JPS Bills to Go up By 1.4% | TVJ Business Day - Sept 14 2021 1

JPS Bills to Go up By 1.4% | TVJ Business Day – Sept 14 2021


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  1. Me hate jps bad thry should necer get no raise at this time jps give people increase bill every month is trui cant do better why istill use there service

    1. Blame yo prime minister for the lock down, of course the bill is going to go up if you inna house lock up more than years them never did a think bout that

    2. Dont be stupid lock down dont have mothing to do with light bill i dont work no more two of us live am planning to go solor

    3. @Shawn Miller what you mean by lock down don’t have anything to do with light bill, you a listen yo self. if you deh a yo yard under lock down no more equipment and computer ect.. you go use more when people could a deh go bout them business fi try mek some money. it might a no affect you like you seh i don’t know if its true and lie but it affect other people who a wonder bout these things and weh them go find the money, A no everybody job is work from yard so check yo statement

    4. @Shawn Miller nobody freting over lock people a wonder bout them next meal, what you doing bragging like these government. poor people out yah to

  2. You know what’s frustrating is despite the rising energy costs, neither jps or our govt are taking any step into renewable energy. Worse still JPS actively prevents any legislation that facilitate independent green energy for people

    1. Successive and long term governments in Jamaica have turned a blind eye to the need to promote renewable energy….then again, all you have to do is look at the people that sit on the Boards of the companies that should be striving to promote greener energy, especially with all our sunshine. We are creating more and more problems for ourselves the more we turn a blind eye to climate change.

  3. This move by the JPS is more outrageous than @floydgreenja partying on a no-movement day!! What does the Opposition have to say – better yet, what is the Opposition DOING about this??!!

  4. What about those that take it. You expect paying ppl to pay for them too. Crap on top of crap.
    No jobs… exactly what do you expect ppl to do?

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