Judge Amy Coney Barrett Could Be Swing Vote In Election-Related Cases | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Could Be Swing Vote In Election-Related Cases | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is set to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, would likely have the deciding vote in upcoming election-related cases. Justice Correspondent Pete Williams reports. Aired on 10/26/2020.
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Judge Amy Coney Barrett Could Be Swing Vote In Election-Related Cases | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. Poll watchers? What are they watching for exactly? You can’t follow someone into polls… they just want to intimidate people.

    Absolute disgrace.

    1. @Mathu Rex The only people who should be outside polls are the county federal sheriff’s watching the polls. Everyone else should be told to leave the premises and go home, PERIOTT!!!!!!!

    2. Poll watchers are there to prevent what happened in 2018 and 16. When poll workers went behind curtains and did whatever they wanted and no one was allowed to see. The only folks who don’t want poll watchers are those planning to cheat such as the democrats who’ve been caught red handed time and time and will continue to because its all they have.

    3. @Jo Freeman Nope. Not how that works. Poll watching has been done every election cycle for decades. The election must maintain its integrity, and thats precisely how we do it. There’s even rules for it, that people should follow. However, nothing illegal or wrong about it. Get informed.

    1. I would argue but its evident you don’t have ac clue. You’re just thinking out loud so everyone can see that you’re stupid.

  2. Amy helping the other republican SCOTUS judges steal the election is the whole point of rushing her through confirmation before the election.

    1. @Stewart MacLean Average?? RBG was a human being, not a statistic dude! Sheesh. Talk about being a total moron.
      And in your own words, you say Breyer is past his years….BUT Einstein, he is still alive. So much for your “logic!”

    2. Elections have consequences. So grow up, show up and vote. Stop whining. You did this to yourselves. So childish

  3. American supreme court, such a transparent and ‘legal’ ….. system.
    Amy Coney Barrett should just say thank you and refuse, but she is not going to do so, she knows she would NEVER have chances in a normal situation!

    1. What do you mean? She is a very well qualified judge and will be an asset to the court. You notice that nobody is claiming that she isn’t qualified. That should tell you a lot. Why would anyone refuse a Supreme Court seat just because the left is acting like spoiled children?

    2. what’s abnormal about an old judge dying of cancer and leaving a vacancy?
      now Judge Scalias death was abnormal. It appears to have been foretold in an email of John Podestas

  4. We just went through a provincial election ( the equivalent of a state vote) here in British Columbia, Canada.. Painless. No wait. Mail in Ballots no problem.

    1. @Pete Pav get an education. Half the problem in this country is uneducated hacks like yourself. Most of you fools have no idea how this constitutional Republic operates. You were sold a fairytale through public education and it has now failed you. Two weeks from now you’re the same idiots who will be whining about the electoral college.
      You vote for a representative to cast a ballot. Not a democracy, never has been, never will be. WIKI!?!? my God you don’t even try to hide your ignorance!!!

  5. Shocking how many legal battles the US have had, feds vs states, DOJ vs everybody, trump vs anybody.
    How sad for the Divided States of America, but who can really be surprised with Don the Con Drumpf acting as The Divider in Chief.

    1. I’m sure laughing hyena Kamala will be just the person to bring us all together. She seems really in tune and seems to really understand what people want. Not driven by maniacical obsession with power at all. Definitely based truly on principle that little gem.

  6. *If everybody votes, then this won’t be an issue.* If Trump is defeated in a landslide, then there won’t be any justification for a legal case.

    1. Ya but you see… Only a deranged MSNBC viewer would think that’s possible. Biden can never win in a landslide.

    2. @Aesthetical Have you looked at the electoral college map recently..? See kid, we have data… you have nothing. That’s why we’re winning, and you’re freaking out.

  7. Youtube: “Invisible People” they are our family on this planet we call home and need our help!
    Open your mind and heart!!!

  8. The Senate couldn’t do anything for the stimulus package. They went on vacation, went home for weekends,but they could stay nights and weekends to ram an illegitimate judge down the throat of America to ensure trumpcan illegally stay in office.

    1. Why is it illegitimate? Because you dont like it? Please cite legal reference to the constitution to prove that this was not done correctly. Please do not reference your feelings as justification.

    2. Howis she illigitamate? Vacancy openes up,you fill it. This is not illegal lol and today she eas confirmed 6-3 baby

    1. @P. Shaw No, they said they would focus on appointing a judge first. You know why? Because they are confident they can do that. On the other hand, Pelosi isn’t budging, and she’s insisting her agenda goes through. People put their time towards something they believe they can accomplish. It’s wisdom. If she truly cares about the American people, she gives up the political theater and passes this bill ASAP. At that point, you can’t say Mitch McConnell or whoever you would like to blame is holding anything back.

    1. If Biden wins and the Senate flips, Biden can put Hillary AND Obama on the Supreme Court. I’m just saying.
      Who else, oh, Al Franken, he deserves a seat on the court. OMG! And put Hunter Biden on the Supreme Court.

  9. Just out of curiosity, how do we know the extension is constitutional? Everyone is just acting like it is.

  10. This is the start of the GOPs political coup to keep control of government even though they lose. It is disgusting and if they try and steal this election we will storm that white house and take him out ourselves. Supreme Court is not a viable institution since one seat should be a liberal vote, but they stole it. Expand the court and tell the GOP to shove it

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