Judge Hidalgo: Gov. Abbott ‘Doing A Lot To Facilitate The Spread Of The Virus’ 1

Judge Hidalgo: Gov. Abbott ‘Doing A Lot To Facilitate The Spread Of The Virus’

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is trying "to prevent us from responding to this crisis" by banning mask and vaccine mandates but she says, "I'm not giving up. My community is not giving up."
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  1. I know people who give their blood regularly to get by. It really doesn’t surprise me that people in need will do anything for $100 . We need to pay people a living wage. I live in Florida. I’m fortunate. Financially, I’m ok,but I now see Macdonalds offering $14.50 an hour to flip burgers. Fair enough,but why now ? They’re hurting for employees, so in their best interest They’re upping their pay. My question is. If you’re paying $14.50 an hour,can you guarantee 40 hours ? As a full time employee are there benefits? Or are you only offering whatever keeps you under full-time status, and zero benefits? People want to work. I’m in the yacht building business. I have a friend that works for a company here in Tampa, and they can’t find anyone to work. They are offering $17.00 an hour starting pay. If I was getting $14.50 for flipping burgers with benefits, I’d rather flip burgers. Fiberglass work in Florida, is hot,sometimes dangerous business. I didn’t get into details with my friend. It was just a passing comment, but we start our guys,depending on skill level at $50 an hour,but it’s 1099 work. We have highly skilled people that make significantly more than $50 an hour,and are not hiring, but it’s a living wage. They can afford a car,a house,and food for their families. These are big expensive boats. If the owner of the company is driving a Ferrari, and your struggling to pay rent,that says something to me about why we have to pay people to take a shot to protect ourselves. Shameless really.

    1. @Wesley Trout What if due to unforseen circumstances that’s all a person is capable of ? I often see people with disabilities working at our local grocery stores. They at least have family, well most probably, who provide some foundation for stability. What about those who for whatever reason don’t? Throw in a child. Can’t work. Can’t afford the childcare. Is it any wonder there are so many on public assistance? I was raised to believe, and I thought this was based on Christian Dogma, that the strong take care of the weak. I don’t see that hear in the USA. It’s every person for themselves, and pray you don’t have some medical condition that puts you in the street. How could that possibly happen? Perhaps a pandemic? Who knows? It could happen. Oh,just to bring up the obvious, what about during the day when high school kids are in school ? Is it your position that Macdonalds should open a 4:00 PM when their workforce is released from class ? Guess they could do that algebra homework between orders.

    2. @robert caldwell Our constitution says we have the freedom to fail or succeed. I’m sure your Christian dogma has a few passages like that but you choose to pick what you want. Even then we have plenty of safety nets in place for those who either need them or just abuse them. Sounds like you want to have everyone pay for the bad descisions for others as though that actually helps them. I guess some people are just naive.

    3. @Wesley Trout Hate to disappoint but I don’t subscribe to any particular political party,or religious Philosophy. It was an example. I’m sure whichever Dogma you subscribe to has all the answers you require. If I had to pick one,I’d probably go Buddhist. All a bit much for me. Got better things to occupy my mind.

    4. @Wesley Trout What if it wasn’t a bad decision on their part ? What if Mr. Trout decided he didn’t want a vaccination, and infected his neighbor? Say the guy can’t work as a result, because now he’s on oxygen. Screw em ? Very white of you.

    5. @robert caldwell Funny that’s never how things worked before. We never held influenza, common cold, HIV spreaders accountable for lost wages… Maybe cheeseburger spreaders should pay for the lost wages of obese people with heart conditions? Also, why were you bringing up religious dogmas you don’t even believe in?

    1. @HateNeverCeasesHate not really! I took care of so many people including my family and I wasn’t even wearing a mask and I still don’t wear a mask and I haven’t gotten anything

    2. The proper time for America to have locked down was July of 2019, when the e-cigarette vaping illness came to national attention. Unfortunately, we misdiagnosed it and misattributed the cause to vitamin e oil because no one knew about the new virus at the time. Had we not made that mistake, we would have gotten covid-19 under control while it was in the early stages. The virus wouldn’t today be rampant in our country because we let it circulate unaddressed for months, nor would it have spread to other countries.

    3. @tom s total speculation. And that’s not how viruses work. But this one was specifically engineered.
      C h i n a .

  2. Hahaha more fear mongering….it’s so weird how they’re not taking about California and New York.

    1. @Lyell Clare 99.5 percent of people who get covid recover. Most people like those odds. So why should your 99+ percent of people who die being unvaccinated be so impressive when the percent of recovery being 99 percent should be dismissed?

