1. @Corn Pop exactly, the Rittenhouse judge is way better at the law rather than feelings 100%.

      Just today the states attorney was extremely rude to a witness when his testimony was not going in their favor. Saying things like “Will you actually let me ask you a question” when in fact the witness was totally helpful and answering the question when he was asked lol.

    2. @Kevin Johnson you’d be mad too if you proved self defense 5 times and the defense hasn’t even answered a single question

    3. @D.A.N. lol not even close lol tell us you havent actually watched the trial without telling us you havent watched the trial

  1. Seems to be the norm for the court’s, these days have the judge’s of the day, srugged off the antics of a new age in which the lawyers don’t have to worry about the fact that disbarred is a real issue for the record of,

  2. No minorities involved – Allows racial threats to be subservient to the law ? This Judge should be on the Federal Bench ! 🤗

  3. McMichael’s attorney in orange tie actually suggested Ahmaud would have been better off if he simply told them hey I’m just jogging. Was that supposed to happen before they chase him, hit him with the truck, threatened to blow his head off? As if they would have changed their minds about him being a criminal and their assumptions being wrong because he asked them to? Hmm 3 armed men chasing a man and cornering him while yelling insults slurs and threats are behaving rationally?? Okay logically? Cared anything about what he had to say when they’d already made judgements about him. Aah ok makes sense in an altered reality. The only one who had anything to fear was Ahmaud! The only one trying to de-rscalate or avoid confrontation was Ahmaud! The only one in danger was Ahmaud.

    1. @D.A.N. trespassing doesn’t work that way. If you knew the law you’d know a person must be told they are trespassing and allowed an opportunity to vacate the premises. A hunt, false imprisonment, threats to blow off his head are not legal methods of preventing trespassing. Period. He’d be alive if the hillbillies weren’t so ignorant of the law

    2. ​@Keisha Puryear LMAO… Hook, line and sinker. There’s always one bigoted double-digit IQ out there smarter than everyone else! SMH

    3. @D.A.N. so because I stared factual laws in Georgia you resort to calling me bigoted not those who profiled and murdered the black guy for walking through an open construction site.

    4. @Keisha Puryear Typical narcissist, blame others and gaslight off-topic. It’s difficult to see, just go to the mirror the racist is right in front of you, go now!

  4. This judge simple gave the counsel a professional dressing-down. The Judge in the Rittenhouse trial *smoked* that prosecutor!

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