Judge Recuses Herself At Last Minute In Georgia Mask Mandate Case | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

A court hearing was originally planned Tuesday on an emergency request by Georgia’s governor to stop Atlanta from enforcing a mandate to wear a mask in public. NBC News’ Blayne Alexander reports. Aired on 07/21/2020.
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Judge Recuses Herself At Last Minute In Georgia Mask Mandate Case | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @Jesus’ Fishroom I remember that, they are just a bunch of corralled fanatics by political powers to control government and public opinion, people need to seperate themselfs from political influence, and focus on whats right and morally right for Americans, not a political party agenda.

    2. @Ou812 just because you whine and cry because more people are disagreeing with you, is on you. You made a bad choice, there’s no going back now, don’t think there won’t be a price to pay.

    3. Because they’re don’t. They are anti abortion, control freaks.
      Saying “pro-life” sounds a lot nicer.

  1. The governor of Georgia says there doesn’t need to be a mandate for people to do the right thing.
    Has he met Trump supporters?

    1. @American Martyr Of course you do. Just another typical liberal comment. Full of hatred, bitterness, jealousy, and negativity.

    2. @Pensa Simpson Get a life. You don’t have a right to destroy private and public property. Although, it is certainly entertaining watching the liberals cannibalize one another.

    1. @Jim Cornwall
      36% of the country are religious, and deny science (evolution, climate change, vaccines) all because “Jesus”.
      These are not rational people, these are “believers”.
      Infected at an early age to embrace flawed reasoning, and conditioned over a life time to accept make-believe as equal to evidence.
      They’re easily fooled and are the one of our greatest threats.

    2. Mark of Excellence Agreed. Hence the “supposedly rational”… That segment of the populace is the main reason we have so many problems.

    3. Actually trump supporters know better than to let the government lead them around on a chain. I bet you cannot wait to get in line for that vaccine!!!!!

    4. @Trixy
      Trump supporters let mythology lead them around by an invisible chain.

      I’m not complying with government when I recognize the value and reliability of science over mythology.

      Songs like you need to go back for your GED. Perhaps take some biology and other science related classes.

      And remember, your sky daddy is a delusion.

    1. @TheMaryam1891 Figure i wasnt aware Georgia had a Vice President… I learn something every day from these post 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. the virus is 0.125 microns wide. The holes in a cloth mask weave are 300 microns wide; 2400 times bigger then the virus.

  2. People do need a mandate. People won’t even social distance in the stores. There are signs saying to stay 6 ft apart and people still ignore them.

    1. @Lynda Vance – then you have the people who think that because we have opened up the country again out of lockdown..that we are just back to normal like nothing is happening. The ignorance knows no bounds!

    2. @EcClair Mayo I agree with your comment to Jason- since the beginning, I have to put out my arm and hand in front of me forcefully, and say STOP- you’re too close to me. They always back up, but I’ve had to do it too many times. Cannot believe how stupid it all is. Don’t have a choice, if I got the virus I would not survive.

  3. doesn’t the federal government mandate no drinking and driving, seatbelts, and other mandates for health and safety. wouldn’t a mask mandate be for the purpose of health and safety? Saving you from possible death.

    1. @Angel D If we can just save one life then it’s worth it. Give up your freedom to eat junk food. Do it for the children.

    2. @Sparky McSpark your analogy makes no sense because what I eat doesn’t affect OTHER ppl. The government can only intervene when your actions affect OTHER PEOPLE … Not when they affect YOURSELF ONLY. That is the big difference.

    3. @Angel D It does make sense. Your unwillingness to give up the freedom to eat junk food means that millions of people will die. If you gave up your freedom and let government control your diet then there would less death due to disease. The problem isn’t other peoples choices about what to eat. The problem is that you will not give up your freedom to save others. You are so selfish.
      Yes, my whole argument is sarcasm. Deal with it.

