Judge Deals Loss To MAGA Gov. DeSantis Over Mask Ban

A Florida judge has found MAGA Governor Ron DeSantis overstepped his authority by trying to ban mask mandates in schools. The ruling comes as Florida averages 242 coronavirus deaths per day and DeSantis attempts to blame President Biden for his failures. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the situation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. I swear DeSantis doesn’t have ounce of humility in him, look at the way he talks. His arrogant ways, will surely be his down fall.

    1. @Amy Boyce Isn’t obvious they hate Americans.With all the people dying there.the government needs to send afghan refugees there.

  2. Ron DeSantis: “Don’t Fauci My Florida!”
    America: “Don’t Ron My Republic or DeSantis My Democracy!”

    1. Don’t “Trump” my vote… the people spoke… Republicans know they are on the way out.. bit by bit..but Republicans are being groomed to be domestic terrorists by their leaders and the media outlets they listen to

    2. Don’t be mean to DeSantis because he’s a caring and loving man. He is also a man of faith and compassionately and understanding. Go easy on him.

    3. @Ian Khan if he was actually listening to his constituents and not his political aspirations it would be different. Think how hard anyone has it that listened to him and lost their lives? He didn’t and isn’t going “easy” on us.

  3. She’s hoping the state will step in but in reality they’re too busy denying they even have a COVID problem

    1. @Nunya Bizness are you really that stupid or just ignorant about how Covid works? I had a cousin and 2 other friends that died from Covid. They also had other complications that they had been living with for years. They took medicines or had procedures done to keep them alive. Then they got Covid, it affects the respiratory system, they died. It had nothing to do with their other symptoms. Get an education!!!

    2. Diabetes and diarrhea are deadlier than covid 19. Current death To infections 1/4 of 6 months ago. Will we wait until it go below the flu levels and then say it’s over? WHEN WILL IT BE OVER

    3. @Nunya Bizness I guess my diabetes caused my lung damage, not Covid. I guess my doctor forgot to inform me that lung damage was possible from my pre-existing condition. People manage their medical conditions just fine with medication. They say ignorance is bliss, you must be very blissful.

  4. I’m just finding it hard to understand how people are a actually standing with him and threatening the medical community as they try to get in their cars . This is crazy

  5. Donny needs to be sued for keeping it quiet in the beginning, and now Ronny and the all the other GOP governors that also believe you don’t need to mask up need to be sued. But you know that would take way to long so let’s just vote all the REDS out of office and vote BLUE all the way. Go Team Blue !!!!!

    1. @Kay Gabbie Yes, I’ve heard that before, just like so many others who predicted this outcome. And btw, I don’t do drugs, rarely even take aspirin. I can’t help you, I wish you all the best.

    2. @Purple Turtle you mean your “hypothesis” and it wouldn’t hold up in any court or other type of debate. So, the actual theory is that you have zero proof, as evidenced by your failure to post them. Again, you made a statement, it’s on you to back up your argument. Since when is it on your audience to prove your BS? Never. You are a toddler.

    1. Good point. But calling FL politically Red is misleading. Unlike most southern and midwestern states, FL has a very large, active, growing “Blue” population.

    2. @GRJ2733 yes the blue has indeed increased but we’ve been outnumbered. Doesn’t seem like everyone is paying attention or are happy without their mask obligations. Need to turn the tides at elections. Just wish we could impeach him and do so now.

    3. @GRJ2733 YOUTUBE censored my long reply that was nothing but facts because they do not want you to hear the truth!! Unbelievable SECTION 230 or any other 3 letter combo!

  6. “They’re just making this political. They don’t really care about you. Now fund my campaign by buying this anti-Fauci merchandise.”

    1. @J C Ok, so the studies by unqualified right-wing propagandist faux news outlets, or evanglical god-botherers, or deluded conspiracy theorists may have shown masks don’t work. However, all the studies by those who actually know what they are talking about, such as bone fide scientists, show that wearing masks are better than not wearing masks!

      Anyway, if you ‘knew’ the answer, why ask the question?

      I think that’s it is YOU who may be the ‘brainwashed’ one….or are you an ‘unwashed’, one?

    2. @J C I also see that YOU are one of those right-wing, conspiarcy commentators that has only had a YouTube account since January 2021, with no subscribed channels or any content of any sort; just another paid bot I guess?

    3. @King of the Mods your leftist Chinese communist pay people to do this… to be bots…who is the leader of freedom movement??? The constitution movement???

  7. I blame everybody that live in the state of Florida that voted for him……Do your homework before you vote someone to lead your state or country.

    1. @Dax_Xenos Nope. Let’s hope not. He won by a sliver(.4%). And, his opponent wasn’t the strongest candidate, with pending ethics issues.

    2. Yeah you don’t live in Florida so STFU. If Desantis didn’t win we would’ve had a meth head for governor, so we got lucky.

    3. @Snaggledog 007 right, save those signatures so you know where to send the bill for the recall if Newsom stays

    4. Tony Everyday Life
      So you voted for Biden, Newsom, Schumer, Whitmer or some other looney and you are proud of it.

  8. So how many of these deaths are students at the schools he was trying to remove the mask mandates from?

  9. How does desantis look his family in the face knowing that he wants the deaths to continue. What kind of a person does this?

    1. @Big D Guitar Gaming the way he’s going he might be trading cigarettes in an orange jumpsuit in the near future.

    2. They are proud of him because he’s doing a great job! Have faith in him! I’m tired of people picking on Ron and it’s pathetic!

    1. “No, I do not take responsibility for this at all”. “It’s just 15 people who are coming in from CHYNA”..🤨 WE all saw it coming, and look at “little Ronny mini me minion” now…making Trumpsy proud. WTH does Trump have on these idiots? 🤔

    1. Also his political ambitions. Apparently DeSantis has decided his best chance at the White House is to ingratiate himself with Republicans by siding with Trump, anti-vaxxers, and anti-maskers. Good luck with that. (Not!)

  10. DeathSentence has the blood of all the dead on his hands. Why aren’t the people who voted for him not speaking out? Republicans have no soul.

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