Judge blocks Title 42 ending, COVID restrictions to continue at border | USA TODAY

A U.S. District Judge on Friday blocked the Biden administration from ending Title 42, which expelled more than 1 million migrants in 2021.

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A federal judge in Louisiana on Friday ruled that pandemic-related restrictions on migrants seeking asylum on the southern border must continue, blocking President Joe Biden's plan to terminate the Title 42 public health order Monday. The Department of Justice said it plans to appeal the decision.

U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays sided with 24 states that sued the Biden administration over plans to lift the restrictions, granting the plaintiffs' request for a preliminary injunction to stop the rollback of Title 42.

In a 47-page ruling, Summerhays said the CDC's termination order did not go through a notice-and-comment process required for rule changes and that the CDC did not consider alternatives to ending Title 42.

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    1. It is the duty of every American to defend the country and its founding principles outlined in the constitution of the United States of AMERICA!

    2. @MsTaly99
      Reservations And Boarding Schools for The Actual Citizens???

  1. I was gonna say the same thing thank you my Lord Jesus and please let’s think of something else in between while the judge has blocked for like what is it two weeks I hope longer

    1. @The People’s Elbow By all means, keep going. At least you have functioning braincells and a sense of humor🤣

  2. May God bless this judge. He seems to have America and the American citizens best interests in mind.

  3. God Bless Louisiana Judge who blocked this from ending, and our border being flooded.

    1. @Marjorie Breslin
      Don’t worry about a wall
      We are building Reservations for Caucasians to keep you on.

    2. @Chief Wildhorse We have spoken in the past chief Crazy Horse, I do understand the payote Bud makes you a little angry in your messages🤗

    3. @Marjorie Breslin lol!!! You want to talk about anger? You need to stop reading qanon…..lol!!! Who’s the largest opioid USERs? Welp the market is the US…..


  5. 1 million caught in 2021 and turned away. How many million didn’t get caught?! Way to go Brandon.

  6. a great judge and he knows that the U S and CITIZENS has no one looking OUT for their best interest, thanks JUDGE,title 42 should be kept for the SECURITY of the country ALSO

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