    1. The 2012 study is validated by empirical evidence:
      >>Lol you are a joke.<< >>Calling it a racial thing.<<

    2. @A Republic If You Can Keep It. What difference does that make? I certainly wasn’t prohibited from entering the Bahamas during the SARS epidemic, what’s changed, back then we had a fully functioning administration. In all my years on earth, I never thought I’d see the word RESTRICTED
      FROM ENTERING because of my country.
      Complete and utter travesty.

    3. TRUE, that – However, Repubs seem to be pushing as much covid bs as possible – OH, FL, TX, AZ, WY, MT. This govr -and possibly, though not at all clear, the Repub party – is obviously seeing major Repub backlash and push back ag the mask thing that threatens 2020 election. Repubs cannot have GA in play for election. It appears Repubs are pushing covid as far as possible, until REAL threats to election (as THEIr data tells them).

    4. @Herbie Shevers Why is it a travesty ? Your country has the highest cases of Covid, and does NOTHING about it, so WHY would that NOT be a reason to prohibit you from entering other countries ? 😈

    5. @panthera50 I’ve never been restricted from traveling to any place in my life. It’s not like I would travel on a commercial plane.

  4. Why did the governor sue the Mayor of Atlanta but not the other two mayors in Georgia that mandated wearing mask? Something Stinks!!!!

    1. Trump & his cronies are clearing waging war against Democrats. This is the end result of some 40 years of Republicans demonizing Democrats, referring to them as enemies, with fake news channel Fox spreading that poison into the empty headed. The goal right now is to distract from the absolute failure known as Donald Trump and the Republican party.

    2. Bc Atlanta is Georgia’s capital and he wants to act big shot and control what happens in the city

    3. All the above and she happens to be on Bidden’s list of potential vice president nominees!!!! What better way to show what an obedient lap dog you are by striking at an opponent of Impeached 45!!!

    4. Because she brought up that Trump was breaking the law when he visited Atlanta because he didn’t wear a mask. Orange man doesn’t like Strong Women telling him he’s a fuckup because he’s a weak man!

  5. It is laughable that Georgia governor would say people will do the right thing and wear masks. If they did the right thing and wore masks, there wouldn’t be an outbreak in Georgia. The people of Georgia obviously are not wearing mask that’s why we need the mandate.

    1. What’s also laughable is democrats allowing protesting for 50+ days. Then blame republicans for COVID being bad.

    2. Logan McLean Sorry, that’s a non starter. It’s been proven that the majority of peaceful protesters wore masks. Let’s talk about the ignorant Republican governors refusing to take this Trump Virus serious since day one. This is about a health crisis not politics.

    3. @Logan McLean Versus closing people into confined areas wearing no masks to create a SUPERSPREADER event so the MORON can have his rallies?

  6. It’s extremely bizarre that a government mandate can be issued for vaccines but not masks? BOTH OF THESE CANT BE TRUE. Something else is going on!!

  7. Citizens of Georgia; put on masks and solve this conundrum. This is a life and death situation for you.

    1. We are mostly doing it. I see about 25% of people still not wearing masks and maybe 5% not really social distancing in store. 25% not wearing masks is not a majority but it it’s still a significant amount. It’s a social struggle!

    2. @EcClair Mayo Those 25% are the troublemakers and the non-conformers. We must find a way to make them comply. Maybe we can get all the corporate grocery stores to deny them service without a mask. Those anti-maskers will surely fold when they start starving.

    3. @Sparky McSpark – what I don’t understand is why dont the government mandate that business have signage to let people know where they stand before they go in, kind of like nutrition facts? Or no smoking? That way everyone knows which places have like minded people and we are not running from each other all the time. And, that way you dont have to mandate a law and run into legal issues. Cities in Washington state are already doing that with great results. If they want masks, they are required to put a sign outside that says “No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service”. Anyone who enters anyway without a mask is trespassed. This also helps customers determine which businesses care about their health and well being. Any business that doesnt have that sign..people are free NOT to patronize.

