Judge Rules Against DeSantis Ban On Mask Mandate


  1. I think they should put the fence up right now, don’t wait until the last minute! Better to be safe than sorry!!!

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis how about a fence Rround Florida cuz cubans,dr,Cubans,, and Venezuelans illegally cross but not a pee out of gop and mGa scum

    1. And people wonder why we are falling behind China. As a country, US is very inefficient in everything. More political fight, more fiction everywhere to slow us down.


    1. Dictatorship is not “law and order”. You think Na. Zi germany Stalin ect. And other dictators was law and order? Like the Taliban forcing face burkas and something into our bodies. This is not a dictatorship trying to force people for years or put them in jail smh

    2. And you even have all these demorats going to parties and other places no mask but we do it they want us arrested that is dictatorship. We cannot wear mask constant non stop forever. It was actually Joe Biden and the demorats that said no they would definitely not mandate and force and do dictatorahip but looky here. Funny it was them last year speaking against vaccines but now no one else can say a word about then they do not like or have their own mind or opinions that is dictatorship

    3. @Courtney The Law and Order President is tasting some Law and Order himself. Law and Order is for everybody, accept for Trump himself. And DeSantis? Just another fail. Not real President material.

    4. @Patriotz Finder And the old senile dementia patient is? 10% for the big guy. Just don’t question it. 13 dead marines? Don’t question it.

    5. @Courtney
      Poor little victim!!! Don’t ya just feel soooo very sorry for her. She tells lies that make her look like an innocent victim then she gets mad because you don’t fall for it. Poor little Courtney. Wanna cookie?

    1. @chuck findly well it’s a 3 week old account so yes it buys all the tump stuff and tries to give them a reach around while they’re… you know, but he doesn’t.

    2. I would say he is a simple boot-licker. Not so much a “true” party rep.
      I live in FL and he did some good things at first, but he is trying to grab # 45s base.

    3. Only fools choose government established sides. Right, left. Both seem so stupid and subservient. While the earth around you burns to ash. A place that provides to everything and everyone. Fools will always be played by those with power and evil intentions

  2. “Look you’re not going to be hospitalized if you’re vaccinated. You’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations.”
    Joe Biden

    1. @keepit kawaii “President Trump still does not have a plan to stop the virus…..I do!
      Joe Biden
      Still waiting for the plan🤷🏿‍♂️

    2. I suppose that’s an Obama nation well actually we are an Obama nation lol you republic thumpers and you’re made up names and all are so nuts

    3. Let’s see: 550,000 people died under Trump in less than six months and about 100,000 died under Biden in less than six months of the two I’d say Biden is the best although no deaths would be ideal but never the less they are two things that are certain in life death and taxes my friend

    4. My aunt was fully vaccinated. Got covid one month after getting fully vaccinated. She’s in the hospital now. These vaccines have nothing to do with covid. There is an underlying evil.

  3. They’re doing anything they want what do they have to lose Ron DeSantis know he wasn’t going to win anyting it’s all show bad acting

  4. FYI: SD Governor Kristi Noem signed an unconstitutional executive order to ban telemedicine prescription of abortion drugs and banning the shipping of such drugs in the US Mail. This is an attempt to override a presidential executive order and federal mail service laws. Please, do a story on this @MSNBC !

    1. It’s unconstitutional to especially considering she is not a doctor and she does not have the ability to practice medicine per law however the DEA does so I guess everybody is a doctor now

    2. She knows she has no authority over the USPS. What’s she going to do, go thru ppls’ mail? Another Fed offense

      It’s just another GQP grift.

  5. Three weeks in and my boys and their teachers say no complaints about the masks in class. Kids are happy to be back and protecting each other.

    1. A Biden supporter, a white liberal woman, walked up to a black politician with a monkey mask on, started hurling racist attacks, and tossed eggs at the black politician,

      Typical democrat, biden supporter.

  6. I know it’s part of a longer sentence, but the statement at :09 which begins “Ron DeSantis is appealing” is just wrong.

    1. I was just looking at that closeup and thinking about how incredibly ugly this man is. Your personality shapes your face.

  7. You have to respect the law to follow the law. Desants feels he has the right to ignore legal judgements! Unless they hold him accountable for disregarding rulings it will mean nothing

  8. And my local school district Charlotte County has said there will Be no more talk of mask mandates in schools. This does nothing to stop schools being able to be optional and not mandatory on masks

    1. The court ruled 9-1 that private citizens cannot dish out punishment to other private citizens and its the job of the government to prosecute. So in other words that bounty system with abortion they enacted is unconstitutional. You can’t have people suing other people for doing something that has nothing to do with them.

    2. @KN Byam Yep. You can only sue if you have been “damaged” and having your religious feewings hurt is not “damage”.

    3. @KN Byam It’s not ‘dishing out punishment”. It’s justice. The same being when the state executes a death row inmate. Sort of what you do with unborn babies.

  9. Mr ‘anti-big government’ De Santis loves nothing more than micro-managing local Fla school districts and businesses who want to set their own policies. This guy is the biggest mini-Trump among all the other others scrambling to be clones of Orange Julius Caesar. America is a circus of stupidity!

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