Judge Details What Daniel Goldman Calls ‘Unfathomable Conduct’ From Former AG Barr | MSNBC 1

Judge Details What Daniel Goldman Calls ‘Unfathomable Conduct’ From Former AG Barr | MSNBC


Former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Daniel Goldman and former chief spokesman at the Department of Justice Matthew Miller react to Judge Amy Berman Jackson accusing former Attorney General William Barr of distorting Robert Mueller’s findings and misleading Congress and the courts
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  1. Finally The Truth is Coming Out and Prosecutions need to be enacted to stop this ever happening again

    1. Absolutely. We have had enough of their lies. Accountability has to happen. People need it to start beleiving in Democracy again.

    2. @paul neufelder After Nixon, changes were made. After the Trump dust settles, more changes will be made. We have to make changes. Trump is like a clown you hire for your kid’s party, and who starts taking over the party like it’s his home.

    3. Again!?! You do know William Barr is the same William Barr behind the Iran Contra cover up, that’s why Trump brought him in my dude.

    4. @Allen Forbus Oh, yeah. It will be found that there were Democratic operatives staging a fake investigation of the Bidens to make Trump look bad, right. Take it easy on the Trump Kool Aid. You have already spilled some of it all over your shirt.

  2. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….. William Barr will go down in history as the most corrupt AG PERIOD!!

    1. @Tonino 8 me too along as the justice system treats both sides (left and right) the same. If not the Republicans and Trump will be running things in a few years.

    2. Don’t y’all find it interesting that the same judge, Hon Amy Barrett Jackson was involved in Holders case, Barr’s case, and Roger Stones case? Do you know who appointed her?

      Also can you find me evidence of the IG report you referenced earlier about Holder?

    3. @Topsy Crett Eric Holder was NOT impeached. The republicans wrote articles of impeachment but were not successful. He was found in contempt of congress for not cooperating. I’ve lost track of how many of Trumps minions refused to cooperate with congress, including William Barr. Only 1 cabinet member has ever been impeached in history, William Belknap. He was the Secretary of War during the Civil War in 1876. Ironically he was a Democrat, however back then the party’s, both of them, were polar opposites of the party’s of today.

  3. William Barr made a rookie mistake. He told his lies at a press conference at the Dept of Justice. The correct place for that kind of thing is the Four Seasons Landscaping parking lot.

    1. Barr also worked in the first Bush administration he was called cover up Attorney General Barr. He also covered up for Reagan in the Iran Contra affair illegal arms sales to Iran. Bush Sr.said at the time i was not in the loop.

    2. Given that Barr was also attorney general under George H W Bush and for 4 years worked for the CIA, it’s hard to accept it as a ‘rookie’ mistake

    3. @OlSarge Paps didn’t the trump Administration do the illegal arms sale with Saudi Arabia also? Circumvented Congress?

  4. John Mitchell (if he’s alive) and Jeff Sessions can rejoice. Bill Barr is the worst Attorney General in American history.

  5. So.. when is he going to be thrown in jail??? All I ever hear is talk talk talk. These people can lie, cheat help their criminal friends and they seem to get away with everything.

    1. Do you expect things to happen instantly, Merrick Garland just found out yesterday like the rest of us, geez give the guy a couple days to compile evidence and get an indictment written up.

    2. @B. T. It is of little consolation until the people receive justice in the court system. There needs to be a display that there is but one law in the land, and that all are held to equal standard, and subsequent accountability.

  6. Actually, Trump didn’t fix a collar to anyone. Those Americans who chose to dutifully hump his leg have always worn collars…they were just waiting for someone morally ignorant enough

    to come hold their leash.

    1. What’s the square footage of living space in your head? Seems like Trump occupies a palace up there at no cost.

    2. @davey jones Pretty funny and not untrue. In fairness however, until there is some accountability for these people I think that can be said for a great number of people.

    1. Exactly what I say; tha goes especially for any attorney who suddenly decides that NOW we don’t want to release this because … reasons.

    2. @Stacy Manley “and”. Didn’t you learn anything at Trump University? Also I think “traitors” “are” since I believe “Biden and the liberals” is plural. So the correct phrase would be “The only traitor is Trump and all his sycophants.”

  7. Lying to a judge is criminal. What the actual f***!!!!!

    What would happen to me if I lied to a judge????

    Considering doing a whole f****** bunch of it if it’s legit unpunishable .

    1. Notice @Herbert Brown only made accusations.
      There was no citation or evidence presented
      He’s a partisan troll, lying for his propaganda

    2. @Random Internet User true enough that I didn’t go into detail but the fisa court was lied to by the FBI and they weren’t happy about it. As to the democrats lying to Congress my fingers would tire. Say what you will I use my own name and don’t hide behind an anonymous moniker

  8. Basically the Judge just sent a flashing red light to the DOJ to “INVESTIGATE ALL OF WILLIAM BARR’s ACTIONS AS ATTORNEY GENERAL!!!”

    1. With Limbaugh now fertilizer…..and Trump, Giuliani, Gaetz, Barr, and many more eventually heading to prison….2021 will be known as The Year of Reckoning.

    2. @Augie Rockero It’s cute that you think any of this will be decided by years end. This will get dragged out for years in the courts. That is their specialty, delay, delay, delay. Trump will likely die of natural causes before he ever sees the inside of a prison. HIs family and minions however are a different story.

  9. All the politicians and lawyers that Trump did not fire while he was President and then stood by him after the big lie, have something to hide!! they all have to be investigated.

    1. @sammy bubba
      Will there even be enough time to get to all of that? I mean we are talking about a $hit ton of corrupt trump coconspirators.

  10. Can somebody explain why this isn’t Criminal Obstruction? I also wonder the senators and congressmen that saw the full unredacted report, What charges can be brought for them? There seems to be two Justice systems in this country!

  11. Nobody at the Justice Department with a single grain of sanity could have interpreted the Mueller Report in such a way. That alone tells you everything you need to know about Barr and his attempted destruction of Justice.

  12. I like this attorney, Daniel Goldman. I saw his performance during the Trump trials and I thought he did a great job. He is calm and collective.

    1. Lock him up – he committed perjury by lying in court. That’s a criminal offence which typically nets jail time.

  13. We knew as Barr was giving his take on the Mueller report that he was hiding facts to protect Trump. Barr needs held accountable for his acts right along with Trump and Rudy.


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