    4. @EcClair MayoMy comment was sarcasm.
      Sounds like your an advocate for peaceful separation of the left and right. I can agree on that one.

  8. Ask this question: Why is the governor only going after one mayor who is not backing down? Other MALE mayors. who are doing the same thing, aren’t being sued! This governor is another racist Trump sycophant!

    1. @ala ska So you agree Trump shouldn’t be President? He has shown he is not the most qualified.

    2. @ala ska I’m a black man. And the only thing that ran the black man out the house is himself. You gotta learn to take responsibility for your own actions.

    3. @Whicker Boy and I live right here in GA. All Mayor Bottoms is trying to do is saves LIVES. The science dont lie. Since Governor Kemp reopened the state numbers covid 19 cases has increased. Seems like to me the Democratic Governor of NY is doing something right and the Governor of Cali is starting to shut things back down because of a increase in cases. But you failed to realize that Republican Governors are starting to do the same thing. Just yesterday the Governor of Ohio stated he will be considering going back to phase 1 because of the increase in cases. So who’s the Dummy.

    4. @Whicker Boy and once again almost 140k lives has been lost and you still don’t see a problem. And I wonder what 45 and his VP offer Kemp to reopen the state.

  9. Kemp cheated to win his seat, didn’t know how the virus was transmitted and knowingly is risking people’s health!

    1. And there you have it. The man who could not win an Election without “Voter Suppression”. These men lack ALL Integrity. Another Trump Sycophant and Beta Male. Please contact your Congressional Representatives regarding the SCOTUS DECISION Aiding Voter Suppression in Florida, via Ron DeSantos. It is the 4th such Decision

    2. Bottoms, like nearly EVERY demonRAT mayor and gov, have been playing pandemic politics since early on. They think they’re dictators within their own little worlds, and r doing everything they can to destroy the economy, n hopes it will hurt Pres Trump n Nov!! IT SHALL BACKFIRE BIGTIME ON THEM!!!

  10. Obviously the governor has no clue what he’s talking about because if we did not need to mandate it we would not see a spike in coronavirus cases in Georgia. Governor, get educated

    1. So you’re advocating for total martial law to control a virus with a 0.05% mortality rate. You’re basically begging Trump to go full dictator mode.

    2. It basically is. Americans are not allowed to visit most countries and they’re keeping our border closed indefinitely. We have allegedly 30k Americans roaming around our country, after some lied and said they were driving to Alaska in order to cross our border, but had no intentions of doing that.
      If Americans want to go to Alaska, they can fly or take a boat, because this nonsense needs to stop.
      We have leaders who have been doing a great job at keeping us safe and most people here aren’t grumbling about wearing a mask.

    3. EXACTLY !!!! 👍💯👍💯👍💯👍👏👏👏👏……


      👉ARROGANCE & WILLING IGNORANCE, taking ALL CUES from an “ASININESTRATION”, whose HELLBENT ON DESTROYING this country + her people !!!😤😤👏👏.



  11. Make it mandatory, for Christ’s sake! Time’s running out. A lot of people will still refuse to wear a mask, but at least they will then be on the wrong side of the law.

    1. That’s right. Enforce it with huge fines. We must financially cripple the non-mask wearers. They must comply.

  12. Wake up America. Republicans can’t govern. They can only cut taxes for the 1% and pardon criminals.

    1. @Sparky McSpark Obama pardoned a little over 200 people during his presidency. And none of them were traitors to the country like Scooter Libby and Roger Stone. Get your facts straight.

    2. @Kathy Parrish You just said a dirty word……facts. To Repubs and their cult-like followers, words like ‘facts’ and ‘science’ are anathema.

  13. Hopefully Kemp isn’t a “career” politician. He’s never gonna get elected to anything ever again.

    1. @Jason Kennedy i’m american and a live here. georgia governor could hold elected office again. again, he’s white, republican, a georgian, and (i’ll throw in there) a man.

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