Judge Jeanine 9/24/16 Full: Countdown to Trump/Clinton Debate! Jeanine Advice! Don King Interview

Judge Jeanine 9/24/16 Full: Countdown to Trump/Clinton Debate! Jeanine Advice! Don King Interview 1


Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro 9/24/16 full episode: Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement giving advice to Donald Trump on what to do at the first Presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, Judge Jeanine talks to Ben Carson about what it's like working with Donald Trump, Judge Jeanine talks to Don King who is endorsing Donald Trump.

Fox News – Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro – September 24, 2016 – Full Episode


33 Comments on "Judge Jeanine 9/24/16 Full: Countdown to Trump/Clinton Debate! Jeanine Advice! Don King Interview"

  1. Earl Allen Boek | September 25, 2016 at 5:17 AM | Reply

    What about the dead bodies that keep turning up around the Clintons?
    Last count is 90 dead. Google it.

    • That’s pretty generous of you (in Hillary’s favor), as you haven’t included
      the hundreds of thousands, and probably millions of people at this point
      who have died as a result of her vote to invade Iraq with no legitimate
      justification to do so, a country that was NOT at war with us, and had not
      attacked us.

      Not to mention the half a million CHILDREN who died in Iraq in the 1990s
      under economic sanctions, that Bill Clinton refused to lift during the
      eight years he was president (from 1993 to 2001), during which time
      Madeleine Albright stated on national television (60 Minutes, 1996) that
      the death of those children was “worth it”, and was promoted to Secretary
      of State by Clinton soon afterwards as a reward for it.

      I will always believe that the deaths of those children (and some 1
      million+ Iraqis overall) due to disease epidemics caused by the destruction
      of infrastructure in Desert Storm, and the SANCTIONS afterwards, as well as
      that UNBELIEVABLY ignorant and uncaring comment by Albright on television,
      was one of the main motivations for 9/11, and that if not for the suffering
      and death in Iraq during Clinton’s watch (which he was well aware of), it
      (9/11) wouldn’t have happened.

      So yeah, basically, I think attributing only 90 deaths to the Clintons is
      unbelievable generous on your part, we need to remember the other ones!!!

    • Lets not forget the cognitive choice of using over a thousand tons of
      depleted uranium around populated areas in these wars that shall ensure
      that the future of these countries will be plagued with birth defects and
      health issues for the foreseeable future.

    • bookguitarguy – you have brought 911 into this conversation (No I am not
      having a go at you . . . please read on. . . ) by doing such does that make
      you believe the American Government had nothing to do with orchestrating
      the events that happened on that day. There is so much evidence to say
      otherwise . . . take for instance (this kind of cleverly brings me back to
      the original topic of this discussion) that 3000 + people died as a result
      of that day and then hundreds of thousands thereafter.

      I read something the other day about those folks that have died (around or
      had the unfortunate chance of being near the Clintons) – were either
      murdered or committed suicide. That is a sad sad ‘record’ (per se) that
      will be forever entombed in the annals of American history.

      I (as a Medium) made a triple prediction on another site a few weeks ago
      and it was as follows – a) Hillary will die before the end of this year b)
      Bill would be murdered by the end of this year and c) if Chelsea picks up
      her Mother’s mantel and decides to ‘run’ with it . . . she would be
      divorced either sometime next year or in 2018, I want to add to that and
      say that she would lose custody of her child. Being totally honest with you
      I am now a little hesitant about the Bill prediction but will let it stand
      as is.

    • Everyone is more interested about Brad Pitts breakup… no one wants to

  2. Im a dem never voted republican but this is going to be the first time i
    do, but i trudt the Donald cause he’s going to do what he says and that is
    clean house we need a change but both in congress anf the white house.

  3. Don’t forget to roast her over the Benghazi massacre too ! In fact, while
    your at it, roast the JCS who helped her in that mess too !

