Judge Jeanine 9/3/16 Full: More Ridiculous Hillary Lies, Trump Visits Black Church, Alveda King

Judge Jeanine 9/3/16 Full: More Ridiculous Hillary Lies, Trump Visits Black Church, Alveda King 1


Judge Jeanine 9/3/16 full episode: More Ridiculous Hillary Clinton Lies, Trump Visits Black Church, Donald Trump supporter Alveda King talks about how Trump can help black Americans and the country as a whole, Melissa Francis destroys Hillary Clinton supporter Richard Goodstein after news comes out that Hillary Clinton had over 13 devices and claims during her FBI interview that she recalls nothing when asked about being briefed on security procedures and signing contractual agreements on National Security, Hillary Clinton blames her concussion for not remembering anything.

Fox News – Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro – September 3, 2016


33 Comments on "Judge Jeanine 9/3/16 Full: More Ridiculous Hillary Lies, Trump Visits Black Church, Alveda King"

  1. I think she is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Sever stroke or some terminal
    illness. She does not seem right at all. Soros paid her too much to let her
    off the hook. She’s the patsy to further agenda not Trump.Hillary is frail.
    Great show. Thank you 💟

    • she fainted, fell and hit her head resulting in a concussion then blood
      clot…fainting is the result of low blood pressure…why did she faint in
      the 1st place, likely blood pressure medication

    • +benthair duntht
      No. She’s very sick. Massive stroke, aneurism. -something like that. She’s
      not functioning. It’s plain as day.

    • the brain thing is just an excuse, that woman is strong as a rock. She lost
      her credibility long ago, at Wako. Her medical history is fishy, just like
      everything else in her life.

    • +YahshuaLovesMe
      Yeah-she needs help standing and can’t maintain thoughts, balance, sleeps
      all day, no campaigning, no press conferences.
      She’s jaundice, as well. If this adds up to “strong” then you’re absolutely
      correct. Thanks for letting me know. 😉

  2. i”m still trying to figure out what “way, way, way, back in the polls mean,
    or is that poles ?” I know Trump didn’t use teleprompters in that church in
    Detroit ? I want to see him open a new American Auto Engine and Car: “Trump
    Motors Corp !”

  3. Clearly the DNC shills LITERALLY cannot tell the truth.

    Fatstein claims Hillary is gaining in the face of evidence that she is
    declining in polls. If u ever seen Fatstein you see that he is 110% a liar
    and a paid shill. So, his presence is meant to be a joke.

  4. Hillary is desperate to get in the oval office for some reason she hasn’t
    came clean on yet and these emails are revealing her true thought process,
    this thing of “I’m with her” elect me because I’m a woman and more is a
    bunch of gobbly goo BS, she fantasizes of being a sitting war era president
    and it’s become clear over the years that she views peoples lives as
    expendable, she’s the expendable one and we should collectively put her out
    to retirement based on what she’s shown us her entire life in the public
    eye, she is not the one

  5. Alveda King

  6. Is Judge Jeanine in hiding? Has she been threatened?

  7. Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful | September 4, 2016 at 10:09 AM | Reply

    Blacks for Trump is increasing and that he cares watch and pray I HATE

  8. democrats will never answer a question they start the side step and point

  9. That bold guy was hilariously stupid. Well, payed off and brainwashed.

  10. Melissa, please stop with the Devils Advocate crap, you do this on every
    show you are on. We the People are awake and aware of this Media game from
    both sides. Respect the Judge. Respect her Show and her wishes for her
    friend Mr. Trump. Mr. President Trump.

  11. Black Men For Bernie the group and Bruce Carter the man have reached out to
    the Trump camp. Trump would do well to take them up on their offer to help.

  12. for someone who says she is not tech savages she sure is looking down a lot
    on this film looking at the phone. wake up America and vote for Trump he is
    the better choice at least his is asking what can I do for you. I don’t
    hear Hillary asking people that.

  13. why have this Richard on here he never answers anything ask, talk about
    talking and not saying anything.

  14. My goodness these Dem’s make me sick. All of then are frigging brain dead,
    and corrupt.

  15. bullshit trump is leading in the polls lying fox

  16. Elizabeth Morfin | September 4, 2016 at 10:39 PM | Reply

    📢¡¡Crooked Hillary is like the wicked witch of the west, can’t imagine how
    anyone could vote for her!!
    📢¡¡¡Crooked Hillary for prison 2016!!! 📢¡¡¡We need this Woman in Prison–
    Not Running For President –!!!
    #NeverHillary #HillaryforPrison

  17. the C was just one classication, hillary said she thought it was a third
    page? what about secret and top secret? the forth page? lmao what a sad
    fricking joke hillary!

  18. Media coverage of Lying Hillary,shame on you media,for not telling the
    truth.just sayin’

  19. Why do people think you need to campaign like its before the internet age?
    You don’t need to go to Florida for weeks to win, show that you are out
    there reaching out to desperate communities, and guess what if it is
    televised we will see it on the internet. That is great publicity and
    spreads the word to all those people.

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