Judge Denies Release Of Andrew Brown Jr. Killing Bodycam Footage | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Judge Denies Release Of Andrew Brown Jr. Killing Bodycam Footage | The ReidOut | MSNBC


A judge on Wednesday rejected bids to have body camera footage of sheriff's deputies shooting Andrew Brown Jr. released to the public — but said the man's family would be allowed to view it.
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  1. “We need to protect the officers,” said the police in regards to the killing of Andrew Brown Jr, at the hands of those same officers.

    1. @Brad Huff do you think it is ok to drive off when multiple police officers are standing around your vehicle and have ordered you to get out of the car? If you finish your chores and your momma let’s you borrow the car and you get stopped by the cops would you do that?

    2. @Victor Basta What reason do you have to believe cops were surrounding his vehicle before they started shooting? When you can figure out how to stop manufacturing facts to support your agenda, ask your mom if she can fix me dinner.

    3. @Junie Jake So, you admit that some yellow-bellied back shooter took the chickenshit shot from the back?

      Now remind me again, what proof do you have that he tried to run over a cop?

    1. Not true. It’s an ongoing investigation and having public opinion not able to make opinions on evidence without the full knowledge of the case is key to come to a rational decision. Especially now when everyone assumes a cop is guilty every time there is a police related issue.

  2. This was expected. I live in NC and the Republican party passed a bill that allowed the cops to not show the bodycam footage to the public until they want to


  3. If their faces will be blurred, will the family’s lawyer be given their names & badge numbers, then? It’s hard to hold someone accountable if you don’t know who they are.

  4. The Judge probably saw what happened after George Floyd and said “Nope, not touching it with a 20 ft pole.” I can’t say I blame him, but destruction will happen either way because the precedent has already been set.

  5. It’s obvious they murdered the man, if they don’t wanna release the tape, then there is a reason….

  6. Funny how they rushed to put out Ma’Khia Bryant’s video but won’t release this one. I live about 30 minutes from Elizabeth City; those guys had a “GOOD OLE BOY” hunt and shoot that day. This is gonna get really sticky.

  7. What reason could THEY possibly have to hide this, if not more cover ups Body cam footage should be public record.

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