    2. @Lyell Clare this is an untrue statement. That’s propaganda from the news. Have you personally seen the patients lungs that have contracted the c19 after the jab? They’re just as bad as the unjabed. If they have co-morbidities or are elderly. Also prolonged illness is an issue. That jab does nothing

    1. I am so annoyed for people who don’t want to cooperate to contain the spread of covid-19. After that winter holiday surge peaked this past January cases started started slowly declining and plateaued. As we get into the spring and early summer numbers we’re moving in the right direction. In late spring/early summer the White House made a goal to partially vaccinate at least 70% of Americans by July 4th. People don’t want to take the shot and Republican governors especially in the south are blocking covid safety guidelines. This is the reason why we are delta is raging. If more Americans were vaccinated sooner and continued to wear masks the U.S would have been almost COVID free.

    2. @Jow Bloe According to medical experts the vaccine is highly effective against hospitalizations and deaths. The more people are unvaccinated the more deadlier variants will come and if more variants come chances are it will evade the vaccines and possibly draconian lockdowns will return. So please get vaccinated

    3. @Sara Bala get your Shot and you’re safe . Never mind you can still get COVID with the Shot and STILL end up in the hospital and STILL spread it. Day 500 of 14 to Flatten The Curve. Wear your Mask, but don’t worry about the virus on shirt, pants, and shoes that you will take off with your hands at home and STILL touch your face. This is just Logical and I don’t expect you to follow. Just listen and do what you’re told . A vaccine provides IMMUNITY… which The Shot doesn’t provide. I’m still waiting on the Polio Mutation, since it’s not eradicated worldwide. Orange Man xenophobic for shutting down China flights on January 31st, 2020. Go ahead and get your Shot with your Booster and you’re good. Never mind the Illegals pouring across the border with possible COVID infections. Never mind the Children In Cages COVID outbreak.

    4. @Sara Bala according to medical “experts”, wear a mask . Day 500 of 14 to Flatten The Curve. 1 Mask, 2 Masks, No More Mask, Kids are good, Kids aren’t good… let’s sing it again. Rinse and Repeat with mindless imbeciles such as yourself. Grow a Brain and use Logic.

  3. greg and dan and rafael and john are all examples of hanlon’s razor…never attribute to malice that which can be adequately esplained by stupidity….i have lived in texas for 44 years and i am ashamed of all the aforelisted

    1. Covid is highly contagious. It coming accross the border would be an issue if we had already wiped it out in this country, but we haven’t. No amount of covid coming accross the border can explain what we are facing.

    2. @HateNeverCeasesHate by your reasoning we should just let illegals in who test positive for covid then bust them into our communities. You and Joe Biden must have the same two brain cells

    3. @someone new That’s not by my logic at all. More like Republican logic. I say that illegals should be held to the same standards that liberals want for all Americans: wear masks, quarantine if found positive, and get vaccinated.

      How you think that I would come to the opposite conclusion is insane. All I’m saying is that illegals aren’t the source of US’s covid problem.

    1. @DAVID I should’ve said, “Resolving a problem by throwing money at it,” but Americans tend to move on after doing their part, which is whatever’s most expedient, and money is our go-to expedient resolution for everything: hurt feelings, bratty behavior, family addict, death of a work colleague’s mother-in-law, destroying other countries, crying children. Et cetera.

    2. @Melissa Streeter Not all Americans are for using our tax money for buying off people to take a deadly poison.

  4. My niece is 18 she called from Smith county Tyler TX last night to let me know she was being admitted into the hospital. She lost her mom in May to non-Covid illness and her dad in June 26 days later to suicide. I just can’t lose another family member. I’m physically ill over this. She has two children under two years old that got all of their needed vaccines. Yet she’s afraid to get vaccinated, because of the politicization of this virus! Someone needs to be held responsible for this craziness!

  5. Mandate an unapproved vax? Please check the top of page 12 of the Aug 23rd FDA Letter of AUTHORIZATION(pdf). Notice – it is NOT a letter of approval.. Thank-you

  6. Wait, Abbot is letting thousands cross the border illegally? If he is then I agree. But I think that’s Biden.

  7. Hey Judge Hidalgo shut your mouth and do your job. That’s enforcing Abbott’s laws. If you want to express your views do it as private citizen not using your seat.

  8. fact: Pfizer has been fully approved. there is no excuse any longer. its either the vaccene or embalming fluid. which do you choose?

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