1. *I don’t know who need to hear this but stop relying on the government and savings. Invest some of your money if you want financial freedom*

  2. The News anchor said Okay then in a very uncomfortable tone, Simon keep your head up. Workplaces can be tricky but ur strong.

  3. Of course dem want to kill u with stress…u don’t see that covid is not enough? How can u have the people spend money to build back their business then tell them it is not acceptable? What you should have had were written specifications and who don’t meet these specifications told to pull down. Now it is very frustrating, as we heard in the man voice, to do something thinking it will be ok only to realize you have to start again. Lord give us patience and grace to deal with those in authority.

  4. What is wrong with this Government the teachers needs to be paid, and a good offer needs to be made. They are stealing so much money from the education ministry, if they were not stealing from the education ministry they could more than put a decent offer on the table for the teachers. All present and past ministers of this ministry needs to be investigated.

  5. So sad, just about everywhere teachers are paid low wages. The average teacher gets just over 73k annually in y county, you can hardly qualify for a mortgage with that.

  6. Teachers light bill increase and their devices must be overheating . Teachers are important and should be treated properly. The little mediocre salary that they getting can’t last for 2 weeks. Shame on the ministry of education because they can do much better.

  7. True talk says Jamaican police can’t solve crime..on they can’t stop the killings what or going in Jamaica.every day you here some one died by gunshot in Jamaica

  8. Your talking about teachers getting paid. What about in the work places. Don’t we deserve a rise too? It has been awhile now.

  9. We have responsible just as anyone else. Question: So the rise of pay goes for everyone or for a certain set of people only?

  10. The teachers need to get better wages because they have to move the class room in to their living room more electricity using ,internet bill gave to paid and other bills need to covered not to mention the high cost for food

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