JTA Unhappy with School Reopening Consultations – December 7 2020

JTA Unhappy with School Reopening Consultations - December 7 2020 1


  1. I hope the Government does not run to open all the school and then him someone go run and hype that 20 student got the virus to hype with media to Run and jump to Rush vaccine on the student are the ppl in Jamaica.becouse kids and teenager cannot get the virus because it can not enter into there body…so nuh bada open school and them u same go cry out loud and carrion about locking down school and start the hyping.. we are watching the Government and covid and this vaccine…we are watching u sir P.M because you taking order from up top…we know that u are following instructions…

    1. Glad u see waa gwaan thats y my mom mek sure put no injection or vaccine to my sis without her permission at school on her medical file no trust them

  2. A same big Rich man them who are in the parliament in most around the world and the church are doing it targeting children i hope unuh put them into there house..

  3. All them need to do is put somebody to stand up there from the parish council office the mayor could go there and stand up

  4. I think school should just open january, it will be better for the childrens. I think it doesn’t make sense opening now and it is almost end of the year for this.

    1. While I might agree on the fact it doesn’t make sense to reopen schools now, how would be so sure that the number of cases will decrease during this period and there will be a cure in 2021?

  5. Jamaican government are under the delusion of secret society, the policy of their covid-19 is a scheme of their luciferin new world order the bible conclude it as the antichrist government in the last days, we need to have our own mind and not to be puppets are under cover agents for the wicked , we should not allow the agent of Satan to think for us!

  6. What are you talking about? The principal has the closest contact with the schools not the Ministry of Education. So if the principals and teachers are in contact with students & PTA , they should have firsthand knowledge not you.

  7. Why open schools now when it were less 50 cases the schools then close and now its 11.000 plus there should be no way.

  8. Me no have enough education already, fi mek my picney no come have, so wey JTA a talk boutique no open school my picney get worsara, a me fi tek precautions where certain measures is concerned

  9. Only a dumb driver or cyclist speed on an unknown road design or road surface i.e potholes etc. Fast & Folish motorists.

  10. Sir with all due respect, if the school suggest they can now open, I am sure that the government will send necessary authorities to ensure that they are indeed able to open. Whether or not the school initiates it, I am sure the government will not check to see how the students will get to the campus.

    I must say however that I agree with you that we should not be in a hurry to go face to face, but until all kids are at an advantage to own a device, it can be a test/trial to see how kids react to face to face, provided the necessary sanitizing is available and sanitization is done.

    I think the entire world has come to the view that Covid-19 will be with us, its up to us as human beings to adopt and adapt to the changes as life goes on.

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  12. Ministry of Education need get up off their rump and solve the problems with the school’s they are the head for schools in the country.

  13. Jasford online school only going good for some children, a lot of children still get lift out ok.they need to work on how to help the children who getting lift out.

  14. To solve the problem the government need to ease off the duty fees for a while on tablets and lap top, cause a lot of families want to send tablet and lab top for children in jamaica, but duty fee is the killer at airport.

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