Judd Apatow On How China Gets Hollywood To Censor U.S. Films And Free Speech

Judd Apatow On How China Gets Hollywood To Censor U.S. Films And Free Speech 1


Legendary director Judd Apatow warns about the consequences of Hollywood censorship to surrounding autocratic governments and creating a chilling effect on comedy in this exclusive new episode of “Mavericks with Ari Melber.” Be sure to check out the full interview and other conversations with artists, musicians and cultural icons at msnbc.com/mavericks.
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Judd Apatow On How China Gets Hollywood To Censor U.S. Films Aan Free Speech

44 Comments on "Judd Apatow On How China Gets Hollywood To Censor U.S. Films And Free Speech"

  1. People already know this

  2. Easy solution: stop showing Hollywood movies in China.

  3. The dudes that invented South Park have way more balls, integrity and credibility than anyone in Hollywood.

    • @vestspet And no exposure to China anyways.

    • In other words, you only need balls if you wanna do it despite having financial interests in a given country – which includes selling this show there. Otherwise its really easy, you just do whatever you want.

    • @Hgo S and that is for the best.

    • @Bob Minichino Companies are free to do whatever they want.

      But if you want to make more money, and the content you make is not likely to cause controversy, you can be very comfortable in the Chinese entertainment industry.

      South park obviously had low chances of being widely accepted to begin with.

    • @Jeremy Robart ….p

  4. So we’re going allow China to tell us what to do?

    • that’s sadly the case so far, but hopefully not any more !
      I would vote for whovever strong on China. Trump or Biden ?

    • john doe Trump has imposed so many tariffs on China. I remember him asking China to buy a bunch of corn and soybeans from us and China spent somewhere along the lines of 30 billions dollars worth from American farmers. China likes Biden because that’s where he sent all of our jobs to when he was VP. Biden also supported the failure that is NAFTA and had at least had 8 years to fix it and didn’t. Hunter Biden likes China and Ukraine because he’s pocketed a lot of money from them selling out the United States

    • @kogami 574 But You’re fine with China telling Trump and us what to do. Trump and his family are far closer and more reliant on China than Biden.

    • Thank you China for not letting the devil to mess upmmwith your culture.

    • @kogami 574 Now Trump doesn’t have to ask China to buy US crops. China is on the verge of famine due to the months long devastating floods. China is NOW scrounging world market for food. They will beg to buy. We should jack up the price or even refuse to sell crops to China 😀

  5. This shows the feet of clay of the executives in Hollywood who only look at their take of investments in China and the bonuses they get and sell creativity and freedom of expression down the river. Apatow is right and we’re watching it happen. And its the GOP and Democrats both doing it, because big money is the one thing where they are on the same side.

  6. Apatow is absolutely correct.

  7. Hush little sheple don’t say a word, soon you won’t be able to afford a mocking bird…

  8. Isn’t that just capitalism?

  9. I don’t like Judd ever since he threw Louis ck under the bus.

  10. there needs to be so much more of this talk!!! I would say why is there not more of this talk but it kind of answered that in the video :/

  11. Thanks MSNBC better late than never

  12. Well, 1.4 billion human livestock for American corporation, to make Billions off of!

  13. We created a monster by buying cheap crap from China for decades. Now we have to pay the price by fighting GREED in the western world that comply to what China dictates.

  14. China does what it wants human rights vs money we take the money🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Hollywood censors US films and Free Speech on behalf of US propaganda all the time.

  16. Its funny because it reveals a lot. Hollywood isn’t liberal it all out corporate capitalist. Its the money, nothing new there.

  17. Says a Jew who’s privileged and protected group isn’t allowing any public discussion about them.Maybe Apatow isn’t like that, I don’t know, but lot of them are.

  18. Dictatorships don’t like scrutinising critical minds, neither does trumpet

  19. NBA has bowed to the chicoms.
    remember Lebron James calling out people for not “educating themselves about China”?
    he is the biggest bootlicker the Chinese government could ask for..
    aside from their agent Dianne Feinstein

  20. Stupid companies in China letting their pattents be copied by copycats.

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