Judge Denies Motion To Move Or Delay Chauvin Trial | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Judge Denies Motion To Move Or Delay Chauvin Trial | MTP Daily | MSNBC


MSNBC legal analyst Paul Butler discusses the decision not to move or delay the Derek Chauvin trial after Minneapolis' $27 million civil settlement with George Floyd's family. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Judge Denies Motion To Move Or Delay Chauvin Trial | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. if only we could deport the GQP there….its going to cost a fortune in taxpayer money for public defenders for the jan 6th insurrectionists they all want public defenders…

    1. @DAVID Nothing poor over here on the West Coast. But you might what to keep an eye on your front door for the FBI if you were involved with the January 6th riot on our capital.

    2. @SMS Nah, protests do no good. You’re better off with blah blah blah poo poo taking about the west coast.

  1. George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and pistol whipped her not to mention he was high on fentanyl when arrested

    1. Ok as a white man in america , If I did what floyd was accused of….. Trying to pass off a fake $20 bill, the police wouldn’t be on top of me and on my neck .
      I’m sorry idc what anyone says what floyd did or in his past. Police treat us different it’s just facts.
      I do know about his past and he went to prison for it and was released so in my eyes…he served his time and it’s done now.

    2. @Eric Floyd was on the ground because he asked to be. Watch the entire body camera footage. The cops were also extremely patient and understanding with him. He was treated much better than 99% of criminals being arrested.

    3. @Lem Lovel Would you like to tell me how I am a racist because I look at the facts?? You may not like it, but the media has not been giving you the whole truth.

    4. @Bravo1 Your views do not correlate to reality. You’re here to unwittingly (?) push Russian propaganda. You too must delve in the art of time compression magic!?

      Look, if you want to give yourself temporally juxtaposed excuses to force your mind to accept a slow murder as a just act, have at it. Just don’t expect rational people to go down your rabbit hole.

    1. @R. G. Biv You aren’t going to do that by being thought police. They love that crap. it feeds into their narrative.

    2. Lem Lovel its how you feel and thats fine…..the fbi hunting them down can make them afraid….tolerating hate speech is not cool

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    1. Nope! The debt hasn’t been paid. That’s the problem. We were promised 40 acres and a mule until Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency and rescinded the field order. This is why there’s such a huge outcry about social and economic justice. If every newly freed African had been given 40 acres at the end of the Civil War, only the Lord of the Worlds knows for certain, but I think African Americans would be light years ahead of where we are. Our predecessors were not made whole at the end of slavery (and the Civil War). The debt has not gone away. In fact, it is growing. We are due an incalculable sum of money. Amerikkka will continue to crumble until it is paid. You canNOT build success on top of a peoples’ anguish and think you’ll escape unscathed or without retribution. Now, let’s talk wages of sin!!

  3. He killed that man we all saw it happening. His buddies just stood back and watched like it was normal.
    Disgusting pigs, have fun with all your new friends in jail.

    1. What city will you burn down when justice is served and he walks for following the law?
      Please let me know so I can alert the FBI

    2. @redreed77 hahaha choking a handcuffed man to death is not following the law. He will go to jail, if not then whatever happens next will be cause and effect. Tell the FBI what exactly? That a police force who murders people for fun should face criminal charges is obvious justice? I can smell the Russian vodka through the screen. You Russian trolls are easy to spot these days. Better luck next election.

  4. Chauvin’s lawyer didn’t get the jury he wanted so wanted a change of venue. Good thing the judge is considering justice for George Floyd (the victim) AND for Chauvin (the accused) so there will be a fair trial! Hmm?

  5. okay, you believe his health is in danger, you call for an ambulance and yet you put your knee in George’s Neck for 8.46 minutes, you are a murderer.

  6. I’ll be.a fair juror for Chauvin’s trial. One requirement. Chauvin allows someone from the Floyd family perform a “return demonstration” for 9 minutes.

  7. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  8. Yes here on Guam we are very much of aware of this case and sickened by it. USA must be better than this. Racism of all types must be put to rest. Shame on all who turn a blind eye. Guam is aware of everything happening there and everywhere.

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