JTA Head Call for Halt to Face to Face Classes in Jamaica – February 7 2021


  1. Yes thats the best way to be safe tell coronavirus cone although it take time that’s the best think Andrew holdness

  2. This makes no sense students cannot manage online what will they do kmt unu gwan yaa unu wahh Jamaica full a dunce head

    1. Well dem a fi learn to adapt. By going to skl they put their family, teachers and classmates at risk.

    2. @Mourique Ritchie you cannot just adapt to something that you’re not use to dear have you adapted to every single thing that has change due to covid? Come on

    3. @Abigail Allen Yes. Because if I didnt adapt to the curfews or adapt to wearing a mask I’d probably have Covid.

  3. We need to keep the children and those that they are related to safe!!!!!!! Stop all face to face NOW!!!!

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