Judge Allows Lawsuit Seeking Trump-Putin Call Records | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Judge Allows Lawsuit Seeking Trump-Putin Call Records | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow reports on a judge allowing a lawsuit by two watchdog groups accusing the White House of violating the Federal Records Act and seeking information on Donald Trump's calls with Vladimir Putin. Maddow notes the exposure of just one secret call record has already led to an impeachment inquiry into Trump. Aired on 12/11/19.
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Judge Allows Lawsuit Seeking Trump-Putin Call Records | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

54 Comments on "Judge Allows Lawsuit Seeking Trump-Putin Call Records | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. I bet the majority of the documents in the White House Secret Stash are filed under the title, “Oops, Trump Just Committed Another Impeachable Offense.”

    • foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild | December 12, 2019 at 3:06 PM | Reply

      @Walt Schmidt Do your best Walt. And when you inevitably fail again… blame the Jews or the Blacks, or the Hispanics.

    • @foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild Blame for what?

    • @snoop alert presidents papers aren’t locked up when they leave office, the new president can look at literally anything they want and reclassify anything they want to as well. Also he may not be impeached by the Senate, but he won’t be exonerated. If Republicans lose 2 votes then Trump will still have been impeached by the House, and Mike Pence has no tie breaking vote if it goes 50-50 with votes. Really think Mitt Romney wouldn’t like to spite Trump? There are a few other senators who won’t vote to exonerate him too, like Collins and Murkowski, there is no exoneration in the Senate snowflake.😂😂😂

    • @Some Person wrong
      You might want to look at PR 1978

    • @snoop alert “wrong”

      “The PRA changed the legal ownership of the official records of the President from private to public, and established a new statutory structure under which Presidents, and subsequently NARA, must manage the records of their Administrations.  The PRA was amended in 2014, which established several new provisions.”

      That change to public record means the Freedom of Information Act allows access with appropriate FOIA lawsuits. Do you read what you attempt to defend yourself with or just like making crap up?

  2. Hal-2020-series | December 12, 2019 at 6:04 AM | Reply

    … Narcissistic Personality Disorder: sufferers of which have ‘a grandiose sense of self-importance and entitlement’ are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success’ and are ‘exploitative’, ‘lack empathy’ and require ‘excessive admiration’. I think that fits quite nicely and is how we got to this point …

    • @Terry Michaels You love the word “moron”. Have lots of people called you that?

    • Nu brænder Den STORE LUDERBOG!! | December 12, 2019 at 3:55 PM | Reply

      …a PERFECT description of pedophile democrats

      _Merry _*_CHRISTmas!_*

    • @Terry Michaels “Some of the best military doctors in our country examine him and we should believe you, you petty, bitter, seditious loser?
      OMGods, how stupid are you?” What about the HUNDREDS of psychologists and the fact that the “best military doctors” . didn’t do what you said they did?

    • @Cathy Holden … a President who tells other world Leaders that they must pay their way and not leave it to the US is the best leader in my book. A President who calls the Prison reform Group to the White House and signs a “Second Chance Bill”. A President who no longer wants to send the US Men and Women of the Military into wars that are nothing to do with the US. Who has sent a message to Newsom in California to take care of the Homeless. Who will put $8 Billion into Black and Latino Communities along with Ben Carson taking care of Housing. President Trump will give Washington back to the PEOPLE.

  3. McConnell thought rushing through all these judges under Trump would save the Repubs’ power, but it turns out appointees aren’t always puppets.

    • Richie Tattersall | December 12, 2019 at 8:35 AM | Reply

      Conservatve Judges are going hit them ALLOT harder for ignoring the Constitution then Liberal Judges would. That fool committed political suicide, I watched it happen and I’m loving it.

    • @Richie Tattersall also remember a lot of them have an unqualified ranking by the BAR association, and a lot of them have no actual courtroom experience. I’m willing to bet a bunch of their picks are impeached for breaking rules and laws because they have no experience in courtrooms…

  4. Eddieisherenow | December 12, 2019 at 8:01 AM | Reply

    Get the mf taxes already !

  5. Gianconti Spinocci | December 12, 2019 at 8:02 AM | Reply

    A video of him bent over his desk with Putin in front and Bin Salman from behind wouldn’t mean ANYTHING to 35% of the biggest
    dunderheaded dolt slobs in our nations history.

  6. Surprise surprise .. Trumpe is hiding.

  7. I want to see the tax returns. If a person would go all the way to the Supreme Court to keep them hidden, makes you wonder what they are hiding.

  8. Diabetic Honeybee | December 12, 2019 at 9:57 AM | Reply

    More impeachable offenses by the president only to be poopoohed by gutless republican senators/russian agents…

    • Diabetic Honeybee…as a President Trump supporter, I was interested in your comments. President Trump is a pragmatist, which means he brings the Prison Reform group to the White House and talks with them. He sees they are sincere and have very good ideas. He then signs and seals a “Second chance for Offenders Bill”. He moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem. I like this President because gets things DONE. The reason why INSULiN is cheaper in Canada is because the US insulin is of a much higher Quality and goes through a higher quality control CHECK and does not use Animal products.

    • @B.J Cameron Citation needed.

    • @B.J Cameron are talking about the ” white collar criminals never go to jail” Act? Because I thought you were talking about the wall that he didnt build. Or are you only here to defend big pharma?

  9. dmwegnerowicz7554 | December 12, 2019 at 10:23 AM | Reply

    I know where they are, on a server in Ukraine🤣

    • Right, I love that some of the journalists have had to explain to Republican Congressmen that the computer was in the cloud, not a physical box. So if it still exists, it’s not in the Ukraine or any other magical physical location Republicans are claiming. But who are we kidding, most Republican Congressmen struggle with their phones….they won’t understand virtualization or azure portal.

    • @Jeremy Backup they claimed it was a Ukrainian company, when the company is in California. No one accused his supporters of being intelligent…

  10. We know the notes from the super secure server are going to be much more damning than the ones release by the WH.

  11. Activist judge rules the executive branch unequal in authority to judicial.

  12. Andrew Mitchell | December 12, 2019 at 11:54 AM | Reply

    Hey, those call notes are for Russian eyes only.

    • Exactly. Just like there are, BY LAW, supposed to be stenographers at all meetings between the Pres and any other conversations in the office with other countries. But there have been no notes, no nothing, from any of these Russian meetings. Pretty sure we know why.

    • Actually they’re 🇺🇸 taxpayers records subject to FOIA!

    • Tantamount to the Nixon tapes, which he fought tooth and nail – unsuccessfully – to keep.

  13. Why the republicans don’t want to see and know the truth about tRump is mind boggling!

  14. The Orange Pus-Bag president…

  15. Lock all of these carnival clowns up. Thank you judge!!!

  16. Can’t wait to see the Putin quid pro qou

  17. Go get these GOP pigs! Waiting for those handcuffs to click!

  18. Gloria Mcfadden | December 12, 2019 at 3:12 PM | Reply

    I remember in 2017 when thenThe Honorable Elijah Cummings said he entered office with Jared kushner and Ivanka and they were shredding documents in the White house 🧐

  19. Please tell your advertiser that the Godaddy add turns me off, literally. I go back to my game rather than wait through for a third time.

  20. About time. Let’s air out the dirty laundry.

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