JPS Portmore Office Closure Sparks Protest | TVJ News - March 4 2021 1

JPS Portmore Office Closure Sparks Protest | TVJ News – March 4 2021


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  1. Government fail and JPs is rapping the citizens of Jamaica… 14 parish should have a JPs bill center across Jamaica.. Water comission should also have the same 14 bill center.. It provides job security… Freedom of speech and respect people opinion.. People are the power..

  2. I live in portmore and JPS needs to do there research.. because when month end comes for bills to pay the portmore branch pack like sardine.. Sometime I have to use the bill express.. They’re talking rubbish

  3. The korean gov owns 80% of JPS the JA governement 10%. Thats what you get for having a mustly private and capitalist economy.

  4. I thought THEY wanted to be a CITY….NOW YOU ALL SEE it was the local Politians only wanted to give themselves PERMANENT job OH!! I MEAN BIG PAY….

  5. Hello. Times are changing. Increased use of technology, there will be job cuts and more job cuts. Unu not paying attention, New normal everything virtual. People will now offer that online service in their community. Be innovative young people, you can create your employment to meet this need. Very soon the bill espresses will go too.

  6. This is what happens when Jamaican govt allows foreign entrepreneurs to take over essential businesses in the country. These people only want to make money. What a shame? We’re moving backwards rather than forward.

  7. The Port Maria location in St. Mary will be closed on the 8th. It’s rubbish.
    That branch is always packed… they need to reconsider.
    The employees of JPS should be protesting too….. They won’t have a job soon.

  8. In this pandemic many Brick an Motar Shops are closing they don’t have to pay Huge Rent for those Store’s. That’s the way things are moving in hese TIMES

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