JPS Warns of Spike in Electricity Bills | TVJ News – Mar 9 2022

JPS Warns of Spike in Electricity Bills | TVJ News - Mar 9 2022 1


  1. It was kind of anticipated. We should have explored renewable on a much deeper basis to use as reserves, at least since it’s so expensive.

    I expect many low income households to be in utter darkness soon. Trying myself to cutback on electricity usage

  2. Well here’s an option invest in renewable energy solar panels stop depending on others to fix your problem do it yourself you have the resources and the capital starting a solar panel system in that country where has sunshine a year around would be the only option stop depending on other countries to give you handouts and just imagine the amount of job opportunities opening a company like this in the Caribbean the people would be grateful and feel more independent and helping the environment also do better and stop begging for help if you can help yourself.:.

  3. I was saying over the years what was the purposes, of changing the hydro power houses in Jamaica. To gas β›½ turbine engines, and the water is free to run the power plant. You can just Imagine that the light bills was very high before, the majority of the people them is. Going to have their lights cut off,it is going to be a terrible situation. So the money that the minister of national security Dr Horace Chang is planning to spend,on foolishness. The government ministers them should used that money to subsidize, some of the customers them light bills.I am really wondering if the government ministers them seeing what is going on globally, the hard economically instability. That the war is causing on all the countries in the world, everything is going up every minute of the day. By the business people them, they does not have any form of conscience on the poor customers them. They are only thinking about themselves alone, and when the customers them cannot buy the food stuffs. A lot of them is going to get robbed at gunpoint, you can mark my words.Becaused some of those business people them,is really over doing it. Becaused there is no prices control, the business people them is free to do whatever they want. Becaused it is a free Enterprise, so the people them should vote for a government. Who is afraid to control the people welfare,it does not make any sense voting for a government who does not. Want to set certain rules and regulations,why voting for them ,it is a big waste of time ok.

  4. Full time the government step up and let Solar Panels be cheaper and more accessible to Jamaicans.The country is a tropical country (lots of sun).More economic for the country too

  5. You do nothing JPS
    To stop people from stealing. Yet I pay some for those who get away with it.
    How about figuring out how to stop those theft Bill would drop if everone paid their share

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