to let him check for a pulse. There’s no speculation about a unedited video tape. What more truth do you need? Chauvin sits there writing questions for is lawyer to ask such as drug questions. The Doctors dispelled the drug theory. The defense lawyer said Floyd said he took a lot of drugs. No person that is handcuff is going to say that and not one who see his life flashing in front of him.

    3. @Fidel Nenas Absolutely. But the prosecution needs an argument and a presentation of facts. I wish some of the people on this thread were jurors. It would be one and done for Chauvin.
      I’m just worried about our Nation, because regardless of the outcome, one side is going to be rioting. It is going to get out of control. I hope the Judge is smart enough to delay reading the verdict until some support services are in place. Oh people, just don’t do all that. It solves nothing, but allows congress to compare to this case. We are constantly going to hear, but they did this, and this was justified. Blah, blah.

  11. I’m feeling breathless just listening to Dr Gupta explaining what that poor man was going through.

    1. @SPUG Rich Those crimes were in his past. This is supposed to be a country in which people can step up and change and improve their lives. Apparently you don’t agree.

    2. SPUG Rich so since he had a drug problem and has a record he deserved to be dehumanized and murdered by dirty cops in the street?! Really just think about what you’re f*cking saying…….

  12. From what I’ve seen and heard, Chauvin’s been building up to this for years. Like a serial killer does. The incredibly smug look on his face told the whole story. I hope he gets life.

    1. He wont.
      And if by divine intervention he actually does ant time, I’d be surprised if he did 10 years.

    2. @Willy Bones That’s too bad. Maybe he’ll get the Dylann Roof treatment and be left un-monitored in an unlocked room, while another inmate happens to sneak in for some good old-fashion payback?

  13. He was tortured to death in the most cruel way. Chauvin needs to be locked up for a long long long time.

  14. In mid evil times people were put to death this way, but the execution was done by slowly adding weight. Can’t imagine dying with a man’s full weight on me. Chauvin knew exactly what he was doing.

  15. Dr. Tobin was compelling and he genuinely cared. Behind his clinical demeanor, I could feel his genuine empathy and tightly-constrained anger. Brilliant work.

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