1. @Bill Randleman no thats just trans folks. the ones on the left are just the ones that listen when ppl speak. i thought the right leaning would have learned by now that the right doesnt do its homework???

    2. social construct- an idea that has been created and accepted by the people in a society. Class distinctions are a social construct.
      Almost like when you say you’re a grown adult. Thats just you just saying it. its not an actual factual its just an adjective you like to slap onto yourself.

    3. @JusDion grown adult means something in biology though idiot. Its not just simply a construct, but something real for why the construct was created. An adult human female is a woman – and nothing else.

    1. @06harleygurl Thanks to the perverted mentally ill left, this country is toast, it has fallen and it can’t get up, goodby America.

    2. @the bean If you think the left and all the absolutely insane things they come up with every day, perverting everything they touch, is a “dunce perspective”, it is in fact YOU whose American education has failed you. No I will rephrase, the liberal American education has not failed you, that is exactly what they wanted to pound into your brain, and you fell for it, bean.

    3. @the bean Explain to me how the left can’t define woman, but yet says they nominated a black WOMAN, how do they know???

    4. @JusDion Money, time, thirst – none of those things were born with a penis or vagina and none of them come out of a vagina. Well ok, maybe money does but besides the point.

  1. Blackburn: Provide a definition of the word, woman?
    Kentanji: I can’t!
    Blackburn: So you believe that the word woman is so unclear and controversial that you can’t give a definition?
    Kentanji: I’m not a biologist.

    1. @Tor “weren’t considered human under our constitution for our first 170 years?” Lmao. Wroooooooong. The constitution was ratified in 1790. The 15th amendment was ratified in 1870. Only off by 8 decades. Oooops.

    2. @Bill Hamblin

      Yep, you are correct. Now you can spend the rest of the week congratulating yourself for correcting the years and missing the point entirely.

    3. @PackRat

      Yes, I’ll take that bet. A biologist wouldn’t post shockingly ignorant comments about gender and sex. You don’t appear to have even a rudimentary understanding of sexual chromosomes, genetics, hormones or human chemistry.

    4. @Tor I have forgotten more biology and chemistry than you’ll ever now. Your just upset because I’m telling you the way it is, not the way you want it to be.

  2. I don’t know what to say, we only know one way of dealing with criming, it’s so insane I don’t want my government to parent criminals

  3. I believe my 2 black cats are more suitable for the position. At least they know that they know what is a female cat: neutered or not. 😸😹

  4. When it was revealed that justice Jackson created a standard of sentencing from the bench by redefining what the legal standard for peer was it didn’t grab the attention of anyone else?

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