  4. Will Hillary . . . a) Turn up for the debate b) Will she have the earpiece

  5. Andrew Bartello | September 25, 2016 at 8:02 AM | Reply

    can’t wait till Monday a real man against a real big liar

    • Well said Hillary big liar destroyed nations in return allowing refugees to
      flow into America and the Americans have to pay for the refugees from the
      tax payers money

    • stevie68a- I hear that there are suckers born every minute and you prove
      that to be all so true …. people like you is why America got so screwed
      up coz you never learn to use your brain to figure out truth and believe
      any crap you are told and keep voting crooks and hacks into office but its
      time for you and your crooks and cons to go …. GOD SAVE THIS REPUBLIC

    • +stevie68a what planet are you from can’t be Earth

    • That was really funny. Needed a laugh. Thanks

  6. Trump/Pence 2016.

  7. According to Clinton, Donald Trump “has no plan”. She’s had plans for the
    last 40+ years, and hasn’t accomplished a whole hell of a lot (other than a
    lot of scandals, corruption, lies, and changing her positions on issues
    when it was convenient for her), HAS SHE?? A “feminist icon”??? Spare me.

    If she’s an icon of feminism, she’s a symbol of the hypocritical,
    pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-white male, anti-Christian, and/or
    anti-HONESTY agenda that is modern feminism since the 1970s, when Betty
    Friedan (who helped found NOW and wrote the book that launched 1960s/70s
    feminism) called women like Gloria Steinem “FEMALE CHAUVINISTS”!!!

    Hillary Clinton is a Female Chauvinist, so I guess in that sense she truly
    IS a feminist icon-but as for being a good role model for girls and women,
    or good for this country, with her race-baiting and black.female
    “victimhood” tactics… I don’t think so!!!

    • clinton has NOTHING but failure to run on. no real American can honestly
      say she is in any way is fit to be President. Her legacy will be
      crookedness, criminal acts, death and complete failure.

    • Yip, Hilary’s got plans – BAD plans! Hiliary’s got experience – BAD
      experience! And the problem is she never learns from her experience and
      continues to make BAD plans!

  8. It would do Hillary good to get sick tonight and cancel tomorrow, she would
    get a sympathy from her voters and still keep her base, then she wouldnt
    get slaughtered by Trump tomorrow night lol

    • Bad cougar Robinson | September 25, 2016 at 11:21 AM | Reply

      you look to pretty to talk and act like you do what a thing to wish on
      someone be careful the hole you are trying to digg for someone else you
      might fall in it yourself

  9. I never stoop to this level and swoon over women like you see so many do.
    But Judge Jeanine is just stunning. what a magnificently beautiful and
    intelligent lady.

  10. Don King – TRUTH-TELLER Extraordinaire…! i only wish you’d instead
    deleted your gratuitous work-out (about the health of the candidates?
    really?) section and instead let Don continue talking. only one star
    elocutioner permitted, i guess.

  11. Enough of Americans are fooled by the Obama and Clintons policy it’s time
    people vote for Trump and see the change

  12. Thinking Thoughts | September 25, 2016 at 10:11 AM | Reply


  13. Be careful Mister president; you’re dealing with a slippery fish! She will
    fill the universe with lies! Because like other persons of power in
    history, they knew and know that the species is hedonistic and are just too
    damn lazy to dig for the truth unless sufficiently motivated. If anyone can
    motivate it’s you. She will attempt to play the, “oh look what this
    horrible man does to little helpless women” card when she finds herself
    cornered with the facts. Hit the audience with the facts. Challenge
    Americans to find them. Don’t fall into childish games with this professor
    of lies! Use the sword of truth and slam it down for all to see.

  14. Wow Don King just flat out said the system is the enemy of the people.

  15. anyone else get a sense of an old clam and stale cheese smell every time
    Hillary is on screen?

  16. “Mirror , mirror” LMFAO !!!!!!

  17. can we please just execute the Clintons??

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