1. @Abimbola Owolabi Not only what happened, but what were the contents? Can NARA figure it out? This is dangerous.

    2. @MGTOW 1993 I didn’t seem to mind? Do you know with whom you are speaking?! LOL – I am no fan of the Clintons, at all. At All. At ALL.

  1. Whole thing is surreal.
    On one side you have a grupo of following 1 person, and that person has control over others to an almost biblical degree.
    Then you have those who are unwilling to do what is right, to avoid any damage or even some trivial inconvenience to themselves.
    And sadly there are people that are willing to do what is right, but have to deal with first 2 grups.

    1. @Bublito Yup mm hm. I think you already dumbed it down to it’s lowest level. Keep watching young feller. “THE BEST….IS YET….TO COME!!!!” 💋

    1. @james mooney ha ha, the fact that you wrote all of that out thinking it was the perfect clever comeback. Self own.

  2. All this makes me wonder about if there are more documents that remain that were with Trump in New York or elsewhere. I assume there is some sort of control system for these items so they would know if they still have items that are not accounted for. I am also sure they would not tell us to not alert our adversaries.

    1. @james mooney yeah that was don Jr who said that and that was about the Trump’s not Bidens but good try with your disinformation troll. Reported.

    2. Of course there are. The subpoena was for all properties. If he lied about one you know he’s lied about them all

    1. @janet price not all the documents were in a safe, there were also in his desk but you keep believing right wing nonsense 🙄

    2. @janet price The documents were not in a safe. Some were in boxes in TFG’s office, as this latest DOJ report indicates. Others were in a storage room to which a padlock was belatedly added, at the anguished request of the DOJ and/or National Archives. I just wish the FBI would make an announcement giving the padlock model, along with a link to the YouTube video in which the Lock Picking Lawyer opens that lock in three different ways, twice each “to make sure it was not a fluke,” all under 2 minutes :-).

  3. I have to say it. When I was in the service and they conducted my background search for my Secret Clearance, I was drilled an interviewed multiple times on how to handle sensitive information. As service members we have to undergo yearly training, not to mention when we exit a secure location we are asked directly if we have any sensitive information on our person. Furthermore if during a conversation you accidently let classified information be revealed or point to the possibility of endangering our nations security in any way we get tried and reviewed and it definitely does not take years to reveal our punishment. I am appalled and dazed on how this dog and pony show is just dragging itself out. Any common person would have been thrown in jail without even the thought of the possibility of things going this way. The guy has enough incriminating evidence from all the crap that he did even before he was president on tax fraud to land him in jail, yet here we are making a media show of it. UNBELIEVABLE

    1. I can’t lie your comment almost bring tears to my eyes when I think about his negligence During a public health emergency my Mother died early on like a whole lot of other mothers and fathers I wonder if the American people will ever receive any closure with this guy

  4. In 4 years, he managed to generate 1000 pages of known work? That’s less than one page a day. What was he really doing then?

  5. So usually when you have a folder with classification markings on it there is information inside. Why are there so many empty folders?

  6. “In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information.”
    “No one will be above the law.”

    D.Trump 2016

  7. The ‘special master’ horsecrap is blatant stalling tactics. The judge who is enabling that is waaaaaay off course.

    1. @christine dolan a special master may be appointed but he will never be allowed to look at ANY classified or top secret material the only reason a SM is ever used is to determine whether or not there are personal or attorney client privilege papers involved .Presidential privilege doesn’t apply because he is not the president. In, for example M.Cohen and Roger Stones cases when their homes and offices were raided a SM was assigned to determine whether or not other clients cases would be compromised and to thus remove them. At this point since all the paperwork has already been gone through as 22 days has passed since the raid all a SM will do is delay the case. Either way no one in the public will ever see anything ever neither Trump’s private papers which would be what is excluded nor the TS/CSI documents at this point assigning a SM will accomplish nothing.

  8. The bigger question that I’ve heard no-one ask, beside what was found. What’s the damage Trump has done with what records we don’t know about yet!

  9. The documents were being stashed. Like someone sweeping the dirt under the rug hoping no one would look there.

    1. @Tyler Willett The President can, but there there is a process in place to do it. They are unable to provide that the process was done.

    2. @Tyler Willett Still missing the point. They lied classified or non-classified he said they had none left in his possession. He doesn’t have a right to them they’re not his. Can’t imagine what information was in the empty folders and what foreign country has got that information now.

    3. @Dan Beech He wouldn’t know how to use a laptop. But the empty classified folders should concern you and every citizen more. What foreign country has them now?

    4. @christine dolan you’re outrage as well rehearsed. Valid? Not sure. But rehearsed? yes indeed.
      Will you be as outraged if this all proves true? Is there enough American in you (assuming you’re American that is) to denounce a person who stole America’s secrets for their own purposes? Or is there absolutely nothing this man could do to deter your unwavering support?

  10. Imagine if some of those documents revealed secret service personnel in the field putting them as risk. So reckless and irresponsible.

  11. Trump: “In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No-one will be above the law.”
    Then he raised the jail term to 5 years fro possession of secret documents.

    1. The fact that nobody took any urgent action to retrieve all these docs in a timely manner shows how pathetic the system truly is. These docs could have fallen into enemy hand long ago, and the bastard is still free…. Now with a hand picked judge demanding a special master for secret documents that are not his go take . It’s a huge joke!

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