Judge Esther Salas honors son, updates husband's condition in North Brunswick shooting | USA TODAY 1

Judge Esther Salas honors son, updates husband’s condition in North Brunswick shooting | USA TODAY


U.S. District Judge Esther Salas honors her son, Daniel, and updates husband's condition.

In a taped statement released by Mercury LLC Public Affairs, U.S. District Judge Esther Salas honors the memory of her son and updates husbands's condition.

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  1. My heart goes out to Judge Salas and her family. May Daniel rest and peace and Mr. Salas recover.
    From a student of the Catholic University of Eichstätt, Germany.

    1. She is lying . She says Daniel was protecting his father , yet it was his father that opened the door and shot him first . She was downstairs according to her .
      Why did she want Daniel to stay downstairs if all she had to go on was a doorbell ring ?

    2. @Tyrell B what kind of vulgar minded, hard hearted, anti- social miscreant does what you are doing right now? It is the behavior of a beast or a fiend, not a human being.

    3. @Tyrell B its really terrible what happened but for some reason I don’t believe her . I don’t know but something feels off , her face expressions and gestures does not convince me, also why is she reading? Making weird gestures when turning the pages! or it might be because she’s a federal judge ? And she’s like that all the time. I don’t know but something does not convince me about what she is saying.Still is very tragic and sad what happened to the young boy losing his life like that ! Its terrible.

  2. Heartbreaking so difficult to watch as a stranger so I can’t imagine what she and her family are going thru. God be with them. RIP Daniel.

  3. This is awful. This needs a deep investigation, outrageous if they just brush this off as a anti-feminist act.

    1. They released it on purpose, so someone could find her. The rich demonic pedophiles know their time is coming and they are trying too stop by actions as such.

    2. With morons putting ALL their business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’re doomed.

      I don’t use any of those platforms and will keep it that way.

    3. Exactly I disagree with her that info on federal judges needs to be kept private. They are not the only targets wake up people…

  4. The Elephant in the room is simple. Why did that person come for her family? Who sent that person?
    Salas has a pending Epstein/Maxwell case no?. This isn’t about privacy. Salas is shook. A warning to anyone working this Epstein case…. You all need to sacrifice you soul for the good of the future. If you give in and let the rich win this Epstein case… it’ll continue to happen in this nation. I hope Salas does the trustful thing for the good of all humanity.

  5. Dear Judge Salas, My heart breaks for you and your family, and you have been constantly in my thoughts since this happened. I’m shocked that there are no current protections that could have helped avoid this horror. I support anything that can be done to protect the private information that could aid in targeting judges, and would like to see this done quickly. Too late for your precious son, but in his name. My heartfelt condolences.

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to Judge Salas , her husband and family during this difficult time, no one deserves this.

  7. Being involved in the Epstein case stuck her in the cross hairs of every assassin walking the earth. We can’t let her get killed.

    1. The nutball could have cared less about Epstein. It was women in power or even being treated anything like decent is what he didn’t like. This sucks beyond words.

  8. This woman is BEYOND incredibly strong, I cannot imagine being a parent going through a tragedy like this. My prayers are with her and her family

    1. I pray my Ex Pauline Smith & Daughter’s are strong also , after they let a Jewish Female Lawyer tell them to lie on their parent in The United States Armed Forces. Armed Gang’s became angry and opened fire on their friends and their childrens fathers killing them in Cahokia Illinois , St.Louis Missouri , Cape Girardeau Missouri . Gunnner’s shot Antoinette Smith’s boy friend at Quick Trip Gas in Cahokia Illinois , Gunner’s killed their friend Audrey Conner’s Son’s in Illinois and East St.Louis Illinois also . Armed Gangs said before it’s all over They Are Going to Kill All Of Them Children and All , Pauline Smith’s friend Jerry Jackson laughing with her about lying in Belleville Illinois Family Court , Police Det.’s found Jerry Jackson’s body riddled with bullets in Centreville , ILLinois as The Gunner’s Continue to Take Dead Aim @ Them Idiots . Armed Angry White Men in California from Missouri and Florida said they are going to Gun Police and All Down in Missouri . One opened fire in Springfield Missouri gunning down Police & Civilians . Our Attorneys said for us to Ignore them and not answer their calls to our United States Armed Forces Bases , Their Female Jew Attorney Got Gangs angry at them So Their Jew Attorneys Can Get Them Out Of It and If Not Our Attorneys Said That Is Their F-ing Problem .

  9. Oh Man.. You can see the revenge in her eyes.. Who ever uses a gun & go’s before her is going to be very sorry they did..

  10. I cannot imagine having to make these statements. My heart breaks for her family and it is terrible.

  11. Let’s not pretend this has nothing to do with the Epstein circle, this was a planned hit to cover up and distract. Judge Sala is truly a strong woman

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